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  1. "The first version of Rosetta, introduced in 2006 as a component of Mac OS X Tiger, allows PowerPC applications to run on Intel-based Macs. The second version, introduced in 2020 as a component of macOS Big Sur, is part of the Mac transition from Intel processors to Apple silicon."
  2. We could argue how much room there truly is for a "lowly Hand" to question Redbeard's choices, but I'll grant that the player, at least, can do that to his face a few times without anything bad happening to you. But that "lowly Hand" is expected to be treated with absolute obedience by those outside Avadon. Those outside Avadon clearly fear retribution being visited upon them if they too openly express disapproval of Avadon's actions. No matter how "lowly" you may feel within Avadon as a Hand, the PC is not Everyman within the Pact. This is emphasized so heavily in th
  3. This. But even moreso: This. I think the "options" being imputed to the Farlands (as well as discontents with the Pact) in this thread are incredibly unrealistic in light of the power dynamics at play. As for this: The worlds are different, the circumstances are different, even some of the laws of nature are different. No question. There's no 1:1 relationship of anything here, and you're quite right that you can't just blindly superimpose one on the other. But system dynamics are system dynamics; power and ethics are about applications of
  4. I'm probably not being fair, but in the context of current U.S. politics, this is pretty much how I read some of these points: "Do the protesters have legitimate grievances with the government? Absolutely. Are their actions justified? Nope." I realize that the Farlanders do things far more serious than just protesting, but the above paragraph contains lots of elaboration on what the Farlanders do, and zero elaboration on what the grievances are that lead to them taking these actions. You're trying to say their actions aren't justified, that they're disprop
  5. Approximately six years, based on the handful of chronological references in the games. It was very disappointing to see Kyass gone. His entire settlement was not in Exile:EFTP or Avernum 1, it was new content in A:EFTP. A2:CS doesn't really have that kind of new content, unfortunately. I can't quite tell if you're asking for build advice or not. If you are, I wrote a fairly compact primer here, and you can find more info in A2:CS Strategy Central.
  6. Edgwyn continues to say a lot of things that were, indeed, conventional wisdom on politics in the U.S. at one point -- but no longer apply, and haven't for a great many years. The 1992 U.S. and the 2016 U.S. were extremely different countries, and HRC is a very different politician from WJC. I think what you're suggesting here is broadly impossible . As far as the Bernie-Trump matchup, lots of people love to speculate on that point, and there's no shortage of opinions. People have done polls on such a theoretical matchup, and while that's obviously nowhere close to
  7. Just to be clear, this is not a universal American value -- it's a hotly contested one, as it has been throughout the country's history. (It was, for example, one of the arguments made in defense of slavery.) Definitely true that it has a stronger following here than in most places. If you're actually prettying up the wording, then absolutely. But "social democrat" is widely used across Europe (and beyond) for political parties that have little to nothing in common with the repressive authoritarian states you're referring to. "Democratic socialism" in that con
  8. it doesn't make sense to a lot of people here either. but the short answer is that it has more to do with culture and with power dynamics than it does with policy. (us/them power dynamics on the right, and organizational power dynamics on the 'left', both reinforced by the 2 party system and single pass voting (which also reinforce each other))
  9. Hi ka1yhi, Can you please copy and paste the exact email address you sent your requests to? It sounds like your emails may not be making it to Spiderweb. This will help us find that out. Thanks.
  10. Okay, I guess this can have one last update. Lucca Elizabeth Warren Simone de Beauvoir Robo Princess Leia Buffy Summers Zhuge Liang Henry Agard Wallace Bernie Sanders Micah Uncle Iroh Jean-Luc Picard Zeniba Lady Gaga Erika Redmark Zuko Mary Poppins Socrates Sylak Eowyn Captain America Aragorn Katara Frog FDR Plato Graham Nelson Empress Prazac Abigail Adams Honor Harrington Lisa Simpson Kierkegaard Thanos (comics) R2-D2 Ereshkigal Aristotle Magus Jiji Diogenes the Cynic Th
  11. If you're comparing U.S. politics to a hot dog, the analogy makes a lot of sense. And no, the end result composition of a hot dog is not ok.
  12. The reality is that much of fantasy combat is unrealistic. Maybe it's unrealistic to dodge a fireball or an explosive ordinance -- but not any more unrealistic than it is to take five direct slashes from a bladed weapon, each causing physical injury, and at the end be (1) alive, (2) with no systemic impact on your fighting ability or any other ability, (3) with no chance of lost or incapacitated limbs or other injuries. It may be legit unrealistic according to the combat paradigm you have gotten used to. I say this with all empathy; I experience it too sometimes. But that is sti
  13. Exile is really where CS shines the most. But it has uses in this series too. I don't think we've seen a good list for A3RW, but this list for A2CS might give you a place to start: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/21086-capture-soul-mechanics/?tab=comments#comment-277890
  14. Just want to point out that A3RW is a remake of a remake -- it went from E3 to A3 to A3RW, not straight from E3 to A3RW. I too hate the loss of spell variety, and the loss of neat things to do with Capture Soul / Simulacrum. But I agree with TriRodent, things like spells missing and not all items being plausible to steal seem less like "flaws" and more like slight shifts in balance. I totally understand not liking them, but declaring something like that an abject "flaw" rather than a departure from personal preference (or genre habit), idk.
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