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  1. Welcome to the inconsistent equipment bonus levels of modern Spiderweb games. I too miss the days where everything Bronze was +1 and everything Steel was +3.
  2. What enemies are you fighting and what are your relevant stats (Dex, Gymnastics, Luck)?
  3. Ah. The Zkal book is not labelled with its spell in the atlas, and is missing from the spellbook list.
  4. Meena trains Bows at the best price too, 600c a point, which is much better than Vlosto. For Sniper, you'll have to put up with the higher cost.
  5. There is definitely no level 4 version of the Dispel Barrier ability. There are barriers that can't be dispelled by the spell at all -- if you try to dispel one, you should get this message in the info window: "Dispel Barrier: This barrier is too powerful to ever be affected by this spell."
  6. Aha, I see what made me think otherwise. Randomizer, you have Arcane Summon listed twice on both your atlas and your 3rd level spell list. I assume one of those is supposed to be Summon Aid, which you haven't listed at all.
  7. There is another Summon Aid level 3 spellbook, isn't there? Definitely agreed that the upgrades are pointless for them (and the spells aren't that great to start with).
  8. The right sdf codes could fix that. No, I don't know what they are. I guess this is a lesson that when the most powerful wizard in Avernum gives you a warning, you take her seriously.
  9. "backtostart" + "resetboats" should indeed do the trick.
  10. BoE or BoA scenario: vahnatai lands

    <3 Nephil's Gambit
  11. Humans are, unfortunately, still miles ahead of nephils and sliths in this game.
  12. @Spidweb Any chance you can tell us exactly how physical attack resistance changed? You've specified in the past that it was 5%/level, is it down to e.g. 3%/level (like magic/fire/ice resistance)?
  13. Avernum 5 - Anatomy skill

    6 Intelligence (cost is 8) + 8 Melee/Pole (cost is 8)
  14. The above is true for melee weapons. For ranged weapons, Dexterity is used in place of Strength. For spells, Intelligence is used instead. Specific weapon skills (i.e., Pole Weapons) add dice in the same way.
  15. I haven't been able to find any anywhere, and the more relevant changes seem to be in the hardcode.