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  1. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, rebel servile. Has anyone read the great books of rick riordan, he writes great books about mythology, I'm not sure,but I think he wrote the lightning thief. He wrote the red pyramid witch was a favorite of mine. Yes, he wrote the lightning thief. I have to admit I read those, didn't really find out about the books until I was too old to read books that small, but I gave them a second chance because the movie looked interesting. They're not bad. - Archmagus Micael
  2. Originally Posted By: O tempora o mores Isn't it the first book, Magician, that got split into Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master? That's right, I meant the first, not sure why I wrote last.. I would say something witty about philosophy and quantum mechanics, but I don't feel I know enough about either topic. - Archmagus Micael
  3. Originally Posted By: Like Tom Petty Said. The Magic Faraway Tree books by Enid Blyton. Wow. I haven't read those books for a long long time . Right now I'm re-reading the original Riftwar Trilogy/Quadrology (depending on if you have a full or split copy of the last book) at the moment, reading the Song of Ice and Fire series, and my current guilty pleasure is the Stephanie Plum novels . - Archmagus Micael
  4. I was one of those people sad enough to be waiting for the game when it came over to windows. Considering the last Spidweb game I'd played before it must've been Avernum 3, Geneforge was all nice new and shiny. Nearly gave up on the series after Geneforge 3, but Geneforge 4 got me back in, and GF5 wasn't so bad either . - Archmagus Micael
  5. I don't actually know, but I swear there was a trainer out for this game years ago already. Though if you couldn't find one it may have been archived (or I may be mistaken). Its good of you to share for those who want it though. - Archmagus Micael
  6. If you're running vista make sure you either have UAC off, or the game running as an administrator. Also, have you tried backing up your save and pref files and reinstalling the game yet? - Archmagus Micael
  7. It's not the editor's fault this time I'm afraid. Took a look at your script by posting it into the scen I'm building, and had the same problem you did of the editor not picking it up (probably because we're both using the SourceForge editor). Tweaked it, and it now works: Code: begindefineterrain 357; clear; te_name = "Pipe"; te_which_sheet = 500; te_which_icon = 8; te_special_property = 44; te_ed_which_sheet = 512; te_ed_which_icon = 3; I don't have your custom graphics sheets obviously, and am unsure why you didn't need to define a custom terrain for 356 (which worked perfec
  8. Incredibly. I feel rather dense now. But all's good, and the School of Magery doesn't have white chunks on the floor anymore either! - Archmagus Micael
  9. Just checked Artamon's and they're the same size, and he's the first one I noticed the bug with. And I just found the problem I think. I changed Artamon's sheet number down to 506 and renamed the corresponding bitmap, and he works fine now. I guess it serves me right for using numbers in the 5000 range. On the bright side I know what the problem is- though I can't for the life of me understand why it affects some graphics and not others. Update: Yep, can happily confirm that was the problem. Changed all the other graphics into the 500 range and there wasn't a problem. Serves me
  10. Yeah that's what I thought, especially as it works perfectly in the editor. These are the code chunks for the ones that don't work: Code: begindefinecreature 107; //Artamon import = 5; cr_name = "Artamon"; cr_which_sheet = 5006; cr_level = 20;begindefinecreature 179; //Three New Goblins import = 36; cr_name = "Goblin Shaman"; cr_level = 7; cr_which_sheet = 5009;begindefinecreature 180; import = 37; cr_name = "Goblin Shaman"; cr_level = 7; cr_which_sheet = 5009; cr_icon_adjust = 1;begindefinecreature 181; import = 21; cr_name = "Goblin Slinger"; cr_level = 3; cr_which_sheet = 5010;
  11. Hey, I'm having a kinda peculiar graphics issue- the graphics work for some of the custom graphics I have, but not others. And I can't for the life of me figure out why this is, since they all come up fine in the 3D editor. If anyone recognises this, please let me know; http://i694.photobucket.com/albums/vv305/Micael456/cryspics.png http://i694.photobucket.com/albums/vv305/Micael456/artapics.png Thanks! - Archmagus Micael
  12. Ishad, the new editor looks nice and good, however I seem to have some random issue with height- the issue being that in 2D view the editor insists the height is completely all over the place, yet it looks fine in 3D. It's not crucial, but pretty strange since the other editor didn't have that problem. Or am I just missing something here because it's so late? - Archmagus Micael
  13. Ultimate Weapon- why me ofcourse. Agents don't need fancily crafted weapons. And sholai lands- no. What would be the point in Geneforge without Shaping? - Archmagus Micael
  14. Okay, thanks for that. If it helps in any way, I'm running Build 0039, which I downloaded off of SourceForge a few days ago now. So far it has been running fine in Vista for the most part- I have had the few odd crashes, and an odd issue trying to create new scenarios (it just won't do it- however the normal editor will and then after that the 3D one is fine). Again, don't know if you've managed to fix that in whatever build you're at now. Keep up the good work! - Archmagus Micael
  15. I started looking through that really long topic, then I gave up... I'm running Vista Ultimate x64, so if it is still broken its in the Win32 Build. - Archmagus Micael
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