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  1. 1. Miranda- the fatalist with a sense of humour. 2. Greta- comes across for a majority of it as trying to play the good guy, then when faced with a major moral dilema makes her choice. 3. I sympathise with the rebel cause but don't necessarily agree with their approach. The trakovites are too all-encompassing (even if I agree with some of what they're saying). The shapers are probably the only faction I have little sympathy for. Too colonialist for me. 4. strong daze/mass energize though I do enjoy aura of flame. 5. Wingbolts, but for sheer fun eyebeast, Ur-drakons less fun than they used to be. 6. 8 to 8.5
  2. I've only manage to get one ending for the celts, where as the romans I can get two. Is this pretty much it?
  3. I would like to see more shaper tailored attacks/blessings/etc like the disruption attack (but obviously not the same). After all the two sides are heavily focused on fighting each others creations. Spells which purely focused on shaped creations (possibly including the PC, if they are a servile). Seems wasteful on some levels, but in my mind that's what they're focused on.
  4. Personally my big issue is the AI of the opponents. In previous exile/avernum games particularly the last couple and definitely in blades, opponents took advantage of things that were lying around. I didn't find it as much in this game, also I found spellcasters didn't resort as much to spellcasting as in previous SW games, but maybe this is a preference I loved the fact in previous games if you didn't want that goblin shaman to hurl a ball of flame at you you'd better close quick smart, where as in this one about half the time (even on torment) they're inclined to try to whack you with a piece of wood. Personally I think the OP is someone with a fondness for the Geneforge series by the sound of it. I miss the exile/avernum 4 (which is the only one it seems to have come back in) thing of area spells been a little more dangerous to fire off rather than the targeting spells that pop up in the Avernum/Geneforge series. I also like the fact that both you and your opponents could fire spells around the corner in exile (the tower of magi, exile 3 anyone?).
  5. Quote: Originally written by Randomizer: Quote: Originally written by Nightwurm: Come on people it's not that hard, I went in there before I even went to Castle Aethedoc on Normal. What I'm wondering is what happens if you choose the option to enslave the djinn? Do you get like a super power up? We're referring to torment mode and we did it before Goagh Nar. If you enslave the djinn you get +1 to strength, dexterity, intelligence, and endurance but then it gets interesting. I'm with the beta testers on this one, on torment those slimes hit way too frequently, and that lich is at the very least mildly frustrating. Interesting, such as in "I bow down to you master before kicking you where it hurts interesting?"
  6. pretty close to the end you'll get to take your frustrations out on one of the crones (if you're a celt that is), either that or you could tamper with the area file if you're that desperate to kill them. Just wait till close to the end its easier.
  7. actually you can get three scales (or at least there are three ways you can get the scales), not that's there's any use for the excess scales.
  8. I found it, but thanks for the replies, though I'm confused by the last one (I presume you're referring to how tough he is/was/etc.)
  9. Where in the land of the dead is this place?? I'm wandering like an idiot, I just want to shut that silly centurion up permanently.
  10. my bad, it was Gaitlan, and I got him mixed up with one of the wolf carcasses. Neither less the other question remains, is it in any way possible to edit/change the day?
  11. is there any way to change to day in this? (I have a dead fairy on a stone, because I arrive on day 5 in the crone caverns)
  12. if I was being nice I would say he's there just for colour but also to be a red herring in relation to a certain rumour about a mandrake salesman.
  13. I know this is a spoiler, but you didn't kill Erika did you?
  14. actually if you want to speed up the four encounters in the house, just move around the entrance hall, between the altar room, and the weapons room, it seems to be triggered randomly when you cross across that area.
  15. Quote: Originally written by Randomizer: Shapers make creations to use as boats, which is what you are on at the start of GF1. Since wingbolts are the first true flying creations and are suspect for rogue tendencies, it is too early for Shapers to go airborne. Actually when we still had the Awakened around, their final ending definitely had flying creatures.
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