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  1. Capt. Jim

    Re Hawke's Manse?

    thanks. I can understand the "Randomness" of this then.
  2. So far I've dealt with some rats and a Banshee showed up once. But no "ghost". What do i need to do??
  3. Is it necessary to buy the Manse to trigger the events?
  4. Capt. Jim

    Somewhere in Avernum

    So I've recovered the Orb, how do I get home? I must be missing something easy.
  5. I must have hit a wrong button. My" character roster" has disappeared in Avernum 3. Help!!
  6. Capt. Jim

    Getting into Vale of Sould

    The map I have has three areas. I have defeated the Roman and the folks to the west. The east gate is "open" but the skulls make too much noise to let me enter. i have the quest to destroy 10 skulls.
  7. Capt. Jim

    Getting into Vale of Sould

    This map does not look at all familiar. Is this from Nethergate Resurrection or the Original game? I'm playing NR. My map has three parts. I've defeated the Roman in the middle and finished the west side. The east side won't let me in.
  8. Capt. Jim

    Getting into Vale of Sould

    l have the quest but at the "open" gate the sculls come alive and make so much noise that i can't get in. I'm supposed to "find another way in" but the gate to the north is closed also. ??
  9. I can't seem to enter this area (having played the game twice) what am I doing wrong?
  10. Capt. Jim

    Getting out of Annyn

    l now realize that "the hunt" and "the wild hunt " are two different things. I somehow missed the "door " to the Judgment area and have finally gotten out. Thanks. Capt. Jim
  11. I've done the hunt but I'm not sure where I go for the "fight or flight" part or the "judgment platform". Help.I'm short on supplies due to having Sylax's cloth with me
  12. Capt. Jim

    Castle A

    I thought i had looked all along the west side. I played this game two years ago and don't remember having a problem finding the entrance. I tried to "trigger it" by going back to get more intructions but that didn't work.
  13. Feeling dumb. I can't find the "secret passage " to the other side of the Castle so I just broke the barriers and got in. 2) I can't get to the "jailer's pass" to the interior of the south castle. Help
  14. Is there a way to get the helm without dieing of the poision?
  15. Thanks. I thought I'd tried to open the door. The second( or third ) time was the charm. The story now continues.