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  1. All you need to kill them is a control rod, right? That makes them no longer unkillable. If you could get that in the demo, you'd probably be strong enough to kill them.
  2. I think it would be possible, were it not for the fact that you can't find the way to stop its healing powers until well past the registration barrier. As it is, though, TM's right.
  3. Quote: Originally written by Jeff in "About Avernum 4": I have ruthlessly pared away all of the stuff that caused busywork and confusion without adding fun. Needing cash to train and only being able to train in a few places. Gone. Identifying items. Gone. Expensive, difficult resurrection. Gone. First Aid and Alchemy skills that were perpetually worthless. Redesigned to actually work. And there are portals to travel instantly from town to town, though it takes a little time to find them. Evidently this includes plot twists, puzzles, and basically everything but combat. A4 felt very mo
  4. Approach it. It'll start acting hostilely as soon as it can see you.
  5. I think this is my permanent take on A4's plot, having tried it out once before and liked it: A4 followed quite logically from A3's plot, but A3's plot was such a turn for the worse that A4 suffered.
  6. Press F3. Reload by pressing F4. One of the tips when loading the game or a new area states this, and I'm pretty sure it's in the documentation, too.
  7. Quote: Originally written by Kasumetoru Sai: After killing rentar and getting the game-over, my first thought was, "When do I get to kill Dorikas?" In A5, of course! But did you not fight him at all? He's not far from Rentar. EDIT: Darn you, Synergy!
  8. I never found any anywhere in the game.
  9. Quote: Originally written by Chrism: If you killed all the pylons in the place where you get the Jade Halberd without dodging them even once, you're an inefficient masochist. I'm pretty sure I did, and I probably am. Quote: If you killed all the many, many pylons in a certain very important area in which Jeff specifically made dodging pylons easier, then you don't need any help at all surviving on Torment because your party is clearly able to dodge bullets and death rays. You mean west of Fort Remote? (I presume that the location alone is not a spoiler.) If so, yes, I killed all of them. If
  10. That pylon is there so that you can teleport out, thereby finishing the game. It's like the other traveling pylons.
  11. I just killed those pylons. I can't recall dodging any ever. And arghhhhhhhhh: if you have something you want to add to a post, use the "edit" button rather than double-posting. I concur that this game doesn't really need a walkthrough. That said, I'm tempted to write one. It's possible that I may devote some time to it over winter break, but I make no guarantees.
  12. Reasonably high Endurance in the mid-game becomes pretty good and in the late-game becomes indispensable, though. I had a meat shield fighter with around 300 HP from 13 Endurance, and I was glad that I did on several occasions.
  13. Yeah, it might be nice to go back to the more informative Nethergate-style stat sheet. I had so many items giving bonuses to various stats that I could never train in anything despite being well beyond the needed reqs as far as I could tell.
  14. Quote: Originally written by arghhhhhhhhh: do you think that jeff wil announce someday that theres actualy more then one cheat code If you look closely, you'll notice that two have already been listed in this thread. I'll give all that I know, though: ouchouchouch imdrained leetbuffz owmybrains backtostart pleaselikeme iwanttobestronger giveasnack showmeall Try them and see if they still work and what they do!
  15. I like the occasional secret passage or two, especially non-critical ones that lead simply to bonus treasure. Too many secret passages or ones that must be found in order to continue the game are probably bad, but a few here and there can be fun.
  16. You know, I thought that too, but the OED didn't mention anything about that. The dictionaries I checked only made a passing reference to the idea. It's not as integral to the definition as I thought.
  17. Quote: Originally written by Mimi: I must use improvement instead amelioration ? In English, "ameliorate" is uncommon. It's perfectly correct, but it sounds a little weird in casual conversation.
  18. Cheat code comments should be directed to this thread . Hawk King editor comments should be directed to this thread . Only you can prevent proliferation of redundant threads.
  19. To start and stop combat, press F. Attacking has never had a shortcut key, has it? You just, um, walk into things or click on them.
  20. I had a party lacking in artifacts and not terribly well designed, but playing on Normal, I got into a rhythm with the vahnatai lord in which I was never really in danger. I think (as always) I had my one fighter up close taking damage, and everyone else out of his range, my archer shooting at him, my mage/mild archer/mild priest mostly shooting acid arrows or using Spray Acid or occasionally Bolt of Fire but sometimes healing, and my priest mostly healing but sometimes running forward for a turn to Unshackle Mind. You know, maybe it was my third character that made that fight manageable.
  21. Quote: Originally written by Infernal666hate: Will it be ported over to windows when the time comes? It's a text file. It's already cross-platform.
  22. As a short answer, no, playing A4 as a singleton is not likely to be more difficult than beating ZKR or DWtD with a level 1 party. Vlish just likes being dramatic about it. Playing a singleton does present some tricky challenges, though: there are a few fights in which it is fairly hard to hit someone and run away effectively. You'd also need a lot of patience: there were some fights that were long enough to be tiresome even with four characters. But I'd think it's possible for a reasonably experienced Blades player.
  23. I have no doubt that it's possible, but it's harder in A4 than it has been in any previous non-GF Spiderweb game. You'd really have to be careful at points. I wonder if Drakey has tried it.
  24. Quote: Originally written by chicho1102: No one have registered yet? Some have. And some beta testers have finished the game. Quote: Are the vahnatai lands availible in this game? No. Quote: Tower of magi is ok now? Uh, kind of. There are people living there, but it's not rebuilt. Quote: Cotra has been rebuilt? Yes. Quote: Can you go to upper avernum or the surface? No. Quote: I really hope that in avernum 5 people may go to the Avernum area in Valorim. Personally, I'm betting on it. Quote: What happened to the crystal cave to the west of cotra? I liked that place... As far as I know,
  25. I wore Mercuric Plate all the way through on my main fighter, who with Haste regularly got 18 AP. This was useful.
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