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  1. Some beginner questions on the skill system

    "Base" is your base value of the skill before any levels that you've "bought" (i.e., expended skill points to get) are taken into account. If I remember correctly, skill point cost is entirely dependent on bought values, not base values. The value on your skill sheet is the total of the base and bought values. If that's right, then the way that it works is as follows. Suppose you have skill X, which has a base value of skill Y / 2. Suppose you have never trained in skill X, and it costs 3 skill points to raise skill X. Your skill Y is 6, so your skill X is 3. If you raise skill Y to 8, your skill X will go to 4, but it will still cost 3 skill points to raise skill X. The base of skill X went up, but that doesn't affect costs in any way; it's just a free point in skill X. So no, in no way does having a high base value for a skill hurt you. In general, you'll need 17 points in Priest Spells/Mage Spells to get access to the highest-level spells. In very high-level scenarios (e.g., Exodus), you may need to go even higher (as high as 25). Int is good for casters, and I raise it a fair bit to get spell energy and stronger spells for them, but I've never raised it for non-casters. It does raise Arcane Lore, but it's cheaper just to raise Arcane Lore directly. It also raises whatever resistance, but Luck and Resistance are better for resistances anyway. But it's not really possible to give a value that you should raise Int to. There's no cap or anything. It just continues to help casters as you keep raising it, so as you gain levels, put some skill points into it regularly.
  2. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Instead of vaguely saying "a new scenario," could you give the name of the new scenario? That would start to address Imban's comment earlier.
  3. A new member has joined your party

    ... are there debates about that? Pretty sure the official name (i.e., what Jeff says) is the former, with two syllables.
  4. 10,000

    Please deliver your meaningless approbation to this thread.
  5. SP regeneration

    As far as I can tell, adding tags isn't sufficient in this version of forum software anymore. You either have to go into the source (which is kind of hard, but is on the left of the reply bar, next to the "bold" option), or you have to click the relevant button. For the most part, you don't have to hide much of anything, though. If it's a scenario that's been released for more than a few months (pretty much all of them), then spoiler tags are probably not necessary.
  6. Homeland progress report

    As Lilith suggested, the scenarios all function independently, so these questions don't really have answers. You're supposed to use a new party with Homeland, so your party won't have completed Bahs/Exodus, and there's not really any progress to lose. You can technically use any party to enter any scenario, so if you wanted, you could use a party that has completed Homeland to enter, say, Diplomacy With the Dead (a pre-packaged scenario), and you would keep your experience and items from Homeland.
  7. Public Beta: The Magic

    So I guess technically that may be a bug, but I'm not all that worried about it because you're told not to do that. When he reconstitutes, a message says: That means go somewhere else (to the southern half of the Heart of the Island, which will now open for you). And killing friendly creatures is supposed to make the whole island angry with you. Committing crimes sets a flag, so this is permanent. (A message prints saying that you have made the island angry with you.) You technically can fix this with the Character Editor if you know what you're doing, but you have to know what you're doing.
  8. Public Beta: The Magic

    When did you kill him? What town were in you in, and what were the circumstances of the combat?
  9. Homeland progress report

    Chapter 2 isn't really completely finished yet — still lots of combats to design, and a couple of towns need a lot of dialogue still — but I went ahead to start on town design and core dialogue for Chapter 3. Man, designing Chapter 3 is a trip. I can't really explain why without giving away a significant twist at the end of Chapter 2, but it's... different. I'm 46 towns in, and right now I'm pretty sure that the scenario will end up around 90 towns. Because many of the towns are at least partly incomplete, though, I'd say I'm about 30% done with the overall design work, maybe a bit more. Still a long way to go.
  10. how to buy BOA

    As Nik said, the only people who can answer that question are Spiderweb employees, and they don't post here. So you have to email them directly.
  11. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Strengthens my point even more, I suppose. Uh, how do the bonus values actually work?
  12. Level Caps?

    Uh, did anyone? I don't think that actually happened.
  13. Level Caps?

    Jeff has said pretty emphatically that there will not be another Blades game. BoA took much longer than expected and didn't sell well, and I think there was a serious risk that Spiderweb would go under because of that. So I think he was pretty burned by the experience and wants nothing to do with it again. At least, that's my recollection from the last time he talked about it, which was years ago.
  14. Homeland progress report

    Yeah, not at all. Um, yeah, that's Homeland for you. Like I said, I may have gone a little overboard with heights.
  15. Remember Lost Souls?

    Lost Souls! But no AI. Alas.