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  1. I'm stuck in a slightly different way. I got to the scree caves via a passage, not through the Fort Emerald gates. I killed the dragon, and also got the crystal box. When I went back to the passage, the gate was closed with the wheel on the other side. Contrary to several other people's experience, I cannot dispel the barriers at Fort Emerald. I found the crown symbol scratched in the rock, but there does not seem to be any way of opening the hidden passage that is apparently there. So I seem to be stuck in the scree caves with no way out. Is there a way? I guess I just want to know if it is possible, I don't want a hint, at least not quite yet.
  2. The docs say it has to have a unique character script in order to join the party. I dunno why it behaves that way without it, but that may be the problem.
  3. Does it have a unique character script?
  4. Something I mentioned some time ago; the ability to change player character's graphics, temporarily of course. It would make some of the stories I want easier to tell, and I think better overall.
  5. jayc

    Help with a monster script...?

    You need a 5th argument in put_effect_on_space(), the mode. Maybe that is it.
  6. jayc

    Changing the starting year

    No there isn't, but you can turn off dates altogether by setting the day to -1. One thing that occurs to me, but I doubt that it would work, is to set the day outside the normal limits of 0 to 279 (or -1) to see if you would get year + int(day / 279).
  7. jayc

    Another Bug

    Need more details. What is the character script? You could try sticking in char_attitude_to_char() or get_attitude() to check if the guard is friendly, neutral, hostile A or hostile B. I'm not sure how the intricacies of attitude work. Maybe somehow your party's attitude is set to something it shouldn't be??? The behavior you describe would be the case if your party appeared to the guard to be attitude hostile (A or B same as guard) and when Capture Mind was cast, the guard changed to friendly.
  8. jayc

    Singleton Seeks Backpack

    Ooooh! Cool idea -- The Midas Touch scenario! Of course it could be very annoying if not handled well.
  9. jayc

    Need help with dialogue.

    Boats and horses are terrain graphics. Boats are in sheets 741 and 742.
  10. Did you do void enable_add_chars(short can_add) in this town? <edit> Ah, I see you did. <another edit> This call is not in Babysitting t3lair.txt, which works, so it is probably not necessary. I am not sure if that is necessary, but it is in the Sweetgrove init. The docs say, "A character who joins the party must have its own script." See t1Bruning.txt. The call is used as a comparative in Bruning's case, so that should be okay.
  11. Can we make custom booms, sparkles, missles and effects? Or are the existing ones the only ones available? Can this be added in an update?
  12. jayc

    Horrors! My crime was seen!

    Spyderbytes, how do you make the party invisible? Do you make their icons disappear or do you just say they are invisible?
  13. jayc

    Numbers of dialog nodes

    Thanks. I have a minor complaint that 200 dialog nodes seems rather few to develop enough interesting personalities in a large town. On the other hand, if one expects the player to work through all the nodes, as a thorough player might do, more nodes could seem tedious. Do you find that limit restrictive?
  14. jayc


    If I could change (temporarily) the party's icons or a character with dialog, I am sure I could use that somewhere Is "Babysitting" an BoA scenario? Where?
  15. What effect do the numbers on dialog nodes have? It seems you always have to declare a state number, and that is what matters.