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  1. 17 minutes ago, Ess-Eschas said:

    I think this a definitely a point in which neither of us has enough evidence to back up their claims.

    Thanks for the attempt to "both sides" this but you're comparing apples and oranges.  You are demanding a very specific interpretation, with no evidence.  I'm saying that interpretation doesn't fit, because it's very specific and there's no evidence.  This is not a situation where we throw up our hands and say "who knows, it's 50/50 who's right."


    18 minutes ago, Ess-Eschas said:

    As a brief aside, I do think an analogy to BoE is helpful. Blades is essentially acting as a front-end to ResEdit in this case, so what holds true for the Blades dialogue interface also holds true for strings placed in ResEdit: adding strings inbetween pre-existing strings is awkward (and dangerous, since array sizes are important) whereas overwriting strings is trivial by contrast.

    Basically all of that is inaccurate.  And I'm now done arguing about it.

  2. I strongly disagree about the intentionality here.  I don't really want to argue it ad nauseam.  You're imagining a way it could have happened, acknowledging that there is no evidence for it happening that way, and basically just declaring that you think it's most likely because... I have no idea why.  I also don't know why you're analyzing the dialogue data in terms of the BoE interface given that the high likelihood that the data was compiled either (a) directly with ResEdit or another resource editor, or (b) in a word processor.


    The Goosnargh reference is really interesting.  I've been trying and trying to connect Sastor to anything relevant, but haven't managed to.

  3. They key thing linking Waldby and Goosenargh is that the "fish" response is in exactly the same place in their dialogue data -- at the end.  It just looks like it defaulted there for whatever reason (quite plausible as a copy-paste accident, especially with the likelihood that an interface like ResEdit was used to compile some of this text; and I think the chance that Jeff kept 150 different text files for all the town dialogue, given that the engine did not use that structure, is close to zero), and Waldby didn't end up with quite enough sets of dialogue to overwrite it.  The coding is similar, but Goosenargh has a hardcoded reaction for that keyword (i.e., you get different responses depending on a flag) while Waldby does not.


    There's zero evidence of intent here.  It's not a joke, not a reference.  And as you point out, functionality already existed to get a new set of items with a keypress.  So I have a hard time seeing this as an intentional easter egg, rather than basically just a typo.


    1 hour ago, Ess-Eschas said:

    This is how the Bazaar is coded in both Avernum remakes, by the way: giving Waldby the password gives you access to a second shop.


    It's certainly plausible that passing on 'skulls' was intended to offer a reward.  That would only strengthen the case that it is not intended for 'fish' to have that effect.  Since what 'fish' triggers is clearly not an easter egg when it is triggered in the remakes.


    Furthermore, the "second shop" in both remakes is not accessed by the word 'fish' or anything related in any way to fish.  This is to be contrasted with all the actual easter eggs, references, and in-jokes, that were overwhelmingly left in the remakes; see also easter eggs whose form changed but whose trigger remained the same.  

  4. Does fish actually bring up a second shop, or is it just another way to access the first?  In the data it's coded with the same shop number.


    (It looks like it ended up there as an artifact leftover from, apparently, Goosenargh's dialogue data.  On that basis I'd lean towards saying it's an unintended option rather than an easter egg.)

  5. On 10/11/2019 at 6:29 PM, Ess-Eschas said:

    Exile II:


    – This game also has a &*() message. It reads:


    If Exile ...
    You want to save ...
    Back up your save slots ...
    Burma Shave.


    The really confusing thing about this one is that Exile II didn't have save slots.  It just had save files...

  6. I've added some new Exile II hidden text that Ess-Eschas found (as well as some others that I apparently found years ago and then forgot about).


    Anyone have other easter eggs that should go on the list?  I'm sure I've heard others that aren't here...

  7. D&D was one of the big influences on early CRPGs.  Ultima and Wizardry were most frequently cited as influences, by Jeff, in the Exile days.


    I'm going to disagree with the "it works" part.  I mean, yes, to a certain degree there are obvious correlations: if you're attacking in melee, you're going to be positioned to take hits in melee, so boosting offense and defense together makes sense.


    But Exile's mechanics are not flat at all; the optimal way to do things often flies in the face of traditional archetypes.  Early Strength is useful for magic-users (for the free HP at level-up) and some spell levels at character creation is nice for anyone (free SP).  It's generally more productive to have warriors learn some Arcane Lore than having just mages specialize in it.  etc.

  8. This is sort of the opposite of what Spiderweb does, though.  Jeff says pretty frequently that he thinks his writing is his best asset as a game-maker.  He may be underselling some of his other talents, for sure... but it's hard to see this as a game he would want to make.


    Also, Dark Souls as an example is kind of telling... that's not exactly a turn-based RPG.  I think you just want a different genre.

  9. a few things are clear here:


    1) Tower of Might doesn't apply unless the character who has it is on the map.  Even for them.  This is why the Vol PC gets +15/+15 in battle compared to in a fort.


    2) Something is causing physical evasion to go up an extra +10, for everyone who's not the royal PC, when the party is clustered.


    #2 seems more likely to be a separate effect, than a bug in Tower of Might, given that it doesn't affect the royal PC, and also doesn't affect the Vol PC when they are the only one in range for Tower of Might.


    I suggest that in fact this +10 is also being applied to the royal PC -- but it's being generated by the royal PC, so there's no scenario in which we see it not being applied.  If proximity to the royal PC is responsible, that explains why this +10 looks like it's coming and going with Tower of Might.  But it's not.

  10. Thanks for the extra info.  This does appear to be a stumper.  Could be a graphics software issue, could also be something unrelated -- like a conflict with installed software that operates as a background process (rather than being an application that you can open and close).

  11. Well... wands aren't exciting to begin with.  They can be useful against enemies with high physical defense and low magic defense; magic melee weapons are definitely better, but wands are there if you want ranged attacks against them.


    With staves, just for clarity, it's not a -50% to speed, it's a 50% chance of causing 2 turns of Slow on the single enemy you're attacking (for regular attacks only).  That's potential useful -- except that when you really care about Slow, you're probably wanting to land it with an AoE spell anyway.  Even when you don't, it's an inconsistent effect that applies only to the enemy you're attacking for ST damage -- very likely the next enemy that's going to die.  So that's kinda meh.


    Staves do deal more damage than wands, but not by very much: they deal a half point more (on average) per every 2 experience levels your have.  Even at endgame, that means about 5-6 extra damage, which is not a lot at that point.

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