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  1. Ghibli round! Kiki Ashitaka Yubaba Nausicaa Sheeta Lady Eboshi Ponyo The dad from My Neighour Totoro
  2. Dinti, your first post in this thread struck a chord with me. I’ve found that not having a forum (for want of a better word) where longer-form and more thought-out conversation can happen has left me basically not communicating with people in a meaningful way over the internet. Sure, I’ll FB message friends I know and see in real life, but I think back to 5/10 years ago and I had friends in all reaches of the world that I communicated with solely through text. I’ve tried Discord, Twitch and the like, but nothing quite compares. I think a lot of that has been because I’m a completely different person (ha), but also because communication now seems throwaway. Chatting on Discord is something to do while you’re focused on something else, compared to posting on a forum where your attention needed to be entirely on the current conversation. We’ve definitely lost something in our rush towards instant messaging, and that makes me sad.
  3. The skill system (and the unbalanced spells ) are why I go back to play N:O more often than I play Resurrection.
  4. One Hundred Years of Solitude is fine. Hope I make the cut, Dinti. 😉 Edit: Ah, man. Wish I'd picked a better topic/response for my 7,500 post.
  5. That's what I meant, you uncultured swine.
  6. Oh huh, things! Nick Cave Spirited Away Jiji (the fictional one) Jiji (the one on my lap) Wuthering Heights (the book) Wuthering Heights (the song) Getting a triple word score in Scrabble Princess Peach Rhapsody In Blue
  7. Yes! Louder than Bombs is incredible. Rank is just as good. To borrow a Partridge-ism, my favourite The Smiths album is definitely "The Best of The Smiths". Hmm. I really love Radiohead, and I think OK Computer is actually one of my least favourite record they've put out. I like that it;s unboundedly depressing (but is it even? Even songs like Exit Music and Let Down and No Surprises have a kind of escapist joy to them!) and I like that the 20th Anniversary remaster is as felicitous as the original was. I mean, either way, hooray! Maybe one day I'll post proper thoughts on these albums/artists. <3
  8. I got one on day one and assumed it was because I had other Spiderweb games in my library. Previously Spidweb offered a discount if you had owned a previous version of the game - this might just be another way of doing that. Anyway, I read somewhere that Avernum 3 is doing pretty well, and will fund the next game.
  9. In the most recent Reddit AMA Jeff did, he made it clear he was never going to touch BoA again. This is probably fair enough. I'd be hesitant to drop more time on something that almost cost me my livelihood. Edit: "We have no plans to touch anything about Blades of Avernum ever again." https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/7vyv09/im_jeff_vogel_founder_of_spiderweb_software_since/dtw7oei/
  10. Haha! I'm glad I could be a thorn in your side if it gets stuff fixed. Will the achievements trigger if I get to 10 and 20 spells?
  11. So. v101 fixed the mage spell bug, and the surface medal, but having 5 priest rituals at level 3 doesn't trigger *that* medal. Similar situation?
  12. Ah! Thanks for coming back to me about the Level 3 spell bug. I've started a new game anyhow, just in case I'd somehow done something wrong (and what's 20 hours in a Spidweb game anyway), so I'll look out for that as I progress. Still no medal for venturing out onto the surface though, and literally all I've done this game is hoof it to Anaximander and then out into the surface. I'm playing through Steam, and haven't edited any files. I'll uninstall and redownload tonight to see if that does anything, and will report back.
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