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  1. I don't think I can delete this thread but I think I have my answer. I just looked back at the last time I posted here 4 years ago and it looks like I asked the same question but in Exile 2. Is has something to do with the pool in the friendly spider cave, right?
  2. Hi there. I'm playing Avernum 2 and am in Ch 1. I want to find the friendly spiders' eggs for them but can't get to the aranea caves. According to Schrodinger's A2 Guide, "You'll pass the special web barriers and will find the aranea cave". The game doesn't let me pass the web barriers. It says that I turn back before I get stuck and the only option is to click "ok". Is there something I have to do before this?
  3. If it's the same as Exile II, try this: LLLLLL UU RR UUUU LL UU LL DDD click UUU RR DD RR DDDD LLLL DD LL UUUUUUUU L=left R=right U=up D=down
  4. Detta

    E2- Beneath Fort Remote- Thompson

    I just got to this and came here for help. Then figured it out. I'll post this for if someone comes here in the future and needs it. LLLLLL UU RR UUUU LL UU LL DDD click UUU RR DD RR DDDD LLLL DD LL UUUUUUUU L=left R=right U=up D=down
  5. Detta

    Spider Cave: Exile II

    I do believe I found my answer. I have to go get the spiders' egg sacks back. I thought the Mayor was in there because I couldn't find him...or her? Whatever.
  6. Detta

    Spider Cave: Exile II

    Hello all. Long time no see. I'm in the Spider Cave in Exile II and there's a path blocked by webs that I can't get past. I'm supposed to rub the milky white stuff on me to get past that right? I go to 33,23 and touch the pool of stuff, and go back and I still can't get through the web. I tried drinking it, that didn't work either. Is there another pool or something? Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  7. Detta

    Motrax and Naga

    By the way, "Anti Magic Field" works great against the Naga.
  8. Detta

    favorite monster

  9. Yeah, use your spells to haste, poison weapons and bless your fighters. They can take more damage anyway. And I have a feeling that you'll register your copy. Spring for the CD that has all 3 on it. Definitely worth it.
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    That's right! Forgot about that. I like mind duel. That one's fun!
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    What are the different gems good for? I know you use saphires for the magic map spell, but are rubies good for anything or do I just sell them? What about golem gems?
  12. Detta


    This was the very reason that I put E3 away a few years ago. Stupid tower and it's shifting floors. I just now picked it back up and started over. I'm not to the golems yet though. Sorry I can't help you. I hope someone can though, because I'll probably need the same help here soon.
  13. Detta

    E3: Basalt building in New Cotra

    Ooops, sorry. Wrong building.