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  1. Thank you, Trenton, you are well-met. As for the sanity, well, I willingly forfeited that years ago. I suppose some traditions never die.
  2. I see you are still alive and at it, Alorael, and 'tis a sight that warms me to the cockles of my ferrety heart! It strikes me that we never did quite settle the little matter of the ferret army's planned assault of your Alaskan stronghold. My thanks for the welcome back. Indeed, the wave of nostalgia I experienced yesterday, and which carried me here, must have stemmed from the gash in my psyche which the claws of Spidweb opened long ago. I can't say how long I will manage to stick around this time, as I will have to get serious about finding my next job soon. But I do plan on
  3. Ah, SoT, I remember you well also. Like Nikki, you joined the forums around the same time as I. And you always struck me as a fine writer and interesting contributor as well! Hello there, Aran! Yes, I, too have seen you around facebook, and looked at your profile yesterday. I'm glad to have refreshed your memory of my identity around here You have done a fine job in maintaining the archive, dude. It brought me no small amount of enjoyment yesterday. You are well-remembered as well, Nico. Honestly, I don't believe I ever found you annoying in the least! But I understand you
  4. I remember you as well, Tyranicus. Having consulted the archives this, or rather, yesterday afternoon, I noticed that my posting tailed off during the fall of '05. I guess I lost interest shortly after I failed in my bid to become a moderator of General in the election in the summer of '05. If I had stuck around, I might have been offered the position once Thuryl resigned the next year, as I had finished second in the voting.
  5. SupaNik/Nikki, Goldenking: I remember you both, and well! :{D
  6. Why, thank you, Sylae. It is gratifying indeed to be considered an oldbie. Having disappeared for so long, I feared that I had been rendered an utter afterthought. I am rather proud of my hat, though my whiskers are an even greater point of pride! Edit: I should add that I remain male, though as feckless and ineffectual as ever.
  7. :{D That it assuredly is, Thuryl! I have in fact been around to visit in lurker form, though not more than once every few months, doing little more than cursorily glancing over posts and considering whether to make an appearance. Until now, I rarely felt sufficiently motivated even to log in. I suppose that the marked impression of Deja vu that strikes me when I see the names 'Lilith' and 'Thuryl' associated indicates that I gleaned this information in my lurking rounds. Good to hear that the boards are carrying on without major incident. Indeed, I visited desp earlier today and foun
  8. I recently finished Maia, a fantasy epic by Richard Adams, author of the famous Watership Down (his debut novel). Maia takes place in the same world as does Adams' second novel, Shardik. I have now read them both. Next up, once I get around to it, will be the Sherlock Holmes novel, The Valley of Fear (by Arthur Conan Doyle, of course). Oh, and howdy, for those few that will remember me. I was consumed with nostalgia today and burned through acres of threads over at Aran's priceless Pied Piper archive. Reliving those heady days of the General Moderator elections of 2005 was a true thr
  9. Well, I've made quite a few script modifications to enable this party, but I've attempted to track down and list all of them. Try out these modifications (making backups of all previous script files, of course) and tell me if you have any difficulties. The first modification is in the file "gf3itemschars.txt". This modification was made for the purpose of adjusting the color tones for two creatures. The relevant changes are shown below: Code: begindefinecreature 1; cr_base_level = 25; cr_graphic_coloradj = 256; cr_default_strategy = 1; cr_regen_rate = 6; cr_abil_num 1 = 165; cr_abi
  10. Nethergate, easily. It's a wonderful game, and although it provides fewer playing hours than Avernum 1 does, it's still packed with enough fine storytelling and gameplay to lift it above the competition. It's also got the best dialogue system, in my opinion, of any SW game. Exile's system strikes me as overly difficult and tedious whereas Avernum's is considerably dumbed-down. Nethergate's keyword dialogue system strikes the perfect balance.
  11. All of this was done only with script modifications. I didn't touch the graphics file. First I changed the scripts to allow Hoge, Litalia, and another shaper to join my party, and then I messed with the color tints a bit until I got the desired result. Finally, I changed their names to the appropriate ones (although that was just for my sake, since it didn't show up in the screenshot).
  12. It's pretty self-explanatory, but in case you need a hint:
  13. I agree with Fz. Greta's a snake who purports to be moderate and conscientious, but is really just weak-minded and willing to support and aid in the committing of atrocities when they suit her own, anti-Shaper biases. Alwan's honest, straight-talking, and has leadership qualities. He doesn't just toe the line or mindlessly follow orders like I initially expected he would. As for their effectiveness in combat, it hardly mattered in my case. I employed creations extensively, and neither Greta or Alwan was involved in much fighting.
  14. Batons are the weapons most in keeping with the atmosphere of the Geneforge world. Swords, wands, javelins and the like are generic and passe, but batons are unique, albeit in a shallow sense. They might be nothing more than glorified bows in terms of their function, but I find them a lot more fun to use. Besides, I've never seen a bow quite as damaging as a reaper baton.
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