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  1. For easy reference the affected graphics are 1517 - The Blue Mage 1518 - The Purple Wizard I'm not sure if there are any other affected graphics, though I wouldn't be suprised if the Triad Wizard (1565 ?), was also affected (I'll have to check that when my newest Warrior Band goes to the Tower of Magi). Generally you can only tell they are broken, if they are trying to use the sitting down sequence (though the death, and attack ones are messed up too).
  2. Hah I found the problem! Apparently between the OS 9 build and the OS X builds someone changed the that that registers which type of character graphic the Sorcerer Mage uses. In OS 9 the mage only uses the 3 sequence graphic (Stand, Attack, Die), but in OS X it's set to use a 5 sequence graphic (Stand, Holding for attack, Attack, Sit, Die). This means that the game crashes upon entering a room with the incorrect graphic (such as a Mage sitting in a chair). Which seems to be where the majority of crashes are coming from. It doesn't matter though because I can fix it myself through Resedit.
  3. That was the first thing I tried. Now it seems to work properly in Classic mode (OS 9), but it crashes in OS X mode. So I'm left thinking that it must be the Av3 OS X application itself that is causing these problems (as stated it happened in v1.1.3 and v1.1.4 - so it's not a simple corrupted installer problem). Also switching between the older Avernum 3 Town file and the newer one also doesn't make any difference, so it must be the Application.
  4. Another crash bug for Av3 1.1.4 In the Fort in Upper Avernum with the Teleporter that takes you to the Tower of Magi, there is the woman who left her necklace at the Tower of Magi. Now when I first go into to see her, she's a corrupted graphic (squiggles and lines). Also once I speak to her and gain the necklace retrieval mission I can no longer get into her room (the game crashes just like the first bug on trying to open the door). Here is the mac crashlog for that, I'm still on Mac PPC OS X 10.3.9 (a G3 iMac). Thread 0 Crashed: 0 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x004158d0 0x405000 + 0x108d0 1 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x0043c6f4 0x405000 + 0x376f4 2 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00446bac 0x405000 + 0x41bac 3 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x004444a4 0x405000 + 0x3f4a4 4 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00442a00 0x405000 + 0x3da00 5 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x0041dac8 0x405000 + 0x18ac8 6 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x0041c134 0x405000 + 0x17134 7 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00488c18 0x405000 + 0x83c18 8 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00481244 0x405000 + 0x7c244 9 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00480814 0x405000 + 0x7b814 10 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x004769b4 0x405000 + 0x719b4 11 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00475f10 0x405000 + 0x70f10 12 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x004757d0 0x405000 + 0x707d0 I own the full version for this game (and Av1, Av2, Av4 and BoA), so I would appreciate and fixes that can be make (or does no-one care anymore?).
  5. Quote: Originally written by Jame2: My thought? USE THE AVERNUM THREE GAME ENGINE! I second that... the Av4 engine may look pretty, but it is in no way as versitle or as fun as Av3 (I've played Av3 hundreds of times, but I never played Av4 again after completeing it once...). The way things were done in Av3 were also more fun than the way things were done in Blades of Avernum (oh yes it has an editor, but the drawbacks of playing BoA over Av3 were obvious - spell effects not working the same etc etc). Also using the Av3 engine means that 1. The character graphics are much easier to make. 2. There is a character editor (something I disliked losing in Av4) 3. The world can be huge again (going from Av3 and it's huge continent sized game to Av4's Av2 size game was not fun). In fact it could probably be even bigger still. 4. We'd get our multiple Player Character Graphics back, going up in Av3 and BoA, to go down in Av4 using recycled Geneforge graphics just wasn't right. Anyways thats just my viewpoint.
