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  1. I just googled. Good synthesizer music. Whoa. Nice stuff Tim.
  2. The whole item list and equipment mechanics are very different from Exile, so it's hard to compare individual items and shop lists. But the "random selection" shops that could have amazing top-tier magic items for sale are definitely not a thing anymore. It's just fixed inventory for all merchants now.
  3. ADoS, friendly suggestion. When you are feeling stressed out in general, and get frustrated with someone, might be worth taking it up with them privately. After somebody requests that the thread stay on topic, that's probably not the best time to air a personal grievance either. But since that's where things have gone, it's probably time for this thread to close.
  4. And forgetting the legal concerns, this is ethically extremely problematic. We're not talking about a mechanical file format conversion here, we're talking about manually making choices about whether or not and how to edit other people's work. Without their consent. These sorts of suggestions, that are so toxic but come from the mouth of the project, keep other people away from this development project.
  5. Yeah, this is still a creative idea that would unfortunately cause a lot of problems in practice.
  6. The LP probably mixed them up because that second cave, to the east, also has a Vahnatai reference in it. The rest of the map is presumably there for because the Exile display, and the Magic Map spell, both mean you can see parts of it despite not being able to reach them.
  7. Hi Mike Lata, Welcome back to the forums! If your previous posts here were many years ago, they may have become disconnected from your account when we switched forum software. If they were really old, they may have been wiped at some point. Meanwhile, a friendly request from the mods: forums don't work well when used as chat rooms; please use the edit button to add to your post, rather than making five in a row. (I've hidden some of the extras.) Thanks!
  8. Yes, very good point about planning. Geneforge offers divergent strategies with widely differing rates of return. If you pick efficient creations (it's not usually obvious which these are) and make a bunch of them, you steamroll things even on Torment. You get a more consistent challenge running e.g. a solo Agent. Avadon 1 and Avernum 6 are maybe the least susceptible to optimizing characters, in general: you can make things easier but there will still be challenging bits. (Avadon 2 and 3 come close, but are beyond clobbered by the Tinkermages.)
  9. The way people experience it has a lot to do with how they build their characters and parties. I'd agree with your assessment though -- with a somewhat optimized build, on Torment, easiest to hardest -- Geneforge, First Avernum Trilogy remakes, Second Avernum Trilogy, Avadon. Queen's Wish is somewhere in the middle as well. The early game can actually be challenging on Torment, but once you build up some resources and levels and start taking advantage of key mechanics, it's a lot easier. I'd slot it in with the Second Avernum Trilogy.
  10. OK, so small details relating to Rentar and the Abyss. I mean, all Spiderweb games have small choices like that in addition to the major choices of faction and goal and so on. Even the First Trilogy had some little details like that -- choosing whether or not to kill each of the Dragons, for example. But the faction-choice games have plenty of those as well. I admit that I am totally confused by the assertion that it's impossible to be a hero in Avadon or in Queen's Wish. Totally not true. "Hero" might be more nuanced than in A1-4, but it's certainlynot any more nuanced than it is in, say, Geneforge, where you're causing one or more factions to get massacred no matter what you do. G3 and G4 in particular deliberately have nothing resembling a real heroic ending.
  11. I wasn't going to attack A4, but you're kind of asking me to with a comment like this. What exactly are the decisions and choices? I don't even care about "engaging" -- were they any meaningful choices that I have just forgotten about?
  12. This is good advice, though I think by "older game" you really just mean "First Trilogy." The change is less a trend and more a punctuated shift that happened in 1997. Every non-remake SW game released since late 1997 has had explicit mechanics for "who do you want to side with / what kind of hero do you want to be" running through the whole game, with the sole exception of A4 (2005). Granted, the 1995-1997 trilogy has been re-made twice. But A4 is the only "you're just the hero" story Jeff has written in the last 22 years.
  13. Yeah, but it's not very hard to find different evasion and accuracy numbers on enemies, and it's even easier to create them on yourself (change equips/skills). I mean, go for it, just seems like a lot of trouble. Setting one to zero won't reduce anything to you-only-need-one-test status, since there are very possibly default hit numbers -- not listed in the defs files -- that start out in the middle.
  14. I mean, some version of that exploit exists no matter what map system you use. (And it doesn't really matter, but I do not understand how in the world "what it did to Exile's geography" can possibly be describing a combat/healing exploit....)
  15. I don't think we're talking about the same thing. I'm talking about the fact that Blosk and Dharmon were basically five feet away from each other in A4, and so on.
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