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  1. Jewels

    End Scene

    [OOC] So... I didn't intend to put this here. But the place I did intend seems to be in perpetual Maintenance Mode at the moment, at least for me anyway. In a way, it feels right that the refuge should be out of my reach. No matter, the curtain drops tonight whether it be here or there. On this, the tenth anniversary of what I consider the official start of Fanciful Tales and Wild Stories of the Refuge (08/08/08), I present the final chapter (please let there be no character limit here... /me crosses fingers) Fair warning, if you have not read any of the previous story, this may make no
  2. For reference, the truesite zipfile should be the same as everything contained in the Root folder. And the Root folder would be the same as the public_html folder for a website... however opening up the index file looks like the archive is from 2010 instead of 2015... 2015 is probably when I moved it to OneDrive. Further investigation has revealed I no longer have server access to the current files. I've left a message with Keira and the Calref community. If the current files are still available, they'll make it to you. Otherwise... letting go of the old isn't all that bad. It opens u
  3. Or, better yet, I've shared the OneDrive folder where I keep an archive of it. It's from 2015 but considering I've like touched it twice since then, I think it will be sufficient. I'm hoping you can just download the zipfile for it. Well, this is bittersweet, Microsoft's auto suggested date for access to the folder to end was 8/8/2018... The ten year anniversary of the day that CalRef 'blew up' and gave us our first major plot point for /*...stupid memory...what's its name?... ah yes, just needed a moment*/ ...Fanciful Tales and Wild Stories of the Refuge. 08/08/08 was what I personally co
  4. I tried emailing an address you used to contact me with a few ten-ish years ago. I'm guessing it must not be valid anymore. Yes, PM me your email address.
  5. I believe they are BoE. From Harehunter mostly. But I haven’t reviewed them in a long time.
  6. Hello. Officially, yes, I've allowed TrueSite to close. The files are safe and available for transfer if someone is interested in hosting/maintaining them. Please contact Luca at https://calamityrefuge.net/ as she and Keira most graciously hosted my files for several years. I also have several other Blades related files entrusted to me by other retired SWers that didn't get added to the site if you are interested in those as well. Let me know.
  7. Well, we're not all as talented as you Aran. Those of us with less knowledge and shorter memories find point and click irreplacable. I haven't attempted to write a BoA scenario yet because of my lack of scripting knowledge and I'm eagerly awaiting the Windows versions of the afore mentioned utilities.
  8. I, for one, am very interested in the development of BoE. I love the game and would love to see it flourish again. Unfortunately I have little programming experience but I offer any help I can. Beta-testing, sounding board, keeping various projects linked together at my website... don't know what else I can do. I just had a thought. Now that BoE is opensource, can I host 'that which does not exsist'? The wtfed.exe to be specific. Edit: I would also like to echo what has already been said. If you want something done, just do it, or it will never get done. My website was ult
  9. Recieved, thank you. I'm planning a PixPro update at some point. I'll go through and make sure that any white highlights, noise, and cutoffs are taken care of before they're posted unless there are any objections.
  10. Well, if anyone has them, I'd like them. E-mail me. traci . hedlund (at) sbcglobal . net Thanks.
  11. Aran, do you still have these pics somewhere?
  12. I like the feather. Especially in the death scene. It'd be cool if your monster actually dropped a big red feather. My monster is supposed to drop a magical Sapphire necklace... if it were to be killed, that is.
  13. Huzzah! My very first BoA graphic offering. I think I still have some angle and shading issues to work on, though. And I got rid of the white noise for this graphic. Edit: I tested mine and made a slight adjustment. Redownload if neccessary.
  14. Aran is working on a scenario?!?!!! My interest has been peaked.
  15. Quote: Originally written by Cryptozoology: Quote: Originally written by Buffalo xn: —Alorael, whose gimmick is quite similar. The critical difference is his obligation to start with 11 characters with no variation. I count 13. 15 with punctuation.
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