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  1. I prefer the Romans, not only for their professionalism, armor and weapons but for the missions. I kinda identify with them anyway - the whole 'civilize' the world thing and all that. Plus I hear they took native wives, but nah, that can't be a factor, of course not...
  2. First, what disguising cloaks? Where? Second, thanks - both for the above and for the below. Thanks!
  3. Just wondering, how does one win as the Romans, i.e. kill Sylak without his finishing the spell?
  4. Ohhhh. The Hagfen. Now I understand. Thanks!
  5. Do you mean, leave the hut? 'Cause that takes me out of the town entirely.
  6. I still haven't found it. Help, please, specifically, where do I go within the first floor of the Crones' Cavern?
  7. Where are the goblins with the skull?
  8. For #1: Do as the Schroedinger... For #2: Be nice and then go far away.
  9. A side of victory? Sure, I'll have two, along with my fries of freedom and my steak of salvation. Seriously, I prefer the Romans to the Celts. But that's just me, and it suits my style of play - melee and theivery...
  10. First area? What's that? And is it the ball given to that little boy? Thanks, Schrodinger!
  11. Can anyone tell me where the spiders' amber is, the one that the Queen wants? Thanks!
  12. My only complaint is that I didn't buy the hintbook, and got lost in the Roman endgame...
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