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  1. Just picked up Avadon escape from the pit and created my party. My question is this: Are there any unique skills/spell to each class? Seems to me your starting class just affects a few base starting skills/spells but upon leveling up any character can learn pretty much anything. Is this a correct assumption or am I missing something? Thanks
  2. I have tried both full screen and windowed mode, doesn't change the resolution for me. I've also tried dropping the resolution down but no dice.
  3. Hey guys I am trying to play Avadon 3 and I have a fairly new pc with latest gen graphics card etc. The resolution I play games at normally is 2560x1440. When I try to play the game is super small and I cannot really read text or see much detail. It is definitely not playing in my typical full screen mode with games that I am used to. Is this normal? I even tried reducing my resolution to 1024x768 and nothing seems to have changed. Any advice would be appreciated as I cannot see myself playing the game or enjoying it in this small window that strains my eyes and I cannot see what is going on. Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, I have gotten some good looking items it looks like but when I right click on them to get information the text at the bottom is blocked by the arrow buttons to scroll through items. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a work around? I can't see what they are supposed to do! Thanks!
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