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  1. Ring of One Very Specific Skill. Not as catchy, but more accurate.
  2. Because I'm sure there's going to be a further discussion of semantics here, I think what you mean is specifically physical skill, as opposed to strategic skill or something like that. That is, the kind of skill involved in Mario, not the kind of skill involved in Civilization.
  3. I have had less time than I'd like to work on Homeland, but basically I've been debugging the "more elaborately scripted sidequests" that I described above. I had a lot of good ideas when making sidequests in Chapter 2, and, broadly speaking, none of them actually work as coded. They're not even close. So I'm debugging and, in some cases, rewriting them altogether because BoA can't easily do what I intended. I'm almost done with the side quests and will pick up the main quests again shortly. The third main quest is pretty short, and I'm hoping I can get that done in a day. The four
  4. Now would be an appropriate time for a bump, though I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. These are very old, unsupported games.
  5. I remember having a rule of thumb about weight-to-value ratios for items to pick up and sell in the original Nethergate and Avernum Trilogy, because if you wanted to pick up and sell absolutely everything that was sellable, even for 1 coin, you'd make a huge number of trips back and forth to dungeons. If you weren't obsessive about selling absolutely everything and were reasonably disciplined about inventory management, you could avoid a lot of tedium.
  6. Hi Warrior Mage, please don't double-post (that is, post twice in a row in the same topic) unless you have a really good reason to. The fact that nobody has responded in a few hours does not constitute a really good reason. Wait a few days. If nobody responds by then, post "bump" to put the thread back at the top of the list and make sure that people know that you're still in need of a response. I realize that you may not know this, but your post comes off as sarcastic, which also is not really consistent with the forum guidelines and makes people less likely to want to help you.
  7. Did you read the topic? That's not what we're talking about here.
  8. By way of example, this is the kind of thing I'm talking about, where in 2007, Alorael could say: "Everyone's already biased towards A2 because it's so clearly the favorite here . . . ."
  9. Yeah, FWIW, I joined the community after Avernum 3 was released, and I don't remember anyone making distinctions between the two by that point. It's entirely possible that earlier discussions were more positive and it went negative after A3. Though given the nature of the criticisms, that would be kind of weird, since they would've applied equally to E3 and A3. I guess it could also be due to a change in forum population, rather than any difference between E3 and A3.
  10. Exile 3 was by far Jeff's biggest early success. It got dumped on by forum members for a long time, though, basically because the premise is not original or interesting (monster plagues?). Almost none of the game is about what the story is ostensibly about (who's responsible?), so it's basically just an excuse to explore and fight monsters. But it's just about the best possible version of "explore and fight monsters" that you can do. The game is huge, and although I think that the combat mechanics for the only version that I've played—Avernum 3 (original)—were pretty bad by Spiderw
  11. The first two (of four) core quests in Chapter two are tested and finishable, with at least reasonably acceptable combat balance. Some of the more elaborately scripted sidequests are in Chapter 2, and I haven't tested those yet. I think that's up next. I'm starting to wonder if I need to rebalance the warrior abilities. It seems like there's one that I use constantly, and I haven't really had a need to use the others. This makes me think I need to change some things.
  12. You have to clear the last text bubble before you can put a new one on the same character. So you need to have: text_bubble_on_char(12,""); text_bubble_on_char(12,"However,you have came in.."); force_instant_terrain_redraw(); pause(25); And so on for every text bubble after.
  13. Agreed. If it worked, it would be perfectly fine.
  14. But it’s still a bad idea, and I say that as someone who actually did it for one scenario. (Not changing the walls, but changing a built-in graphic.)
  15. You can change from surface to cave, but other than that, no, not by normal means. You could conceivably try to create custom terrains that work the same way as walls, but it would be an incredible pain. You could also use the LP approach to changing character graphics (use a custom graphic with the same number as the graphic you're trying to replace), but that only worked on Macs.
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