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  1. How have I overlooked this topic for so long? Goodness. Well, I have to say I'm very surprised - pleasantly surprised - that you are doing a feedback thread, Jeff. My #1 issue has already been adressed: tooltips for what skills scale off of. Hat's off. I will replay the Avadon games and try to formulate some meaningful feedback. Until then, friends.
  2. I've tried uninstalling everything related to Avernum, and Wine. Updated my system to 10.8.4. Re-downloaded. Nothing. Then, I opened the wrapped Avernum.exe using CrossOver, and after a while, the program started. However, the screen stayed mostly black apart from the regular pop-up window, and a message said "unable to load graphic 3001, you prolly got some corrupt shiz". Edit: I tried wrapping the humble bundle version myself, and I get the same graphics errors. Blank whites or blacks, freezing. Went and installed Wine 1.1.9 because that one was confirmed to work for Avernum 1.0.3. on t
  3. Do you currently have any other versions of the same games on your Mac? Maybe I need to delete some sort of cache or whatever. And are you using some sort of Wine extension? What version?
  4. They don't work for me for some reason. When I try to open the games, they appear as active on my dock and then absolutely nothing happens. They stop reacting. It's a shame, I really want to make them work on my iMac. Anything I'm doing wrong, with Wine maybe?
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