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  1. So here I am playing the game for the 3rd time and have to say that I still enjoy it. The little differences make a difference. (Does that even make sense?) Maybe it's nostalgia or whatever. Having played E3:RW and A3, you would think that playing this game would get old, yet it isn't true. There is still enough newness within to make even a 3rd play through enjoyable. I hate that there's no horses though. Currently I'm just wandering around after finishing off the golems doing odd stuff. Feisty fist of pain! Post #726
  2. Arch-Mage Solberg

    What Exile/Avernum you begin with ?

    The first game from Spiderweb Software I played was the demo to Exile 2: Crystal Souls I found on a Galaxy of Games CD in the summer of 1997. Three days later, I found Exile 1: Escape from the Pit on another disk. 4 months later I was able to come up with the money to register both games. Post #725
  3. Arch-Mage Solberg


    Just figured I'd write a line or two to say hello (hello). Good to see that Spiderweb forums are still kicking in there. Can't wait to see what this Queen's Wish comes into. I only put $200 into it, but that's all I could do. Played a bit of A3:RW before my laptop died. I'd get another one but I hardly have time to play computer games anymore. I got my CDL in February and have been driving a truck with my brother since then. Been all over the lower 48 except the northwest and northeast areas. It's pretty cool to get to travel around place to place and get paid for it. Post #724
  4. Oh yeah! Can't wait to play it. Still need to get hold of A2:CS though. Post# 723
  5. Arch-Mage Solberg

    Hello Everybody.

    Like Hawkes Manse in E3/A3? That would be nice. Post #722
  6. Arch-Mage Solberg

    Buying Avernum 3

    I remember in the 90's when each game was $45 and hintbooks were $12. Post #721
  7. Arch-Mage Solberg

    Hello Everybody.

    Sounds great! Can't wait to play them. Post #720
  8. Arch-Mage Solberg

    What have you been reading recently?

    The Book of Secrets by Brad Meltzer. Post #719
  9. Arch-Mage Solberg

    Hello Everybody.

    How is everyone doing around here? Me, I've been working a lot and haven't been on these forums for over a year. I was just checking in to see Avernum 3:Ruined World was coming out. Looks like we still have time to prepare for its release. I did see something about a brand new game with a new engine. I wonder what that will be like? Post #718
  10. Arch-Mage Solberg

    Stupid Question, Probably

    AAY-ver-num. That's just how I've always said it. Like Erika's name... I pronounced it Air-REE-kah to give it a more mystical feel. My own name also has weird pronunciation. It's pronounced Soul-beorg. Post #717
  11. Arch-Mage Solberg

    "Hugemassive", "Bob", and Spidweb

    I guess that kinda makes me a 'Bob' too, in a way.
  12. Arch-Mage Solberg

    Finished Spiderweb games - recommendations for similar RPGs?

    Look up Alan Wake on Steam. Nice little game. Not at all easy, but very fun. Good graphics and decent storyline.
  13. Arch-Mage Solberg

    How is everybody today?

    Good to see yall again. Resting from working all week. Gotta mow my yard tomorrow and burn a brush pile. Only have one day off. Gotta make the most of it. Post #714
  14. Arch-Mage Solberg

    Spiderweb future

    How about buying the rights to Homeland: The Stone of Night and remaking that? Not only remaking, but adding more to it as well! Post # 713
  15. Arch-Mage Solberg

    What have you been watching recently?

    Been buying Doctor Who DVD's online. I have the entire NuWho except for the second half of season 9 and a few specials. I also have 6 Classic serials. Will be getting more of those over the next few months. Post # 712