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  1. It's working for me. ON TORMENT MODE + I have 1 dexterity and level 31 has about 190 hp. and I have to say on torment mode, few places are really hard but you should be about to avoid damage with dexterity, wards, and strategy. I finished TORMENT MODE Avernum 5 with 1 dexterify so its possible but this version is much much harder. ALSO: I really did wish avernum would have skribbane and Augmented health potions again. I also believe that avernum needs to have the wands, potions, and scrolls much much stronger, Its really useless junk on torment. Invurn. potion is the best imo.
  2. I restarted my old game and made a new groups of characters with the character creation exploit made them primarily based with Bows and had dexterity. Later I changed them from pure Bow/Throwingwep characters to a melee, priest, mage and a character with dexterity (nearly pure dexterity).
  3. Of course, I am giving him additional information about stats. He knows how to turn skill points to 1 and switch between them. I think he knows how to do it.
  4. Yuppers, That's how I change the stats of the characters. I got a level 31 with 53 dexterity.... and other stats are one. Its really good to use... Plus you can buy skill points to add more bonuses after you reach 10 to the stats that have a maximum of 10. For instance, All of my characters got 12 Sharpshooter. GREAT FIND ALEX!!!! ! !
  5. Go east (bottom right corner of your screen) look at the walls and you will see a button there.
  6. @Lilith I can help them by knowing that there are a hand full of bugs that exist in this game that I've exploited and it should inspire them to reproduce it. So I now since they know, and that includes you too, FIND OUT HOW TO DO IT! I dangle the carrot and the rabbits jump for it... So JUMP!
  7. @Slartibus you should try it and see if I am trolling or not. This bug I found out when I discovered that I was in some tomb in vanhanti land and then I was cursed with the lightning spell. I then used the teleporter and then tried to find a glitch with the teleporter. Instead I teleported with no hp and could not die. I repeated it again with the hidden illness that started in that land after the 2nd chapter. And found other ways to reproduce it. I think that this should happen if you only let one character lead and die with a rotting/slow killing effect. This has happened to char
  8. UNLIMITED HEALTH BUG REVEALED ! ! ! Okay I will tell you how to have unlimited health and spell points for the main character (Character #1). 1. Let the primary character get ill or lightning spell or poison damage that is consuming the health slowly. Once this character is damaged like this then you must continue to wait by holding space bar or walking (in town mode) on a locked door or something. 2. The character should scream but you will still have the character active. (Please remember to hold space bar key in non-combat mode/Town-mode or else your character will DIE)
  9. I've played this game alot so there's 3 bugs that I know and they're really good. one is new for this version of avernum and the rest are old... (meaning that the bugs can be exploited for previous games too!) BTW Slartibus, you really can't scare me and I don't care if it confuses other customers because what I want them to do is to WORK for it... if a bug exists in any game they should LEARN to exploit it.
  10. Thanks for that... I believe you Edgwyn. I'll unleash one.
  11. Hey John welcome to this forum. Haha. I will say this... There is a way to dual wield a spear, halbred, or broadsword with a normal sword or shield. Study The games mechanics and find out how to exploit it.
  12. These are glitches that the game creator left for us to exploit... It's normal. I do not edit the files man....I wont tell them because i KNOW that they will be patched.... I do not mislead and I will not reveal them... YOU find it out...
  13. Correction dual weilding A spear and another spear can not be done.. BUT you can weild Spear and regular sword or Spear and shield. Hope this helps!
  14. Slartibus, I am not trolling the whole board. Just showing you a bug. Nothing more. You try to reporduce it. otherwise lock it and lose it.... At least I keep this knowledge NO TROLLING HERE! JUST A PRO!
  15. Slart, I found other stuff too. Maybe bug testing is needed. But yeah maybe this is fake.
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