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  1. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Since you insisted. Honestly, winning obnoxious outdoor encounters like this one is hard, since you have to go into them without anything in the way of buffs other than Enduring Barrier, and (as you saw) you start out in a position to potentially get wiped out in the first round. Having a few of the good buffing potions (heroic brew, potion of invulnerability) on hand can help with situations like this, as can daily abilities like the ones from... Natural Warrior / Divinely Touched? It's been most of a decade since I last played BoA... as can throwing down Arcane Shield lv3+ to make some of your people invulnerable and hoping that the AI wastes attacks on them.
  2. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Yes. The Dark Cave is obnoxious but only required for a sidequest. If you want to do it, you should bring energy potions and do as much as possible hasted in combat mode.
  3. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Shipwrecked wasn't ever properly finished. I do believe it's perfectly finishable, though you'd probably be better off taking a party that finished Canopy or Bahssikava into it - I thought the recommended level was 70, but I got it confused with Seletine's other scenario. If you want to complete the grove quest, visit with a character with Arcane Lore 15, then return to Danor.
  4. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Also to pick on Kelandon from much earlier in the thread, it actually stops an average of 14.8 damage because bonus values for armor don't work the way they claim to.
  5. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    This might seem like a silly request but I'd appreciate it if you, at some point, went back and labelled your videos by "Scenario X Part Y" or whatnot. This is a pretty impressive effort and I wouldn't mind going through a bunch of it eventually but I also want to know what I'd be looking at if I jumped around in episodes.
  6. Of course. EDIT: I mean I said that to continue the joke, but then I tabbed back into IRC this morning and one of the other members of the chat was named after me.
  7. Yeah, Scorpius messaged me about AIM shutting down and it made me think of looking here. Then I found this thread and was amused by yet another instance of the Spidweb tradition and decided to post to wish Iffy luck. ...it also ended up being a tradition in the community I joined after this.
  8. That's what I remember from a decade ago too, yeah. It's kind of a symptom of what I said: BoA came out when moddable games were starting to lose their luster because there were so many more games to play and modding was getting more and more complex, so modding communities weren't forming except for around the biggest games. The original BoA didn't have a real level cap (though it was actually capped at 121 or 126 or due to mechanics) and was kind of broken for it, with the game starting to think characters at level 80+ were the result of save corruption. You only really noticed that if you played Exodus or made a god party, though, because there were far fewer scenarios for Blades of Avernum than Blades of Exile and even fewer that really got into the extremely high levels. I don't see any reason to think Jeff would suddenly make another Blades of Avernum, but given how Blades of Exile's mechanics were very close to Exile 3 and Blades of Avernum's mechanics were very close to Avernum 3, I would assume that a hypothetical one would have mechanics very close to Avernum: Ruined World, and thus be capped at level 65. I think that'd be fine, though. Blades of Exile's level cap was 50, and high-level scenarios were still really interesting in that.
  9. Sadly, there are so many games being released nowadays that people making a lot of good fanmade content for a game isn't as common as it used to be anymore, simply because there's always 100 more games to go play. The bigger ones, like Skyrim, still get a community, but something like Baldur's Gate modding or an indie game with hundreds of custom scenarios like Blades of Exile probably wouldn't happen anymore.
  10. Wait, Iffy was a girl all along too? Huh. (Also I seem to have lost access to my old account, oh well.)