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  1. I have played through every single Geneforge game. With the exception of G4, I have seen every ending. But that is where my question comes from, because no ending I saw in G3 fits the story in G4. I am wondering where Jeff was getting his ending from. Come to think about it, I don't believe I have played through a game just killing everyone in my path. I wonder if that's even possible in G3.
  2. I am confused after playing G4 all the way through (pro Shaper of course). Throughout the game I was picking up references to G3, and how that game played out according to Jeff's own storyline. Greta talks about Alwan, herself, and a third member traveling the Ashen Isles together. She mentions that se had to leave the group however, because she did not agree with the path they were following. This suggests a pro-Shaper ending for G3. But the Ashen Isles have been conquered by the rebels, so a pro-Shaper ending doesn't seem to fit right. I could pull up a few more examples if I need to, but I think you get the idea. I just want to know what happened at the end of G3, because no ending I have seen fits what I have heard in G4.
  3. How did you first find avernum? Well, it started out looking for any free online rpgs. I searched and searched, and eventually came to a link to Spiderweb. I first played Nethergate, and hated it. I then played all Avernums in order and hated them. A year later, I got bored again and the same thing happened. Only this time I loved the games (and still do). What game did you first play? Nethergate. It was my favorite up until I got deep into Avernum 3. I may be the only person in the community who really loves A3. Why did you play it? I first played Nethergate because the sound of a somewhat history based game was very appealing. That, but also because anything with Romans in it is automatically great. ..... I find myself asking,"John, if you like the Romans so much, why do you always play the Celts?". I have no answer. What is your favorite game? As I have already said, Avernum 3. It was amazing to me, and always left me with a feeling of playing a true gaming masterpiece. Besides, above the others, I love the way A3 was set up. Nethergate is a VERY close second, and after that I don't really care.
  4. Oh... Well that clears it up, and thank you for not spoiling the plot twist for me. I beleive I won't like it very much, but I tend to overlook bad plot twists If I find the overall story interesting. That does not meen I love A4 story, I just find it to be mildly entertaining. If only Erika was in it... EDIT: Wow, so many typos...
  5. Do you mean Rentar-Ihrno? I have made it to her fortress, but returned to the rest of Avernum to destroy the shades. I thought I had to finish up the Darkside Loyalist problem before I beat the game, so I decided to try and do that too. Levitz (wrong name?), told me to go to the ruins of Erika's old tower and find their next outpost. Once again, if memory serves, the only way to her tower is through the Abyss. What have I missed?
  6. How do I get into the Abyss? Spire Fort has been taken by bandits, and they aren't about to open the gate for me. I recalled another way into the Abyss from past Avernums, but it seems to have been removed. Is there some tunnel I'm missing? Some quest thing perhaps?
  7. Quote: Originally written by Nikki xx: Make sure that in your creatures editing box, the script defined is basicnpc, or even better, leave it blank. Then make sure that basicnpc.txt is in your scenario folder. Otherwise, it does it say which state it can't run? I figured it out. I had the creature using a creature script I did not have (I had forgotten to put it in there). That seems to have fixed my problems with this, so now I'm off to continue my tinkering. Thank you Nikki xx.
  8. EDIT: I managed to fix the the body problem as well as the town script error, but I still can't figure out what's wrong with the creature script. If it is referring to the basicnpc.txt, I have not tampered with it.
  9. I believe this warrants a post of its own. Following the help file Jeff included to get people familiar with the editor, I created a dungeon called "Icky Dungeon". I included a character that I intend to talk with the party, but as luck would have it, my dialog scripts are not working right. Or maybe I just stink at scripting. As I enter "Icky Dungeon", I get hit with this: ERROR: Tried to call a non-existant town script state. ickydlg Error: No body declared.. And if memory serves: Error: Tried to call a non-existant creature script state. I don't really know what I'm doing wrong, I copied another town and dialog script so I could use it myself, and put down what information I beleive I needed into the blanks. icky.txt Code: // TOWN SCRIPT// Town 1: Icky Dungeon// This is the special encounter script for this town.// The states INIT_STATE, EXIT_STATE, and START_STATE have// meanings that are described in the documenation. States you write// yourself should be numbered from 10-100.begintownscript;variables;int i,j,k,choice;body;beginstate INIT_STATE;// This state called whenever this town is entered. enable_add_chars(1); set_crime_tolerance(2);break;beginstate EXIT_STATE;// Always called when the town is left.break;beginstate START_STATE;// This state is called every turn the party is in this town.break; I really did not change it after I copied it, I did not think I had to. ickydlg.txt Code: // TOWN DIALOGUE SCRIPT// Town 1: Icky Dungeon// This is the dialogue for this town.// You can use states numbered from 1 to 99.begintalkscript;variables;int i,j,k,r1,choice;begintalknode 1; state = 1; personality = 27; nextstate = 1; condition = 1; question = "Who are you?"; text1 = "This man seems as old as time."; text2 = "_I am John._"; text5 = " _Is there anything this old man can do to help you?_"; action = INTRO;begintalknode 2; state = 1; personality = 27; nextstate = 1; condition = 1; question = "How old are you?"; text1 = " _Too old._"; Some dialog text was removed to keep my post size down, but all the important stuff is there.
  10. Thank you both. I'll see if I can do it now. EDIT: 100 posts...and I think I've been here two or three years.
  11. I'm trying to play around again with the editor, and see if I can't at least set up a simple dungeon and town. But I am having a problem (actually a few), with the scripting. My first question is: Is the editor itself suppossed to create a dialogue script when you place a character with it's memory cell set to 3? Or am I supposed to make one from scratch? I followed Jeff's editor help file and (unless I missed something), it doesn't really say.
  12. Who created Ermarian then and what caused it to be the accepted name of the Avernum/Empire world? Did a few Exile veterans get together and, by means of forces non-veterans will never understand, come up the name?
  13. Thats a cool name, was it ever mentioned in the Avernum games or is that something Jeff has said before? Or for all I know it could have been in the Exile games.
  14. Like the planet we live on is Earth. What exactly do the people of the Empire and Avernum call their planet, or do we not really know?
  15. I'm thinking about trying my hand at this scenario designing thing, but having problems actually putting it together. I got a story in mind, and I have been toying with the editor trying to learn how it all works. For the most part, I understand it. I'm still working on scripting, it is what I'm having the most difficulty with. I feel it should be easier then this, but I guess I have never done anything like this before. Is it hard for most people to get the scripting at first, or is just my stupidity getting in my way again?
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