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  1. It probably could be done with a level 50 two-member party if you gave them both warrior skills and spellcaster skills, as long as you gave them key items (e.g., both have Adlerauge) and made use of every exploit (e.g., both have Divinely Touched). But it would involve a lot of saving and reloading, and I can't really imagine why a person would want to do that.
  2. There's combat in the Prologue, but it's totally linear, so the difficulty is not dependent on player choice and thus easier to control. I guess another option would be to add more combat to the Prologue, so the player does the initial level-gain in a linear fashion. It would take a little rewriting, but it could be done. I think that's a decision for a later day. I think the easy solution, for now, is to drop a fairly conspicuous hint to the player at the end of the Prologue, and then throw in a small warning when obtaining the hardest quest (just in case the player picks it up too soon).
  3. Doing some alpha testing this weekend. I started afresh, and I still love the Prologue. Chapter 1 is getting there, but there's still a lot that alpha testing revealed that is problematic. Some bugs, but more just details that I forgot to fill in at one point or another. Their absence is not conspicuous when you're looking at the scenario in the editor, but it's conspicuous when you're playing. Right now, I'm puzzling over whether I made the Chapter 1 combat too hard. I'm doing the quests in a different order than I did in my initial testing, and it's taking some reloading. If I do some of the dungeon, back out, sell loot and buy spells, and go back in, I can totally do it. But is it too much? I don't know. BoA has an issue that is common to a lot of RPGs, which is that you gain power quickly in the early going. A level 1 party is much, much weaker than a level 5 party, and you jump from level 1 to level 5 fast. So if you do the quests in one order vs. another, you can end up with a radically different party at different points. Which I guess suggests that I should make all of the early dungeons pretty easy, but it seems fairly tedious if I do that. I probably just have to keep an eye on this as I do further rounds of testing. EDIT: After further testing, yes, the sequence of quests is a bit of an issue. There's really one that you should do first and one that you should do last. I probably should make this obvious, though I guess not mandatory.
  4. Apparently, the link suddenly became case-sensitive? Anyway, it should work now.
  5. I'm way ahead of you. EDIT: To be a little less flippant, as the other posts earlier in the thread say, Homeland involves a complete combat rebalance. Every monster has been modified in at least some way—often in very substantial ways. The level progression has been changed via new spells and abilities. Together with that, I've controlled what items are available in each chapter. One thing I'll be paying attention to during testing is whether I need to modify the items more deeply. Right now, I have special, magic items that are new, but a lot of the regular items are the same as what you find by default in the core files. It's possible I need to change that, though I think it's unlikely.
  6. Yeah, the reality is that while the coronavirus situation left some people with more time on their hands, it left me with less, at the same time as my side job picked up speed. So I've been able to work on this only a handful of times in the last few months. We've got a three-day weekend coming up, though, and I don't have anything scheduled. My hope is to spend most of the weekend on this and to make some real progress again for the first time in a while. And yeah, in terms of size, Homeland is 18-19 outdoor sections and, at this point, 100 towns. I don't expect to add many more, but I still need to fill in a lot of details in a lot of towns. I will say that for a scenario that draws its inspiration from the scandals and failures of the Trump Administration, waiting around a few months does tend to give me more material to work with.
  7. Yes, the thing to do is to email Spidweb. They've historically been pretty good about letting you transfer from one system to another.
  8. Have you read the documentation that comes with the editor? A lot of your questions are answered there. Here's the section from Chapter 1.6 on Editing the Outdoors: You probably want to use a Preset Encounter and specify the Move Type (probably Move Type 1, which is "Doesn't move").
  9. I think the problem is that there's no break; at the end of your INIT_STATE. You need a break at the end of each state.
  10. The mistake is that the message_dialog() call is not in any state. If it's not in a state, it never happens (and possibly breaks the script). Here's what you want: begintownscript; body; beginstate INIT_STATE set_name(20, "Chief Guard");// ID 114 message_dialog("Welcome to my town!", ""); break; beginstate EXIT_STATE; break; Note that this will show the message "Welcome to my town!" every time you enter the town. You need SDFs to make it happen only the first time.
  11. I have to admit, I'm not sure what you're asking. Could you clarify? Maybe references to specific pages would help. You may also want to look at some specific scenarios to see what they did. For example, my High Level Party Maker was commented out pretty carefully so that people could read it and understand what I was doing.
  12. There are a bunch of resources for getting started, including the old BoA Cookbook, the Scenario Workshop, various articles I wrote, and probably other things I'm forgetting. You'll want the most recent 3D editor, which I think is in the forum header. If you have questions, ask away. Also, welcome the boards, and leave your sanity at the door! I almost never get to do the traditional greeting.
  13. You definitely need to update to the most recent version. It's likely that this error is caused by some missing code that was added in a later version. Also, I'd probably just restart the scenario; you're very early on and it'll take you just a few minutes to get back to that point. If that doesn't work, I can help. These unhandled exceptions are the bane of my existence because, as a Mac designer, I can't reproduce them. I need to know exactly what happens right before the crash. There are several steps in that part of the scene: 1) Legare says "O Goddess, let what you have ordained BE!" 2) A bunch of the land changes 3) A message starting "As you stare on in amazement," pops up. 4) Legare says "DO NOT FEAR," etc. 5) Another message pops up, starting "As the sliths" 6) People disappear. 7) You walk forward. 8) You move to the Parted River. I need to know exactly when it crashes. For reference, an older version would crash at step 6).
  14. I was hoping to come back and say that everything through the end of Chapter 2 is done, but it's not happening as quickly as I'd hoped. What I'm doing now is creating all the stuff that didn't go right the first time—e.g., there was a space where I figured that I wanted something of general nature [x] to happen, but I couldn't come up with the details for [x], or I started to write [x] and it was bad, or whatever. I'm making progress, but I probably need another month or two. I'm also filling in minor details everywhere. For example, yesterday, I added area descriptions to every town in Chapters 1 and 2 that was missing them.
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