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  1. There's one teleporter in a sealed room with a window. Is it accessible at all? I spent a while trying to figure it out.
  2. Tower of Zkal

    It is the one with the hidden switch right next to the final teleporter to the under tower. I searched again and found it. It just takes you to the entrance.
  3. I knew that I forgot something! I just cleaned up the whole island and couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to see the tower at the bottom. Thnx
  4. I just want to know why Jeff hates unicorns so much. I'll never forget the first time I met them in exile 3 and read their description. I had never heard them described as anything other than mysterious and friendly.
  5. Or you use the orb to teleport past the guardians on the bridge by Erika's tower.
  6. You have a Xian item in your inventory that randomly gives you a rock
  7. G3 Fanjul

    I remembered that there was a cheap trainer in the Dhonal Keep and went looking after completing most of the keep. I spoke to her and told her that the shaper way is best befrore realizing that this would lock me out of her training. My last save is far enough away that I really don't want to go back there. Does anyone know how to reset the flag for her question?
  8. G3 Fanjul

    I figured out how to do the flag, (sdf 42 18 2) but I'm too pro-shaper for her. Is there anyway to slightly adjust my servile opinion? I don't want to use the 'iloveserviles' as it adjusts it too far and I want to stay relatively undecided.
  9. Five-Dimensional Political Compass

    You are a: Objectivist Anti-Government Non-Interventionist Nationalist Reactionary Collectivism score: -100%Authoritarianism score: -17%Internationalism score: -33%Tribalism score: 33%Liberalism score: -67% there are a lot of grey areas but here it is
  10. Buying Avernum 3

    Same here
  11. Remember the pit of the wyrm? Where the lights just didn't work?
  12. Can Gazers learn to Shape?

    Geneforge 6: The Drakon-Gazer War
  13. You need to move for them to move. Waiting doesn't do anything.
  14. Let's Play Avadon 3!

    What else is new?
  15. U.S. Election Day, 2016

    There were also alleged votes that may or may not have gone for Harambe. If true then I assume it was from the college age bracket.
  16. Newbie with questions

    Press g to open your inventory and click on the cloak to grab it
  17. The only one in this game that steals things lying around is YOU.
  18. Why bother with a chest? Just find a convenient piece of ground and dump stuff there. Right next to the portal is a good spot. No one will touch it.
  19. What to do with a full Inventory...

    Don't store things you want to keep in there and then forget to take them out. It is also possible to fill it up all the way, though it takes time. You can also fill it up enough that the value increases over the games parameters and erases all your gold.
  20. Exile2: graymold salve location?

    I always had the editor open. I would save the game, minimize the screen and use the editor to heal everyone and recharge magic energy. Then I would switch back to the game and reload at full health and energy, in the exact same spot. For some reason or another, I never considered this cheating. Even on win 98 this worked.
  21. Nothing....until day 150
  22. Doing a Recorded Playthrough of the entire series

    I love cheddar chess!
  23. Where can I get original Nethergate?

    As a side tangent, is Jeff planning to ever make a remake of Nethergate? (Or rather a remake of the remake?)
  24. Updated Real Life Meetup Chart

    If you add enough dimensions, it can be a single line