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  1. I am just in the begining of the game. A couple of hours. I got cursed, went to the bazaar got a quest to get a dragon scale.. err am i supposed to do this early? I don't see anyway around it, since i am cursed, i am weaker (that's what the quest says) 2nd question, how am I supposed to fight creatures that can stone you? Example Basillik(sp??) Is there any counter spell? 3rd question, the price of your wares are the same regardless of what the merchant might indicate? I am referring to my own wares, not the merchants. 4th question, am i supposed to buy spells/skills from merchant as I increase my druid skills? Don't they come automatically as when i create new characters? I remember i got a couple of spells when i created my characters? Thanks!!
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    character traits

    Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: Err, Drakey probably knows better than me how to make a fighter/priest. EDIT: Dex and Str to 8 each? What are you using for this? The Character Editor? sorry if this sound silly.. which types are ur expertise?
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    character traits

    oh sorry... he he.. i think it was 6 6.. didn't quite remember
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    Interesting solo character...

    i see... btw, gavin, where is the vendor that sells sling? i couldn't find him. And do mind explaining what's with waveblades?
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    character traits

    hi kelandon, in order to create a fighter/priest combo, starting do i need to worry abt increasing endurance? i just added dex and str to 8 each.. is that good?
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    Interesting solo character...

    Quote: Originally written by GavinFox: Hey! what's wrong with thrown missiles? This way you get infinite ammo, and you can get high damaging stuff too (waveblades for the next scenarios are what I plan on doing...) And I want to be able to fire 3 times. what's the sure-fire way to do that, every single turn? How much (insert something here) do I need? hi, what do u mean by infinite ammo?
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    improvements for geneforge 3.... your thoughts

    i would think having trainers improving our skills is a good thing, cap it at 2, but not to the extent of base + 2. Our primary stats shld influence more skills, example intelligence, it shld affect leadership and lockpicking. Make the monsters auto level based on the players level.