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  1. From Walker White's post: short get_energy(short which_char)
  2. I am going to go WEEP in my corner now for having thought that I was breaking new ground with my sad little script that makes a character walk away once you've set an SDF. Seriously, wow. I am *very* happy that we as a community have people like this.
  3. Wooooooaaaaah... the COLORS... seriously, adjusting the slith chief's icon by 162 gives an interesting result. Thanks TM for the suggestion and Boots for the clarification! Still, I would love anyone who would make a cool-looking priestly type graphic for me, slith with ankh, maybe. Or a ghostly slith. Or a slith child. Or a slith elder. Or just about anything slithy that strikes your fancy.
  4. I noticed in ZKR that Crotho in Morog's Labs walks into the death beams and gets damaged. If you wait around long enough, he kills himself. He uses the default script, basicnpc, so this would happen with any NPC near beams that can be walked through. I suspect this is bad. Of course, we could just make those spaces blocked to NPC's, but I would think that we could make some addition to basicnpc that would prevent this. I haven't looked at how to do it yet, but I wanted to bring it up, mainly because changing basicnpc is akin to writing a new version of the editor. Can/should we alter basicnpc so that this doesn't happen? Or should we just work around this? (I actually don't have an opinion, yet. Just wanted to have some discussion.)
  5. Not answering from my own knowledge -- it's been a while since I played Nethergate, hmm, maybe I should play it again -- but from Stughalf's post: "the disguising cloaks in one of the side rooms near the platform." So far as I know, there are only two side rooms, in the southwest and the southeast (not counting the ones in the north). From Schrodinger and Zeviz's Nethergate page (at the top of the Nethergate topic), the cloaks are in the southeast room. Walk near the wall so that you don't get seen. EDIT: and come to think of it, I was somewhat frustrated with the Romans' ending -- it made me feel as though my actions hadn't made any difference -- but I would've been more unhappy with any other ending that I can think of.
  6. Quote: You could use the icon shift What does this mean? How does one do this?
  7. While I can hardly call myself an advanced scenario designer... I use Word to keep track of SDFs. I also use Word to edit scripts (but the default TextEdit to read them), and I use Photoshop and ResEdit to work with custom graphics. Just for kicks, my SDF flag notes are in this format: 0 0 1 party has eaten the pie 2 party has eaten two pies 3 party has eaten three pies 0 1 1 party has entered Big Room 0 2 1 party has seen Big Monster 2 party has killed Big Monster 0 3 250 party has seen message in front of creepy altar
  8. I really like this idea. I haven't played with it at all; I have little in the way of custom floors I want to deal with right now, but once you add a few more features, this will be a great program. Obviously it will not replace writing scripts directly, but it will make it easier to do basic things and serve as a good intro for new designers.
  9. I need sliths. Anything. Slith priests particularly, maybe with necklaces with ankhs, maybe with robes, other clothing, maybe with frill things on their heads like the chiefs, anything. And spectral sliths, slith mages, slith children, slith elderly. Anything that anyone can make that is of a slithy nature, I will be able to use. Even color edits would be appreciated. E-mail them to the account on my profile. Thanks in advance!
  10. Was there any reason given for the call being turned down? Seems like such a simple thing to implement, code-wise....
  11. Not sure what good it would do, but I thought it might be constructive/fun to mention all the calls that we wish that BoA had that it doesn't have. I personally want a force_start_year call to set the year (for historical or futuristic scenarios). It would be the companion of force_start_day, which does exist. There's also a thread going about item descriptions, something like an it_description call. Any more thoughts?
  12. Reading the docs straight through is hard if you don't have any BoE or other programming experience. My suggestion is to read a piece of the docs and then open up the editor and play around with it for a bit, and then read more of the docs, and then play with the editor, and just keep alternating between them. It takes a lot of time, but you won't get quite as frustrated. Oh, and use the editor to look at VoDT. Jeff has pretty good commentaries on what's going on in the scripts there, so you can sort of see how it all fits together.
  13. Jeez, how might one pull *that* off, astronomically speaking? One quarter of the day cycle is nighttime? I would think that would only be possible if the planet weren't even remotely spherical. Uh oh...
  14. The problem may be with assumption c). We don't know how long days are, because this varies considerably from planet to planet. I did a different set of calculations based on the signs in A3, posted here , near the bottom of that page, and came to the conclusion that Valorim is about the size of India and therefore that days on the planet of Avernum are roughly nine Earth days in length. My evidence is certainly not definitive, though... I think it's clear that Jeff didn't intend to be consistent in terms of space and time -- didn't one of those signs say, "Please don't hold us to this"? -- but it's fun to try and work with what he gave us
  15. Does anyone else think this is kind of wacky? In order to set the response options for dialogues using add_dialog_choice, we refer to numbers 0-2, but in the number we get back from run_dialog we get 1-3. That is, if we say add_dialog_choice(0,"Yes") and the player chooses it, then run_dialog gives us back 1. Likewise, for add_dialog_choice(1,"No"), we'd get back 2, and for the third, it's 2 and 3. I didn't actually believe this was how it worked until I looked at ASR's t2 town script, state 13. Should this be changed for the next version of BoA?
