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  1. This is a strange situation. In this game as in all the games of Jeff I have no real sense of time passing so what is the point of creating the sense of being too late if there are no consequences to being too late. The only thing I did was to step one foot over the border to mark the various exits. I did not actually go anywhere else. It pulls me out of the story and into a consideration of game mechanics. That is a shame.
  2. Sorry tried to delete this post.
  3. Thanks for this! I love these maps.
  4. Thanks for the reply Randomizer. Well it is apparently an iPad issue as it is written up in the support section for Avadon. I mention it here because it relates to the idea of storing things in chests. I would consider it unsafe on my iPad. I never keep save games for more than a day or two at the maximum. I work with maybe 4 saves and an autosave. (My choice.) If i leave Zethron's lair to go back to Avadon, continue to Khemeria, return to Avadon and discover the problem in Zethron's lair only after returning again then too much time has passed to find a save that works. Sure I could start the game over but I hate that when I am so far in a game. Anyway, I am just suggesting that there might be ways that the game could fill the containers in those areas closer to the time that you actually receive the quests to enter those areas (locked or blocked areas). At the moment I am continuing on because I don't feel disadvantaged, and the other areas are fine, but I will try to be more careful with my saves I guess. Thanks again.
  5. I am playing on the iPad and it is I think not safe to leave anything antwahere. All items have disappeared in my game from Zethron's lair some time ago. I thought well it's a bug and I still get some quest rewards when they are not in chests. Now all items have disappeared from Avadon as well. What I do not get is why things have disappeared from areas of Zethron's lair and Avadon which have not yet been opened until a specific quest is given. It seems like you could check for the generation of these items when the quest is given. The same with quest rewards that are in Zethron's chests. This is all wearing on me now and is beginning to take the fun out of the game. I think I played all Jeff's games from the Exile series onward. I know that the iPad is a new platform but I have never encountered such a fun factor reducing bug in one of these games before. It is a shame and it makes me wonder if I am going to miss soe gear that will make the endgame more difficult. For instance I do not have the Opaline scarab which should have been in a chest on the second level of the stacks in Avadon.
  6. It's no big deal. It is just something that takes me out of the story instead of drawing me in.
  7. Thanks. I was just wondering. I mean secret doors that are there one minute and then not the next, not being allowed to leave the dungeon until the quest is complete. In terms of plot it makes the story less believable and what is the point? There is not even a message saying, "Funny that door doesn't seem to work anymore." No one meets you at the locked door to say, "Thanks for killing the Queen for us, you have the Stone Skull now just stop bothering us." I don't know. It just seems like a purely technical solution to a plot question. John
  8. Playing Celts I helped the lower Fomorians defeat the upper fomorians so I guess I should be allowed to reenter Goagh Nar. I have the Stone Skull. I thought we were friends. I left a lot of stuff behind because I thought I could go back for it. I guess I will be more choosey about what I pick up in the future. I find it strange being first locked in (could not get out until I completed the quest) and then locked out of a dungeon like that. I do not really get it. it is not like they said, "Okay human skum, you did what we wanted now get out and don't come back." Like I said I thought we had become friends. Are all the important dungeons one shot deals? John
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