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  1. I guess I’ll need to go re-read that text then because I definitely thought I got to pick one of them.
  2. I've got a letter from Istara of Sliven stating that the Ukatish are their cultural equals. (I can see in my Special Items list: "Letter from the Ahriel".) I have previously sent the dragon away and reported that success to Borgen. I only need to do two tasks to make them my vassals. But for some reason I don't get a dialogue option to GIVE him the letter! I can go through the dialogue tree and agree to make them favored vassals, and then the quest advances. So, I presume this is some fun bug? Anything else I should try, or anybody else seen
  3. Oh man, thanks for helping with this Fingolfin, and to Jeff for listening because I know it can be really obnoxious for strangers to come in and complain about one's code.
  4. The Gale library has Bolt of Fire level 1 (basic knowledge), not level 3. Which is frustrating for me, since I’ve got a mage stuck at level 2 on that spell, unable to train further at a trainer and unable to find anything I’ve missed in the Shayder sewers to level him up.
  5. There's more than one of each of the Girdle's...you'll get another chance.
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