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  1. ever-threaten could be used poetically. I'm sure I've seen ever hyphenated with verbs in postmodern novels... I'm not good to defend it as good poetry, but that's an issue of style and not syntax. Can't find an example because google hates punctuation (sigh).
  2. Casual is a name. It doesn't sound like solo "casual" is actually very casual at all. I suggest we baptize it "Casualcore" and enjoy.
  3. Yes, you do. From looking at the scripts, I see nothing to suggest that hit/miss calculations are handled differently than in the past. The stats are different but to-hit modifiers are still there.
  4. Wait, to hit and evasion are separate checks? Really? Huh. That's a first.
  5. Okay, yeah, so those are definitely adequate. This is a little puzzling. Do you have anything else running? This means (a) other applications open, or (b) anything installed that is active in the background. If you hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, and pick Task Manager, you can see a list of all this stuff. Worth checking to see if anything there looks off -- OR if anything shows a sudden spike in CPU or Memory usage every 5-10 seconds.
  6. Some more helpful info you can give us: 4. For graphics issues, please state your graphics setup (monitor, graphics card, CPU, etc.)
  7. Randomizer - "I've rarely an attack miss even on torment difficulty versus a boss monster." "I've seen a monster evade 5 attacks in a row so it pays to increase it" These seem to point in different directions... any thoughts?
  8. Any comments on what effect the various reputation-affecting questions have? I'm poking around now and see... little to nothing material. Which I'm pretty OK with.
  9. You can change your PC's abilities about 2 minutes into the game, once you arrive in Sacramentum.
  10. Ironically, Randomizer posted the cheat codes here 3 minutes before you made this post. ^ _ ^
  11. Does time passing affect ever directly lock/unlock access to anything? It affects resource generation and upkeep, obviously. Besides that, does anything happen in terms of plot, quest availability, etc. based on time?
  12. Equipping an item seems to require right-clicking. Took me a little while to figure that out myself. The other things I haven't had trouble with, so I dunno.
  13. It's 7 AM in Spiderweb's time zone. I can think of other reasons for delays (Steam key processing) but not being awake yet seems pretty likely at the moment. Also, the release price is not lower. Well, the lowest kickstarter tier was $20 and the release price is $19.99, so I guess it's one cent lower. Steam has a 10% sale on it right now. That said, I frequently see kickstarter costs that are higher prices than the game is at release. Unless the kickstarter guarantees otherwise, I would never expect the tier prices to be identical with the actual game price (let alone identical with Steam sale prices).
  14. Yeah, that's the Steam page. The Spiderweb page doesn't say anything one way or the other, contrary to earlier reports.
  15. I just looked at the SW page and this is not what it says (now, anyway; not sure if it's changed). It recommends 64 MB of vram, with 32 MB required. And it requires 32-bit color depth. These are both different questions from processor bit architecture, which is not actually mentioned. Soooo.... who knows.
  16. I've yet to hear a developer say they found GOG easy to work with.
  17. The timing here (and whether or not it's something devs can do at all) has a lot more to do with Steam and GoG policies than anything devs can control.
  18. They aren't easily accessible in a text file like the other stuff we're used to going through. In the past they've been in the raw data somewhere, but there isn't a handy landmark to look for or anything. If you need them sooner, you could PM Randomizer, though it's just about release time anyway.
  19. The simplest way to get them will probably be to wait for Randomizer to post them, approximately 2 minutes after the game releases
  20. Sweet, that's good to know. I made the mistake of trusting the Steam requirements, too. 32-bit PCs mostly haven't shipped for a few years now, but Spiderweb usually manages to be further backward compatible than that. Glad to see that isn't changing.
  21. This is very unlikely without developer intervention -- even if the graphics are the only motivation for requiring a higher bit architecture, which is not a safe assumption. This has code-execution level impact. You might look into emulating a 64-bit environment instead. Not something I'd normally recommend, but the alternative is "your computer is older than you think" and as someone who tends to use the same machines forever, I know how frustrating it is to hear that.
  22. This is maybe my favourite thing Jeff has said in a long time. HEAR, HEAR.
  23. Yeah, "millenials use social media as a way of life but postmillenials don't" is the kind of thing that shows up in NYT style section headlines because it sounds meaningful to people who don't use social media and don't know anyone under 35, not because it actually means anything.
  24. I don't know about that... The most pronounced drop in activity took place from late 2006 through 2008 or so. Blades was already a pretty small part of forum traffic in 2006, and most posters in General were not brought here by Blades. (Already quite different from the state of the forum in 2001 or 2002, but not any less active.) IMO the biggest factor (leading to a chain reaction of other factors here) was the rise of social networking, which changed the dynamic for many people -- especially the very young crowd who previously made up a huge proportion of forum users -- in how they interact with others online. Web-based message boards, while still alive today, are orders of magnitude less prominent in any analysis of group communication on the internet than they were in the early oughts. During the same period there was a corresponding shift in tone and feel here. This is well represented by TM's permabanning, which kicked off the aforementioned 2006-2008 period.
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