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  1. Holy crap. You're that Zugzwang! It's been... 10 years probably? 11? Hope you're well! ...We won't talk about how long I googled what I thought was an acronym before I realized what that really was. Please enjoy the DPP from me.
  2. I fail to see how that is a better "way to take it" but whatevs, moving on.
  3. Ok, I never watched that, but upon looking it up now that Triumph has pointed it out... that is not an okay joke, Dinti.
  4. And I'd like to apologize if it seemed I was painting a picture of you wanting us to do the work for you! That was just me being snarky and I didn't mean to imply that. Actually, you were pretty helpful: you described the situation clearly, gave relevant extra info like platform, and did not assume it was a random bug. That's way above average pretty much anywhere online. Anyway, welcome to the forums, Cerlis.
  5. Hi Alan Alan Steve, welcome to the forums! It's easy to miss, but it's actually been more than six years since this thread has been posted in. Since it's a pretty general topic, I've split your post into a new thread. We now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion of Summon Shade.
  6. Honestly, it's going to take you less time to redo that one hour of gameplay than it will to get Sneff's dialogue results another way, deal with anyone else you may have angered, any other SDFs that may have triggered from that that you haven't realized, etc., especially assuming you don't want these 'cheat' effects to be in place permanently, so you'll have to undo them all at the end. (I mean, I guess if somebody else does all the research for you, it might not take less time for you )
  7. Yeah, given the NDA, I've removed your post, Arch-Mage Solberg. I obviously appreciate your enthusiasm, but I think we owe it to Spiderweb to respect their wishes. (Of course, beyond that, it's also a legal issue.) Edit: And the post in the other topic.
  8. Callie has broken hearts on actual current candidates. (Finally!) Let the floodgates blow open. And Dinti... I have some bad news for you. I have to inform you that President Trump is not the same person as Ivana Trump, either.
  9. You did not nominate that George Clinton. Also, no. Also, no.
  10. For past presidents, note that I'm evaluating what I'd think of them assuming the office today (as with everyone else), not what I think of their past performance when they were actually president. (Also, sorry presidential dads: I just don't care enough to learn a lot about you.) Emperor Wu of Han is fascinating but I kind of don't believe most of what's written about him enough to place him very specifically. Likewise, Cao Cao's depictions vary so widely that I don't know how to treat him. Zhuge Liang though: I played DOAE, and from what I can gather it didn't exaggerate, at least not beyond lore. I know what to do with this guy. Inanna, boy, here's another one where I am so very conflicted. But I've ranked her. Ranking An, on the other hand, would be like trying to rank a Deist conception of God. Lucca Simone de Beauvoir Robo Princess Leia Buffy Summers Zhuge Liang Henry Agard Wallace Micah Uncle Iroh Jean-Luc Picard Lady Gaga Erika Redmark Zuko Mary Poppins Socrates Sylak Eowyn Captain America Aragorn Katara Frog FDR Plato Graham Nelson Empress Prazac Abigail Adams Honor Harrington Lisa Simpson Thanos (comics) R2-D2 Ereshkigal Aristotle Magus Diogenes the Cynic The Kangxi Emperor LBJ Aang Lord Havelock Vetinari King Arthur Cleopatra (Shakespeare) Peter Gabriel Orson Welles Mary Shelley Eisenhower Epicurus JFK Kathryn Janeway Puddleglum Professor Oak Sherlock Holmes Ayla Cleopatra Jones Harry S. Truman Redbeard Zaphod Beeblebrox Julius Caesar Blaise Pascal Olga of Kiev Boudica Cicero The Doctor Toph Julius Martov Lord British Queen Elizabeth I Inanna Melanchion Mao Zedong Faramir Dumbledore Starrus Gladwell Manfred Redmark Bob the Builder Billie Holiday Ken Burns Eeyore Marle Le Petit Prince Multivac Sokka Pat Paulsen Seth MacFarlane Khan Noonien Singh Werdna Mal Reynolds Queen Elizabeth II Clifford the Big Red Dog Aslan Sir Topham Hatt James T. Kirk Henri III Ayn Rand Cleopatra (real) Daddy Warbucks Pat Sajak Cardinal Richelieu Sulla Lavos Pilgor the Goat Curious George Kikuchiyo Miss Piggy Lyndon LaRouche Captain Ahab Tiamat Lady Macbeth Benjamin Sisko Darth Vader Evil Abed Crassus Pompey Spider Rand al'Thor Caligula Yosemite Sam George Jetson One of the 7 dwarves (Disney) Guybrush Threepwood Boris Johnson Julie d'Aubigny Zapp Brannigan Pol Pot Grima, Wormtongue Yogi Bear Shaper Rawal Kylo Ren Harcourt Fenton Mudd George Wickham Ivan the Terrible Genghis Khan Morgoth The White Witch Hawthorne Hitler Emperor Palpatine Dorikas Elizabeth Báthory Kefka Smaug The Allied Mastercomputer
  11. Heh heh heh. Little do you know. Please feel free to be as obscure as you wish, on that subject -- though I may complain if you are inconsistent with your transliteration choices (as above) 😛 As for the list's character, I think I commented that I found Pilgor the Goat to be a pretty good stand-in for not having the office occupied at all. I can't promise I've been 100% consistent, given all the factors involved, but that should mean I consider anyone above Pilgor to be better than nothing, and anyone below Pilgor to be worse than nothing. Also: sorry for the delay. Would you believe I started a response almost two weeks ago and... oh, holy crap, that browser window is still open. Well, guess I should go finish that.
  12. Hmm. Yeah, definitely missing the 2 traits from level 30. I guess the good news is level 30 is the only trigger for this, since it's the very last time you gain traits. Any other time you just wait 2 levels.
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