  6. I should have mentioned this ages ago when I first encountered it, but I've only just recently gone back to play Av3 v1.1.4 now... When in the Magician offices in Fort Emergence, I crash when trying to get into the Library area (with the Magician in there). I crash when trying to go through either door and it's straight to desktop. I'm on Mac OS X 10.3.9 (though it happened on earlier OS X builds too (10.1.2+). I've never had this problem with the classic build, though I did also have this problem in Av3 v1.1.3. The good thing about Mac OS X is that I get a crash reporter log, hopefully you'll know how to read it Here is the log from Av3 v1.1.4 Thread 0 Crashed: 0 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00415a4c 0x405000 + 0x10a4c 1 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x0043c6f4 0x405000 + 0x376f4 2 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00446bac 0x405000 + 0x41bac 3 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x004444a4 0x405000 + 0x3f4a4 4 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00442a00 0x405000 + 0x3da00 5 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00488ecc 0x405000 + 0x83ecc 6 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00481244 0x405000 + 0x7c244 7 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00480814 0x405000 + 0x7b814 8 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x004769b4 0x405000 + 0x719b4 9 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x00475f10 0x405000 + 0x70f10 10 Avernum 3 v1.1.4 0x004757d0 0x405000 + 0x707d0 And the one from Av3 v1.1.3 Thread 0 Crashed: 0 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x004158a0 0x405000 + 0x108a0 1 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x0043c6c4 0x405000 + 0x376c4 2 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x00446b7c 0x405000 + 0x41b7c 3 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x00444474 0x405000 + 0x3f474 4 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x004429d0 0x405000 + 0x3d9d0 5 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x00488bac 0x405000 + 0x83bac 6 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x00480f4c 0x405000 + 0x7bf4c 7 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x0048051c 0x405000 + 0x7b51c 8 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x0047689c 0x405000 + 0x7189c 9 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x00475e08 0x405000 + 0x70e08 10 Avernum 3 v1.1.3 0x0047570c 0x405000 + 0x7070c Hope to see a Av3 v1.1.5 that fixes this problem in the future.
  7. Horus = The Project Manager of the Unofficial Expansion to Myth II: Soulblighter called The Fallen's Vengeance (which takes place 930 years after the death of Soulblighter).
  8. Managed to get one on the way to Rentar's 2nd Fortress, had to find another one to get the special acid waveblade made too (It makes the Oozing Blade look like a childs toy). - Horus who still thinks Demonslayer is a toothpick in Av4...
  9. He wants two Vahnati Cloaks, and a Waveblade of "reasonable quality". So I go out spend about a day searching for the two cloaks and a Waveblade, I go back to see the Envoy in his room at the Castle and the mission doesn't complete... Is he wanting a Fine Waveblade or something? If he is where can I find one?
  10. Hmm didn't think to look where I'd already been... She must of been corspe dealing, otherwise the Undead in the tunnel would have got her methinks
  11. Can't seem to find Terella Venia ( the Priestess's special friend ). The journal quest entry says in the Tunnels North and West, and the Priestess just says in the North. Problem is the only tunnel north of Fort Dranlon (east gallery), leads to the Slith Lands across the river and she isn't overthere... Anyone know exactly where she is?
  12. Anyone know the best way to kill any and all superhealth slimes, it always takes ages to kill them, even with a magic user hasted and doing 100 dmg (two blasts of lightning) per turn...
  13. Would there be a Av4 character editor if you had to pay say $5 for it?
  14. Having tried the cheats (they suck ) then the in game Editor by Hawk King (so limited...), I was wondering if anyone would in the future make an application that acts like the orginal Avernum character editors (since I'm guessing it would not be hard for someone who knows Av4's data intimately to build one). And I know everyone can go on with the "Why bother cheating" line but that's not what this query is about. Normally when I've completed an Avernum game a number of times I get to the point where I get bored so I use the Character editor to make a ready to go character with equipment all set up and a history of great or evil deeds behind him/her, so instead of starting with a group of novices wielding rusty knifes I get to go around as a lone (normally) experienced yet balanced veteran to add to a whole new challenge. The lack of character editor was a really downer in that respect...
  15. I have a small list of things I'd like to write into Av4, the question is how would I do it. 1. I'd like to be able to make certain useless objects such as The Hatchet, simple rocks, spades etc work as weapons (the rocks acting like they do in previous Avernum Games). How would I go about doing that via text editing? 2. Is there anyway I can add more Character image choices if I make images (instead of replacing pre-existing graphics)? 3. Is it possible to add 4th and 5th races to the PC list, like Ogres and Vahnati via text editing (ie so they have their own special things like the Slith's natural skill with spears)?
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