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  1. Av4 Character Editor... will one ever be made

    At this point, it's probably worth making a new topic if there is more to say about editors (or feature wishes?) for A4. Et voici.
  2. Difficulty Brick Wall

    Also? No one else has said that. Concentrating on one stat (Str, Dex, or Int) for your attack, and putting any other points into End, is standard advice, and hard to dispute given the game's mechanics. "Divinely Touched" doesn't exist in this game. Not sure what you meant here, or if you thought this post was about Avernum 6? Nobody "needs" to be, and indeed in A:AEFTP you're better off (in gameplay terms, anyway) skipping them. Dexterity doesn't affect spell hit rate -- which starts out substantially higher than physical attack hit rate anyway. Also, if you go halfsies on stats and skill point investment, what you end up with, eventually, is a character who can make half power bow attacks, or half power magic attacks. This is almost never better than a character who can just make full power attacks of one variety (especially if that one variety is magic attacks). Well, there is also no reason for your mage to skimp on Endurance, Hardiness or Resistance and there is actually a decent amount of endurance-free armor available. No one has to be vulnerable.
  3. Avernum 2: Chance to Hit

    Yes, A2:CS is capped at 90% -- this was a change from previous games. Given a large enough sample size, however, it's totally expected to miss 3-4 times in a row at least a few times. I'm not sure just how frequent you mean by "frequently." But we're talking about something that happens 10% of the time. You might think, well, getting that to happen 3 times in a row, the odds are 10% * 10% * 10% or 1 in 1000. That's accurate if you only make three attacks in the first place. But actually, you make hundreds or thousands of attacks during one play session. And because you're simply noticing this result when you get misses in a row, it can be *any* sequence of 3 or more misses out of those hundreds or thousands of swings. That makes the odds a *lot* better. I did some quick calculations in a spreadsheet, and the odds of seeing three such misses in a row at least once, after 1000 attacks, are 59.39%. The odds of seeing four misses in a row at least once after 1000 attacks are 8.59%.
  4. Homeland progress report

    The Wayback Machine captures more early-era SW board posts than one might expect. Not all or most by any means, but there is a nonzero chance you'll get at least the first page.
  5. Plan to play every scenario available

    Roses of Reckoning is probably the one real problem with chronological order
  6. ONE

    Thank you, Scorpius. I needed that.
  7. Size of Exile

    I don't think the "cavequake" concept appeared until Avernum 4. As for size, I'd say it's not a question of consistency but a question of literalism. There's a certain level of abstraction, perhaps more obvious in Exile when the map was top-down rather than isometric; but there are plenty of places where a dialogue box describes a passage that goes on for miles and miles -- or winds and slopes -- or opens up into a great expanse -- even though you don't see it on-screen.
  8. Exile Remaster

    I think the difference is that you can do it, it's just inconvenient, whereas many potential players have no idea how to do it or even how to figure out how to do it. Others might have the ability but still be dissuaded from trying it on that basis. Note, I'm not criticizing all the time and effort you're putting into the project CM, which I know is already a lot. I'm just pointing out that this is not a simple equation where inconvenience goes on one side, or on the other side.
  9. Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Alien Blade Redux

    I agree with Edgwyn. The first one.
  10. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    He accomplished exactly what he stated in his post?
  11. Start late or leave early?

    I've been hearing about medical malpractice in some detail recently from a friend who is an attorney. Apparently a decent chunk of malpractice cases involve a course of diagnosis and treatment with enough different components -- and often a large number of doctors and other staff involved at different points -- that it can be difficult to assess which component (or which professional) is most likely to have erred, even when dealing with conditions and procedures which are well understood. Of course, malpractice cases are clearly not representative (at all) of all cases of medical error. But this definitely made me think about similar difficulties surrounding those statistics.
  12. Start late or leave early?

    No, but lack of salary limits quality of life. Again, I'm not suggesting doctors are getting more than they should on either account -- just that they are getting a lot more, on both accounts, than most other people.
  13. Start late or leave early?

    It would be easier to make this part of the discussion if typical doctor salaries did not already afford them a quality of life far beyond the bulk of the country's population. Yes, I know residents and interns and so on don't make so much, despite being the ones to do most of these awful shifts. But they're on their way to a pretty dope lifestyle. I'm not, btw, saying that doctors don't deserve it. As a whole they clearly are a hard-working and important profession. But there plenty of other well-deserving professions that come with a significantly worse quality of life. This situation makes it difficult to complain about doctors' quality of life, because from the outside it looks pretty gauche.
  14. Difficulty Brick Wall

    1. You do have more in lore skills than you need (at this point in the game) but that isn't a big deal, though as you note that's a loooot of points to sink into First Aid. The rest of your skill/stat/trait choices are sensible enough. 2. Okay, this makes it clear that your big problem is SURVIVAL. Taking damage. There are a few things you can do to help with this. - Armor up. Yeah, I know... but seriously. One of the things you get by visiting other towns (further away, but really not hard to get to on the roads) is more free stuff, including better armor. Armor does make a difference. Doing the random non-combat quests in those can also get you a few more levels, and that means skill points you can put into... - Hardiness. Hardiness is the single best skill in the game. Period. Because weapon skills are useful even for casters (to unlock Adrenaline Rush, which is amazing for casters), there's no reason for any character not to max out Hardiness. (Resistance is not quite as essential as Hardiness, but it's still excellent -- and for spellcasters it's a no-brainer.) I note that Hardiness and Resistance are particularly important for resisting damage from spells (including that acid) since they aren't boosted as much by equipment as armor is. - Endurance is less useful later in the game, but a few points certainly won't hurt you.
  15. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Macte hac gloria!