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  1. Was going to say very very little about me is straight as well
  2. Confirm. Acty is a total sweetheart.
  3. This was very beautiful, and touching, and extraordinarily relatable to me. Thankyou for sharing! I hope you stick around a while And as always, please check your sanity at the door.
  4. ^ I am at that fight right now, having a little difficulty but I am playing on hard. What I have been doing is using the turret to engage them, and then rushing past and charming a couple of the controllers so everything starts whacking them while I focus on one or two at a time.
  5. I have been playing MtG for the better part of this year, and play competitively at the local card shop. I tend to place in the top 5 out of an average of 20 in Standard, and I do really well in drafts. I run mono green, mono white, mono red, and red-green. I've been working on getting the cards to put together a competitive red-green-white deck, but it's a huge pain to try to get a hold of all the land base and the playsets of 30$+ cards. For EDH, I have a friend that's been building disgustingly powerful decks for a while now, and I just borrow one of his 8 or so that he keeps around.
  6. Geneforge because scifi. And moral dilemmas. And powergaming. And your decisions make a difference in the ending of the game in a much bigger way that the other games.
  7. Everything in spidweb games is mine anyways. It's just a matter of going around and picking them up and swatting the pesky flies that don't like it.
  8. I would go meet other Refugi but they'd probably kidnap me and I rather like Washington.
  9. I will take The Last of Us over any SW survival/horror game. By the end of the game, I would have killed the entire family of anyone who even looked at Ellie the wrong way. Their whole village even.
  10. Basically, you want a Guardian in G2, an Agent in G3, a Servile in G4, and in G5 take an Agent again, not the infiltrator. Reasoning being in G2 Parry is broken, in G3 spells start to get really nasty and the Guardian drops off in power significantly. In G4, the servile has fantastic stats whether you decide to go melee or mental magic. And in G5, the shaper classes retain the hidden resistances from G4, so you want probably the agent because magic is obscene.
  11. G1 Guardian really operates on the concept of if you can get next to it, it will die. Make sure you can get next to things. High resistances and health help. If you don't want creations, use pods and sell spores, specifically the haste ones. I never really had trouble with the G1 Guardian, but I played on normal and it's been ages since I've played through the game. Aside from Crystals, no Guardians do not have any way of killing multiple things at once. Use chokepoints so swarms can only come at you one at a time.
  12. If you know what you're doing you can beat Geneforge absurdly quickly. It's not far off from doing a Navarro run in Fallout 2.
  13. When does the season start? I have been going cold-pony for months so nothing is spoiled.
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