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  1. You vote with your cash. A purchase of A4 is a vote for A5. And to those of you who scream, "poll tax," I say: perhaps.
  2. I'd certainly like a Character Editor, personally.
  3. Your name is usually enough. If they want more, they'll e-mail you back.
  4. E-mailing Jeff might be the best thing to do from here. Include a save file from which you can reproduce the error and exact instructions about how to do it. There's nothing obvious wrong with the script.
  5. This happened to me several times, but then I checked the automap and saw a red dot somewhere in sight but hidden behind a tree or something. You've made sure to check the automap for red dots?
  6. Uh, did you not read the thread? Evidently he's not seeing the custom scenarios. Bear in mind that you have to page forward on the list to see scenarios beyond the default. There's an arrow button.
  7. What I'm asking is if you already did an update. If you did an update halfway through playing A3, your old saves will crash.
  8. You didn't happen to use a save game made from a Classic version of A3 in a Carbon version of A3, did you? Most of my old saves are from A3 v1.0.0, and they crash in exactly the way you described in the current version.
  9. Have you read the responses to your other topic? You need to e-mail Spiderweb. There's nothing that we can do for you here.
  10. I've found that for whatever reason Spiderweb only gets a little less than half of the e-mails that I send them. That is, they don't even see the others — they get blocked or filtered or something. So it may not be their fault. Just e-mail again.
  11. It can take as long as a day or two, and their e-mail is notoriously unreliable, so if you haven't gotten a response within 24 hours, you should probably e-mail again. But usually it is a few hours, as Micael said.
  12. It could be a compatibility issue. If so, it could be fixed from Spiderweb's side. It could just be server randomness, which can't be fixed by anyone.
  13. I can e-mail you the demos of Exile 2 or 3. Exile 1 doesn't seem to be downloading properly. These things get hosted elsewhere on the web. I'm going to do a search right now to see if Exile 1 is available somewhere else.
  14. Wait, no. They work. Never mind. EDIT AGAIN: Wait, the Exile 1 one didn't work. Let me see if I can find one that does.
  15. I tried the PC version and it was downloading just fine, too. Posting a screenshot is a bit too much work, but the links on the SW site work for me. It's something with your computer.
  16. I just tried right now and downloading E3 worked fine for me, running Safari in Mac 10.2. EDIT: In other words, it's something about you. Try downloading the other kind of file, or make sure that you're downloading for the right operating system (Mac/Windows), etc.
  17. Quote: Originally written by dgoodrich: I've E-Mailed This problem to JEFF VOGEL but no response. E-mail him again. Typically Spiderweb gets between half and a third of all e-mails sent to them. I'm not sure why.
  18. Are you deleted core files or redownloading? Have you registered a copy that has then become un-registered? What is your operating system? Reg codes aren't supposed to change, and something really funky is going on if yours is changing.
  19. If all else fails, you can kill the preferences file. This may unregister your game, but if you e-mail SW, they'll give you a new reg key.
  20. Do you have all the appropriate files? I'd try redownloading, if I were you.
  21. Well, you can get the spells, you just can't get them at extraordinarily high levels.
  22. At that point, you're as good as making a god party (which the HLPM supports anyway). You know, I think I'll put in two levels of god parties for a future version, the normal one and a level 150 beefed out party that is good for testing purposes. Shouldn't be too hard.
  23. That's what the Character Editor is for. The HLPM is supposed to make legitimate parties.
  24. I think for the next version I'm going to put in a message that explicitly states this, because a lot of people ask about it.
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