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  1. Chapter 2 is complete and finishable. I'm making a few final tweaks to the ending, but Chapter 2 is basically done.
  2. The relevance of all of this, presumably, is that Rosetta 2 support will eventually be dropped. The Classic environment was supported until OS 10.5. Rosetta 1 was supported until OS 10.7. Rosetta 2 will probably also not last forever.
  3. Not to be that guy, but you're talking about the Classic environment, not Rosetta. The first version of Rosetta was used to run old old PowerPC applications on Intel Macs, and it didn't require loading.
  4. It took rewriting more or less everything, but the third core quest is done and tested. On to the fourth and final core quest in Chapter 2.
  5. It is actually true that there are massive, related disinformation machines, mostly targeting the right, in American politics. So there is in fact a disconnect between what people believe and reality, particularly among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.
  6. Insert obligatory comment about how "socialism" is so poorly defined that it is more confusing than helpful in literally any discussion of anything. When a term can refer to anything from the command economy of the former Soviet Union to the current economies of Northern Europe, it's no longer a useful term.
  7. It looks like we'll know tomorrow. If you take what's been called by various outlets, Biden can pull out a win with Michigan, where he's leading and results are expected tonight, and Nevada, where he's also leading and results are expected tomorrow morning. It will be interesting to see what Trump does at that point, though. Anyone else would just concede, but Trump has already declared victory and called everything fraudulent. So it's not as clear what will happen once media outlets call the race for Biden.
  8. If the polls are like they were in 2018 (very accurate), we'll probably know late tonight/early tomorrow morning, like a normal election. Biden will be up in basically every swing state, and some will be pretty far along in their counting. If the polls are like they were in 2016 (medium-size miss in Trump's favor), it's going to be a nailbiter and we're not going to know for a long time, like 2000. If there's a medium-sized miss the other direction, Biden will win by double-digits and we'll know late tonight.
  9. Political topics have a long history on the Spiderweb boards, though less so recently.
  10. It looks like there are a few characters in GF4 who were on Sucia Island. They are described as very old. Delna in Southforge Citadel is over 100 years old. Amena Blade in Derenton Freehold is also very old. On a quick skim, I don't think either one clearly says that they were on Sucia at the time of GF1, but I think Sucia was wiped out not long after, so I think their age gives us at least a vague approximation of the time between GF1 and GF4. (And yes, before someone nitpicks, it also doesn't say how old they were when they left Sucia, so conceivably the time between GF1 and GF4 could be sig
  11. Yeah, doesn't seem like a high-probability outcome. Wasn't GF1 a couple hundred years before GF5? Or at least I thought that GF5 was sufficiently long after GF1 that people from GF1 were generally not still alive. So it'd be pretty hard to make this kind of reveal work.
  12. Chapter 2 sidequests are done and tested. The third main quest is up next.
  13. It is true that, when you try to go west on the river from Fort Goodling, you get this message: But that doesn't mean anything in particular. The area to the west is "more settled" than the area to the north, but the area to the north is the Za-Khazi Run itself, which hasn't been settled at all because it's too hostile. I don't think that means that the area to the west is any part of the Avernum map. (If it did, we'd have even bigger problems, because there's no way I can imagine to place Fort Goodling east along any river on the Avernum map.) Also, the area to the west is
  14. It's true that Seletine of the Triad of the Tower of Magi goes to Fort Goodling rather than Fort Cavalier, but honestly that seems more like a plot hole than anything else. It seems as though it's not particularly hard to get from Fort Cavalier to Dharmon once the siege is broken, and the siege is broken with the wands that Seletine has. So why doesn't Seletine go to Fort Cavalier directly and break the siege? I can't come up with any good reason. Commander Yale says that the "sliths have done an excellent job of blocking or trapping all safe routes to Fort Cavalier," but that seems like it's
  15. ZKR says: If you leave, it says: The more I think about it, the more inexplicably weird it seems to me that, after this plainly military mission, you go to Dharmon rather than one of the forts. Just about any possible exit from ZKR except a secret passage in the western part of the Great Cave would put you closer to a fort than to Dharmon, and it seems like a fort would be a more natural place to go to meet up with a "commander."
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