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  1. I tossed it on my Google Drive. Have fun storming the castle. Let me know if there are permission issues downloading it.
  2. Yes it's empty. So it looks like all the items in Castle Food Depot are gone, on both levels, and ditto with Portal Fort. Castle, Memorial Grounds, and Gnass seem unharmed.
  3. 1) Yes the problem does extend to chests. Gnass, as a zone, was not affected by my issue, but Nichol's desk in the Castle Food Depot is empty and I'm positive I wouldn't have removed the scissors or pen/ink from it. 2) I actually haven't finished clearing that area (was near the beginning of it when I made the decision to stop playing that save file). But the wheel connecting the Goblin Mine to Castle Food Depot still functions normally. Playing on Windows 7 using "DX" executable (it's not clear to me how that differs from the non-DX one)
  4. I'm not that far into A6 - doing the Gnass/Dharmon quests - but recently a LOT of floor items have disappeared. Not all of them, but a lot. My stashes in the first town are gone, along with all the "not yours" items. Some areas are missing trash/junk items I remembered seeing there before. I can't enumerate all the places because where stuff has vanished because I only left one stash so far. I'm aware there's a 200 item limit, my stash was no more than 20 or so. Any known issues with the game that could trigger this kind of effect? I'm going to reload from a several-hours-prior save (because I don't know whether future floor-loot items might have been affected) but I wonder whether anyone knows if this vanishing effect could be avoided in the future.
  5. I'm going to slightly disagree with this. The XP they get is NOT split among the rest of the party. (Singleton teams have been shown to get the same XP gain rate as a full party.) However, when your party contains characters of non-identical levels, the lower leveled people will gain more XP because all XP gains are adjusted by the difference between the character's level and the level of the monster/quest/etc that is awarding the XP. So if someone falls behind by 100 XP at level 1 due to being dead, they might only be 10 XP behind by level 20. Relatedly, the gain-XP talents are poor investments, because when your level begins to exceed the rest of the party, your XP gains will be similarly penalized by a small amount.
  6. Suppose I hop into a suspicious corner, of any arbitrary dungeon, low on mana, and find some spellcasting enemy pack that I'm completely unprepared for. A few more enemies get summoned and things are looking bad. Time to leave. After rounding a few corners and making it a fair distance away, "Greater Shade hurries to keep up with you". The hostile summon teleports to my party as if it was my own. I feel like I can't be the only one that's experienced this bug.
  7. Initially I couldn't find the stair down either. I ended up finding it after entering the wolf pen from the goblin area, then climbing back up into the bandit lair.
  8. Can confirm that the scripted list above is not complete; I observed some of Kriszan's walls changed from normal to barrier sometime around day 10.
  9. I had a similar problem, except my singleton's damage wasn't high enough, so I attempted to flee after clearing the path to Elhioc. Gate was closed. I ended up using the escape code (shift-D, backtostart) to get out of the castle. I did notice that on re-entering the castle, you get re-captured, but both doors are open. Sounds like a legitimate bug, though I'm not sure what circumstances are required to produce it.
  10. Correction/details on Libras/Squiggas courier items: Fine Clothes (buy $64, sell $75)- after the 41st delivery, no further items will be accepted. However, the delivery containing the 41st item can be arbitrarily large and everything from your non-junk inventory will be accepted (up to 140 items). Fine Herbs (buy $84, sell $100) - same concept but the threshold delivery is 91 Max profit is ((75-64)*(40+140) + (100-84)*(90+140)) = 5660 coins But you'll need 8340 coins on hand in order to begin the process; using the 40 clothes, 140 clothes, and 90 herb transactions to work your way up to 11760, which lets you stock up on 140 herbs in the last phase, which will then cash out for 14000. I'm playing on Hard, in case the delivery thresholds change by game difficulty.
  11. The minimap colors for "explored but empty" and "unexplored" are essentially the same shade of white. This is very frustrating to me, and it makes it very tricky to figure out whether I've completely explored an outdoor region. Is there anything I can do to change the colors and make them not identical?
  12. If ugly portraits are a concern, that's easy to fix. Go to Avernum 6 Files\Graphics Core\G2xx.png where xx is a number between 20 and 44. Browse through to find the image you don't like, copy a different portrait overtop of the offending image, restart game, problem solved. (Presumably you don't also need the character animations replaced; that is a slightly more complicated project.)
  13. So I'm clearing out the Monastery of Madness, and in the treasure room I find a Wand of Absorption. The description tooltip reads "Changes Experience When Used". Except, it doesn't. When I zap the thing, my "mind feels a sudden burst of clarity". My XP doesn't increase or decrease. Clarity is a word sometimes used to describe curing dumbfounding, but if I use the editor to feed myself an energy pulse crystal, the wand doesn't cure it. Does anyone know what this item is supposed to do?
  14. You CAN make an arcane lore mule, it just goes against my personal ethics of playing a singleton. I just force myself to wait until my singleton can afford the extra points in intelligence or lore.
  15. Drakefyre: Creating arcane lore mules doesn't let you access books that were otherwise unavailable to a singleton. You CAN always add more int and arcane lore to a high level character, it just takes effort. As for vahnatai lore, you've got a point. Dikiyoba: Some special skills are *quite* expensive. Also, in each of the avernum games, at some point, money can be spent on obtaining more skill points (sometimes a lot of money).
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