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  1. I'm playing on Torment and it's 0% in the central area. I'm not sure if game events can change this later, but at least for now it's fine.
  2. So, some numbers. Production income: 10/ 8/ 5/ 4/ 0 - just Haven (upgraded) + central area minor incomes 25/14/14/ 4/21 - that plus the first 3 vassal forts (upgraded) For some economical early use of that income, I'd consider 2x Smithy 1x Apothecary 4x Carpenter 1x Money building set 1x Barracks 1x Guard Tower The Carpenters get you to the best tier 1 bows, which are not significantly weaker than the two bows past them (as well as the best shields that don't lower speed) -- and only eat wood. The Smithy gets you to Iron Daggers (for +20% speed). The Apothecary gets you healing potions, of course. The money buildings finance everything. They give basically the same rate as the docks do for wood, so they are a "scale up" factor more than anything. The Barracks and Guard Tower negate the remaining theft in the central area, which provides the better part of your income at this point. 13/ 5/ 6/ 2/-30 - total upkeep 12/ 9/ 8/ 2/51 - total income after upkeep Of course, you have to pay for these buildings too, and the fort upgrades. And a few buildings to actually construct. That amount comes to a whopping... 82/57/36/11/1115 But subtract the goods found lying around (at least 22/10/12/11 in the central area, from the above list, plus more on the way to those 3 forts) and Miranda's gifts - 52/43/22/-3 (who knows on the gold) That sounds like a lot - it is a lot - but if you let yourself get some income before you do too much building, you'll generate those resources in just 4 or 5 income cycles - which you'll get most of just from walking between all these places. And yes, that's assuming lower income cycles than the above, since you don't start with all that unlocked, theft happens, you will have some buildings built, etc. The big trap is building too much. If you build Smithies 3 and 4, for example, that will eat up 2 stone and 4 iron per round of income for the rest of the game. That's probably, what, 60-80 stone and 120-160 iron, over time, and potentially more. Would you pay 60 stone + 120 iron for equipment that deals and blocks a few extra points of damage? I sure wouldn't. If you're ruthless with your overzealous architects, and only build the stuff that either has positive net long-term impact, or that has a huge impact in the short-term, it's not hard to keep surpluses going. This is what I've been doing, and I don't think it'll be too long before I'm nearing 50 in some categories and start building stuff to avoid throwing resources away.
  3. .....this gives me an idea. *mwahahahahahahaaaaa* Time to have some fun with gimp. Woo!
  4. If Jeff would like to port Queen's Wish to 6502 I'd be happy to hack it in. ...I have a new dream.
  5. I suspect that the percentage is additive on a single character, by analogy with parallel skills in Avadon and a slightly similar skill here (Bloodletting). Of course, I'm not the one with testing numbers. Even if you only ran 20 trials or whatever, I'm curious. Spill the beef!
  6. In that case, it sounds like the real problem here is that you built more than you could afford to pay upkeep on. Which resources were drained beyond your ability to simply break even and preserve your existing supply? (And in your case, since you had already built the portal, I just want to know resources where your net loss was greater than 1.)
  7. Hey @Spidweb - somebody else asked about this too. Might make sense to add "You should go check in with Miranda." to those popups.
  8. Huh. That is very different from what I've been experiencing. I suspect this is because we built different things, at different points. I think the real advice here is to not build things until you definitely need them (or are about to hit 50 of something). Don't build an extra smithy just because you can; is the equipment that gets unlocked really going to make a difference for you, or can you suffer being behind by a point or damage or two in order to get more resources for a little while? The exceptions are obviously the Fort Improvements, which should be priority one, and the three money-making buildings -- which can basically just be used to balance wood versus cash.
  9. I'm not there yet, but this seems like mathematically bad advice. If you're using up that many resources as upkeep, you're not in any danger of hitting the 50 caps anyway, so even simply saving the resources for the portal (like the 25 quicksilver), and then building it at the end, would give you the same scenario but without the many rounds of upkeep lost to the portal. I think the actual advice here is to make sure you save up some of the scarcer resources before buying all the buildings that use them as upkeep. Iron and quicksilver, mainly, it seems like. Not doing that is what will make you run out in the end.
  10. You know, this is a really good suggestion. It didn't used to be possible. But now that the inventory screen is a bit smaller, and standard resolution is bigger than it was 10 years ago, this could totally happen. Wouldn't need to be the default view, but being able to click and get this would be great. Especially since the new tablet-oriented item moving system makes it easy to get confused. EDIT: Only half facetiously...
  11. Wow, really? This seems like a big risk... Die size of d4 instead of d2, 2 more base damage, plus guaranteed duration 2 bleed (on regular missile attacks), in exchange for a 10% chance of confusing the entire party (when you make said regular missile attacks). So at endgame, that's about 14 extra damage immediately (less against armored enemies), ~13 on their next action, and ~13 delayed till the turn after that. Hmm. Okay, that is quite a nice increase. But the whole-party confuse is potentially crippling. Are you running 3x Ahriel for triple Radiance, or something?
  12. Every weapon has a specific attack ability set, and the game uses that when you make a regular attack with that weapon. This does affect audio/visual differences but it also specifies the damage formula. (Note that the weapon bonus comes from the item itself and not the ability, which is why two weapons that both have Light Slash (or whatever) can have different damage ranges.) The differences in the formulas (and PC stats) ARE reflected in the damage range displayed onscreen.
  13. I think it's 6 (or whatever) turns of each status instance, not 6 turns total. Could be wrong, haven't had a chance to test yet due to lack of statuses thus far.
  14. FWIW, Alarian, I too was really underwhelmed by the screenshots and early reports... but I am really loving the game. A real turnaround -- it's surprised me in a very, very good way.
  15. Whaddaya know, you're right! Where L = character level Restoring Rain rolls Ld2 + 5 Haven's Mercy rolls Ld5 + 8 Both get a 10% bonus per skill point in the skill Also, though this is unlikely to matter, Restoring Rain cures 3 or 6 turns of status, while Haven's Mercy cures 10 or 15 turns (per skill pts) Battle Frenzy lasts 1 turn + 4 turns per skill point in the skill Haven's Might lasts 5 turns + 4 turns per skill point in the skill
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