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  1. Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Alien Blade Redux

    I agree with Edgwyn. The first one.
  2. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    He accomplished exactly what he stated in his post?
  3. Start late or leave early?

    I've been hearing about medical malpractice in some detail recently from a friend who is an attorney. Apparently a decent chunk of malpractice cases involve a course of diagnosis and treatment with enough different components -- and often a large number of doctors and other staff involved at different points -- that it can be difficult to assess which component (or which professional) is most likely to have erred, even when dealing with conditions and procedures which are well understood. Of course, malpractice cases are clearly not representative (at all) of all cases of medical error. But this definitely made me think about similar difficulties surrounding those statistics.
  4. Start late or leave early?

    No, but lack of salary limits quality of life. Again, I'm not suggesting doctors are getting more than they should on either account -- just that they are getting a lot more, on both accounts, than most other people.
  5. Start late or leave early?

    It would be easier to make this part of the discussion if typical doctor salaries did not already afford them a quality of life far beyond the bulk of the country's population. Yes, I know residents and interns and so on don't make so much, despite being the ones to do most of these awful shifts. But they're on their way to a pretty dope lifestyle. I'm not, btw, saying that doctors don't deserve it. As a whole they clearly are a hard-working and important profession. But there plenty of other well-deserving professions that come with a significantly worse quality of life. This situation makes it difficult to complain about doctors' quality of life, because from the outside it looks pretty gauche.
  6. 1. You do have more in lore skills than you need (at this point in the game) but that isn't a big deal, though as you note that's a loooot of points to sink into First Aid. The rest of your skill/stat/trait choices are sensible enough. 2. Okay, this makes it clear that your big problem is SURVIVAL. Taking damage. There are a few things you can do to help with this. - Armor up. Yeah, I know... but seriously. One of the things you get by visiting other towns (further away, but really not hard to get to on the roads) is more free stuff, including better armor. Armor does make a difference. Doing the random non-combat quests in those can also get you a few more levels, and that means skill points you can put into... - Hardiness. Hardiness is the single best skill in the game. Period. Because weapon skills are useful even for casters (to unlock Adrenaline Rush, which is amazing for casters), there's no reason for any character not to max out Hardiness. (Resistance is not quite as essential as Hardiness, but it's still excellent -- and for spellcasters it's a no-brainer.) I note that Hardiness and Resistance are particularly important for resisting damage from spells (including that acid) since they aren't boosted as much by equipment as armor is. - Endurance is less useful later in the game, but a few points certainly won't hurt you.
  7. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Macte hac gloria!
  8. Start late or leave early?

    I sort of assumed this would be a landslide for "starting late." Wow. That said, I have a job that starts a little earlier than most; I might feel differently with a different typical schedule.
  9. Honestly, I'm not sure what you're doing wrong. From your description, it sounds like your stat/skill choices should be totally adequate for Normal. If you're worried about your skill allocation into auxilliaries though, maybe you can post your full skill point allocation? Snapshots or typing out, either way...
  10. If you previously also made use of the cheat codes, that could be related.
  11. A new member has joined your party

    Don't make me post about Lardilg plosives, Dinti. (The research is even Canadian.)
  12. A new member has joined your party

    1) Aside from what Jeff says, there are linguistic reasons why most people say "gene" and not "ge-neh" when they read the title. Trenton correctly points out that "ge-neh" is the way we pronounce "genetic" -- which, of course, has the same base word as "gene". In English, the way we pronounce vowels changes depending on the context within a word. "Gene" has a long e sound because it's one vowel-consonant-e syllable. "Genetic" has three syllables, gen/et/ic; the first syllable has a short e sound because it's a closed syllable. If "Geneforge" were its own word, unrelated to "gene" and "forge", it too would have three syllables and be pronounced the way Trenton suggests: gen/ef/orge. However, because Geneforge is, quite blatantly, a compound word, we use the syllabification of the original words, which means it's two syllables, gene/forge. You can see the same thing at work in words like scapegoat, firefly, limestone, household, etc. 2) Although there's (clearly) far more contention over the way to pronounce GIF -- not least because acronyms are sometimes allowed to flout language conventions -- the language agrees with you there, Trenton: English normally has a soft g sound when the g is followed by an e, i, or y. However, because there are some prominent exceptions (especially, I think, "gift"), some people end up pronouncing GIF as if it's an old Anglo-Saxon word instead. This one is a lot more ambiguous, but people who say the soft g is "definitely wrong" are definitely wrong about at least the "definitely."
  13. Shadow Vale closing?

    Despite the fact that it says "Yesterday" that post is actually quite old... SV closed in July, 2011.
  14. 10,000

  15. Yeah. Apparently APFS has also caused serious problems with Illustrator, Unity, and Steam, among other applications.
  16. Request to use Blades of Exile graphics

    If you want to use the user-made graphics in your own publicly distributed work, you're going to need permission from the users who made them -- not from Spiderweb.
  17. They did not. The whole party started with Soldier Clearance, however -- that's just what it was called, because they were all soldiers in the army, regardless of specialization.
  18. how to buy BOA

    I would also point out that the complete saga on GOG is only $12, less than half the original price of BoA and, frankly, a ridiculous steal for 7 massive games -- that is probably why no one has bothered to release it as a standalone purchase.
  19. Whoa, unexpected. Fine by me, I should say, but I'm still surprised.
  20. This is probably going to happen. I can't remember if Jeff specifically said so or not, but given how vocal the people who didn't like this change were, I'd be surprised if it sticks around.
  21. Level Caps?

    Your "walkthrough" was technically wrong, but it's hard to reach level 35+, and even if you do, you won't get more than one level of skill points that way without some seriously ugly, ridiculous grinding. For all intents and purposes, you have skill points up to level 30.
  22. Missile weapons includes bows as well as thrown weapons. (Also, FWIW, Sniper is not an especially great skill.)
  23. I just realized I passed my 10 year mark here

    Is everyone also you there?
  24. Huh! I stand corrected. Sorry about the incorrect info.
  25. A:EFTP did not have a disk. A1 did have a CD. Those are two different games. And you can download all of them from Spiderweb now. Are you sure you bought A:EFTP? Between your reluctance to just get a re-download from Spiderweb, and your insistence that you had it on a disk, it kind of sounds like you actually bought A1...