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  1. Dead Are Revolting Some bits of it still feel punchy and amazing and make me wish I could've maintained that momentum the whole way through. But there are some glaring issues, and, even without the immature crap that led to it being blacklisted in the first place, there's some genuinely (though unintentionally) sexist writing in there that made me put it down when I was giving it a playthrough. It's actually kind of interesting looking at the humor I attempted with fresh eyes. There are quite a few gags that fall short because they really just feel like space fillers to keep things zany. The stuff that really works relies heavily on set up and timing. The first five minutes of the scenario are my favorite for that reason. Gives me an appreciation for how much involvement needs to go into writing to make it work. That's it, just sharing a recent experience
  2. I have, repeatedly. He's who I gave Pyrog's papers to.
  3. I am aware that there are three people searching for Drath's Spellbook, however, only Thantria has given me the quest. I haven't spoken to Rita, because her rewards don't interest me. I would like to improve my standing with the Freehold of Kyass, but I can't seem to find whoever wants the darn thing. Either it's hidden behind the main Kyass questline, I've encountered a bug, or the relevant person is very adept at hiding.
  4. A new Best Scenarios list

    Lord, I don't remember. Tabard Inn, Echoes: Renegade, Canopy, Frostbite, and Adrift all spring to mind first, so I guess they win. Also, The Magic. I remember there being a lot of nice scenarios from quite a few different designers, so that's hardly a complete list. As far as my own work goes, I really liked most of The Dead Are Revolting, though I'm not particularly proud of how I released that one.
  5. Return of the Abominable Photo Thread

    me: and my baby:
  6. The Pet Photo Thread

    This is my girlfriend's cat, Gary: Here's Gary meeting some ducklings:
  7. The Pet Photo Thread

    This is Dacey, Birdslayer of North Carolina:
  8. Public Beta: The Magic

    This is the graphical glitch I was referring to: I didn't have any trouble with the naga fight as my magic made short work of all of the hydras and the naga just kept casting weak summoning spells over and over
  9. Nothing vs. Slith?

    I don't know why, but the Slithzerikai have always been my favorite of the lizard people races. Maybe it's because they were my first.
  10. Release: Restless Souls

    Congratulations on the completion. I'll play it when I get home.
  11. Public Beta: The Magic

    Just finished it. Really great work. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the pacing kept things exciting. Only problem I noticed was the river on the southwest portion of the island; a section of it isn't connected right. Other minor issue: Gameplay opinions:
  12. An open letter to Jeff Vogel

    I haven't touched the game yet. Honestly, nothing Avernum has ever come close to capturing what I enjoyed about the Exile series. From what I know about games in general, whether or not a mechanic is enjoyable really comes down to whether or not it enhances the experience. In a tactical game like Xcom, the fixed miss chances add a lot of tension and force the player to play as conservatively as possible. It also sometimes forces the player to make leaps of faith or to run fast and loose and try to mitigate the collateral damage. Point being, not being able to anticipate your turns to 100% precision create drama, and that's where the fun happens. The Avernum games have felt more and more like a slog with each iteration, the primary reason being the sheer amount of trash combat. It generally winds up feeling like a chore or just another type of wall to prevent the player from progressing past that point. Basically, if you've leveled up enough so that your numbers are bigger than the enemy's numbers, you get to pass and continue with the game in that direction. Otherwise, you're just not supposed to go there yet. Exile didn't have these sorts of hard limitations because its ratio of health to damage and the way it handled magic allowed for a lot of flexibility, which benefited the free exploration style of gameplay. So what does the accuracy cap add?
  13. Public Beta: The Magic

    At first glance, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to win in the second fight against:
  14. Teleporting the Party with an Item

    Probably one of the more frustrating limitations of the game.
  15. Beta Call: Restless Souls

    Glad people are still making these. Looking forward to playing it.