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  1. That's really cool, Kel, looking forward to it.
  2. Unless you're including them in the broad scope of social media, aggregate forums like Reddit have also steered traffic away from little communities. Our longtime members grew up and moved on and there hasn't been much new blood to take their place. When I first joined the forums over 20 years ago, now, there was a lot more personality thrown around and this place felt more like a village than a sort of niche news hub. It's not a bad thing, just a sign of the times. I'll occasionally lurk through every couple of months and check out who's still active. You were a part of my upbringing and I love you all. ❤️
  3. To put it succinctly, the game was clearly designed for tablets and phones, and despite Jeff's wonderful blog post explaining the changes, there is a level of immersion that is lost with those means of interaction with the environment. I enjoy the plot angle, though, and the writing is top notch. Maybe more than any of his other games, I'm getting a sense that my character's demeanor and choices have far reaching consequences. Not sure if it's enough to push me beyond the demo, though. Mostly, it's making me nostalgic for the older games. Especially the Exile series. When I first booted up and dropped into the world, oh my goodness did it look familiar.
  4. I still dust it off here and there and tinker around with the editor. I doubt the game will ever truly “die” as a lot of old fans remain fans, but it’s never going to be like it was when it was new. It even lends itself to a certain old school charm even harder than it did before
  5. I’m not sure entirely what it does. I know it reduces your effectiveness, but I don’t know how significant that is until you start losing AP. Found a simple formula that equated to 2 defense needed per 5% encumbrance. With Strong Back, it works out to 1.5 defense per 5% encumbrance. What I’m wondering is whether raising your defense to 10+ is worth it to use armor like Platemail with no ill effect
  6. I’m really impressed that you’re still at this. Feels like this game never really got its due, save for the work you and a few others put in.
  7. It’s a spear for magic users and lacks splash damage. That was awfully deflating. The game seems to throw a lot of minor trinkets and spells at you instead of outfitting your meat heads. I just want some feedback here so that I can feel like a good little boy for investing in polearms when the skill tree doesn’t even support it. I need to dual-wield halberds, Jeff. What else are Slithzerikai good for?
  8. Yo, where’s all my neato swag at? Two plagues down, I shouldn’t still be rolling with base level gear; it wasn’t like this in the old days Miss my 6 man parties and bless stacking. Not feeling like #3 translated as well to the more streamlined experience
  9. Seems like their bonuses are marginal compared to more traits, but I could be wrong
  10. Dead Are Revolting Some bits of it still feel punchy and amazing and make me wish I could've maintained that momentum the whole way through. But there are some glaring issues, and, even without the immature crap that led to it being blacklisted in the first place, there's some genuinely (though unintentionally) sexist writing in there that made me put it down when I was giving it a playthrough. It's actually kind of interesting looking at the humor I attempted with fresh eyes. There are quite a few gags that fall short because they really just feel like space fillers to keep things zany. The stuff that really works relies heavily on set up and timing. The first five minutes of the scenario are my favorite for that reason. Gives me an appreciation for how much involvement needs to go into writing to make it work. That's it, just sharing a recent experience
  11. I am aware that there are three people searching for Drath's Spellbook, however, only Thantria has given me the quest. I haven't spoken to Rita, because her rewards don't interest me. I would like to improve my standing with the Freehold of Kyass, but I can't seem to find whoever wants the darn thing. Either it's hidden behind the main Kyass questline, I've encountered a bug, or the relevant person is very adept at hiding.
  12. Lord, I don't remember. Tabard Inn, Echoes: Renegade, Canopy, Frostbite, and Adrift all spring to mind first, so I guess they win. Also, The Magic. I remember there being a lot of nice scenarios from quite a few different designers, so that's hardly a complete list. As far as my own work goes, I really liked most of The Dead Are Revolting, though I'm not particularly proud of how I released that one.
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