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  1. Kelandon

    Any Android games out there?

    It was, and it did, so yes, Queen's Wish should come out for iPhone. The Android stretch goal was not met, but Jeff said that he'd look into it anyway. Not sure if he's landed anywhere on that by now.
  2. Kelandon

    Homeland progress report

    A combination of getting busier at work, focusing on some other projects for a little while, and running into a major barrier with the part of Homeland that I was designing have left me not much farther than I was two months ago, but I think I made a breakthrough today and will be able to finish off key parts of Chapter 2 now.
  3. Kelandon

    Every Spiderweb Character Ranked: Top 20 Worst Characters

    Wait, did Slarty not finish something? (Cheap shot, but too easy.)
  4. I'm sorry you are perplexed.  I play these games to relax and chill out.  If you are really interested and are not making fun of me, I am happy to talk to you at length and explain what I am thinking/saying. I am acknowledging the difference between the intrinsic value of intellectual property and the value of intellectual property given supply/demand in some respects.  Hit me up and I will send you some stuff, its pretty basic.

    1. Kelandon


      No, you explained that part.


      Also, no one was making fun of you.

  5. I'm now even more perplexed.
  6. Kelandon

    Homeland progress report

    I finished the last couple side quests in Chapter 1, and I filled in a chunk of Chapter 2, as well as bits of Chapter 4. I'm at 70 towns, and I'm still estimating that this thing will be maybe just under 100 towns when I'm done. I've decided to shorten Chapter 5, and probably fold the Conclusion into it. So, at the moment: Prologue: 9 towns; 100% designed and tested. Chapter 1: 19 towns; 100% designed, mostly tested. Chapter 2: 20 towns; 2 largely blank, 3-5 need significant filling in, roughly 70-80% designed and entirely untested. Chapter 3: 14 towns made, ~8 more to be made; most need significant filling in. Chapter 4: 8 towns made, ~10 more to be made; most need significant filling in. Chapter 5: ~8-10 towns to be made. (Note also that there are 24 outdoor sections, of which I'm presently using 18 that are almost completely designed. I may use a few more at some point.) My sense is that I've just passed the halfway mark, more or less, but there's still a long way to go. I hope I can finish no later than the end of next year, but who knows. Designing Chapter 4 is fun, but it's also sort of harrowing.
  7. Kelandon

    BoE Scenarios Archive? And BoE Version

    Distributing is distributing is distributing. Copies are copies, whether individually, batched, or batched together with something else. Note: Still not legal advice.
  8. Kelandon

    BoE Scenarios Archive? And BoE Version

    I can't think of a meaningful legal difference between hosting the scenarios individually without permission and hosting them in a batch without permission, and I don't think most designers gave TrueSite (etc.) permission. Also, it would take a real asshole to file a copyright infringement suit right away — the most likely outcome is that someone would ask to be excluded, and you'd just have to comply. Or maybe a DMCA takedown notice; I did that once with someone who was hosting my scenarios without permission and being kind of obnoxious about it. Note: Not legal advice, though I am a lawyer and I studied copyright law at one point.
  9. I've been deliberately avoiding updating for this very reason. Until Homeland is finished, I am on 10.12.
  10. Kelandon

    BoE Scenarios Archive? And BoE Version

    I believe a zip of every BoE scenario ever released would be in the ballpark of 60 megabytes. Pretty manageable in this day and age.
  11. Kelandon

    True Site for Blades is down?

    I messaged her, and she said she would post here, but seeing that she hasn't... here's what she said:
  12. Kelandon

    True Site for Blades is down?

    I've messaged her.
  13. Are you maybe looking in the wrong currency? I think we're still a fair bit away from the sound design goal.
  14. I just threw in $200. I feel like it's the least I could do after so many years, and it'd be nice to get better sounds.