  16. Quote: Or did Jeff cook these up just for this scenario? Yes, kind of. These are custom graphics (sheets 540 and 541 in stealth.cmg). They aren't available in the same way as the graphics in the appendices, but you can copy them and use them as custom graphics, crediting Jeff.
  17. Soon, as people start working on and completing scenarios, more scripts will be available on SW's site (specifically, here ), and you can just edit some Memory Cells to get your desired effect. So you don't have to be a coder to make scenarios. Just understanding how to use Memory Cells is a bit complicated in itself, but it's not nearly as bad as trying to write the scripts directly. I highly recommend trying it; collaborations are hard. And for the time being, while no scripts are up on the site, you can use Jeff's scripts that come with the game.
  18. Is anyone else experiencing UNBELIEVABLE lag in BoA? It's making it hard for me to move around... and the animations (hitting things, things dying) are taking forever. Anything that can be done about this? EDIT: nm, I just quit and restarted. Now I have no other applications running and it seems to be fine.
  19. No, it's offical: I hate the Exile engine. That's okay. I think the Nethergate/Avernum engine is outstanding.
  20. I'm trying to play VoDT, and the monsters in the dungeons keep coming back to life. I kill a bunch of monsters, go back to town, heal up and spend my gold, come back, and voila! Same monsters that I already killed are now attacking me. Now, maybe I'm just a stupid Avernum user, but when I kill monsters, I expect them to STAY DEAD. Is this not true of the Exile series? Is something going wrong? Do people know what I'm talking about? If it matters, I'm running Mac OS 10.2.
  21. In any case, it is the same link as at the top of the Nethergate forum. Either of them (to Schrodinger and Zeviz or to TM) will do, as both sites have the same Sylak items list.
  22. From the link at the top of the page of this forum... Sylak Items ...
  23. Yes, Drakefyre, I am well aware that there are other clans of vahnatai. Quote: they can't have found the vahnatai, or at least Rentar-Ihrno's vahnatai (emphasis added) by which I meant our familiar clan.
  24. That's true... they could be giants in the fresco. But still, I think it's clear that Jeff at least wanted us to think that they were humans, and that's good enough for me. I guess that means that we have room to interpret on what exactly the significance of the Ancient Crypt is. Bah, I was going to ask, and then I thought better of it. When the sliths came out of the tunnel from their homeland, they can't have found the vahnatai, or at least Rentar-Ihrno's vahnatai, because Elohi-Bok in Olgai in A2 says, "The caves now are very different from what they were when we began our last Resting. There are humans now, and nephilim and nepharim, and the sliths," which implies that the sliths weren't there before the Resting. So they would've found in Avernum... Motrax. Probably demons. Anything else?
  25. Gah, let me phrase that a little more carefully. I'm trying to assert that sliths have been in Avernum since well before the First Expedition, which was "about fifty" years before A1. What exactly the significance of the Ancient Crypt is, well, that's another topic (although one worthy of discussion, too). So is it fair to say that sliths have been in Avernum since before the First Expedition? And, while we're at it, is it fair to say that demons were present in Avernum at the time of the First Expedition? I gather that Demonslayer was brought down by the members of the FE from how Linda in A1 lists it among the artifacts that they brought. (And now I'm trying to remember exactly when and how it was broken....) What I'm trying to get a handle on is what the situation would have been that would have greeted the exiled sliths when they came through Lost Bahssikava. Motrax was in Avernum already. He's been there for centuries, according to his own story. Was Grah-Hoth there? Were other demons, even if he specifically wasn't? And for that matter (and I could go look this up, and I probably will, but I wonder if anyone knows specifically where to look for this info), when did the vahnatai start their Resting? EDIT: Oh, and Drakey? On the humanoid vs. human issue, the message says, "The frescoes on the walls are clearly of humans." The A1 heroes may not be archeologists or experts on the species of Avernum, but I think they could tell the difference between lizard men (as they describe in the Spiral Crypt, who turn out to be sliths), oddly-shaped, thin weird little things (like the skeletons in... I think it was the Crypt of Drath, ne corner, that clearly indicated vahnatai), cat-men (nephilim), or other distinctly non-human humanoids. These are frescoes, ie visual depictions. I could buy the argument that their judgment of its age is not necessarily correct, but not that their analysis of its contents is wrong.
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