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  1. Level Caps?

    Your "walkthrough" was technically wrong, but it's hard to reach level 35+, and even if you do, you won't get more than one level of skill points that way without some seriously ugly, ridiculous grinding. For all intents and purposes, you have skill points up to level 30.
  2. Missile weapons includes bows as well as thrown weapons. (Also, FWIW, Sniper is not an especially great skill.)
  3. I just realized I passed my 10 year mark here

    Is everyone also you there?
  4. Huh! I stand corrected. Sorry about the incorrect info.
  5. A:EFTP did not have a disk. A1 did have a CD. Those are two different games. And you can download all of them from Spiderweb now. Are you sure you bought A:EFTP? Between your reluctance to just get a re-download from Spiderweb, and your insistence that you had it on a disk, it kind of sounds like you actually bought A1...
  6. You don't remember your name, or your address from two years ago? EDIT: Also, wait. What do you mean your installation disk was stolen? A2:CS never had an installation disk...
  7. G4 Barrier Bros

    Hmm. That's weird. Maybe there's also a reputation check involved? I don't have G4 installed, but perhaps someone else can look up the script and see what gets checked.
  8. G4 Barrier Bros

    Alhoon and TheKian are correct. If you split the Moseh and Monarch's notes decisions between the two sides, they will both give you access to their exit from the Fens, but if you pick the same side for both, the other side will not give you access.
  9. G4 Barrier Bros

    Those are different goals, but Moseh is the main trigger for how each party reacts. The only things that you can't combine are helping Moseh and killing Moseh -- it's one of the other on that, and that is what determines the (story) outcome for the barrier zone. http://minmax.ermarian.net/g4/g4q.html If the Rebels seem unhappy, it's also possible your reputation is just on the Shaper side.
  10. Huzzah! I'm *almost* Dr. Triumph!

    Triumph's time as a grad student is history!
  11. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    Just wanted to note, for anyone who stumbles on this, that the seamless map version posted earlier does not include Vahnatai lands, so is not quite the whole world map.
  12. LATEST UPDATE: Version 1.1 as of 4/21/12 Avernum Remix is a sort of "mod" for Avernum: Escape from the Pit that changes how some game mechanics, spells, abilities, and items work, in order to make the game more balanced and more fun. It isn't really intended for new players, but if you're coming back to the game and want to be able to use spears or bows as effectively as swords, or do more with battle disciplines or some of the less useful spells, Avernum Remix can add quite a bit of variety, and fun, to your tactical options. Read on down the page to hear about what it changes. DOWNLOAD LINK: Here REQUIREMENTS: Will not work on iPad, or on any version of the game purchased directly from an Apple App Store. Works on the regular Mac, PC, and Android versions, as well as all Steam versions. INSTRUCTIONS: Avernum Remix is a set of text files. You can replace some of the text files that come with the game, with these. How to do this will differ by platform, but the files you are looking for are in the "Resources" folder, which may be in Avernum's folder, or in the application package itself. If you choose to use these files, you should make a backup copy of your game first. There is no "easy uninstall" option, and there are no warranties expressed or implied regarding the use of these freely available text files. And if you need help, please don't bug Spiderweb Software, as they have nothing to do with this. OVERVIEW OF CHANGES: - Spears, halberds, bows, and thrown weapons improved in unique ways - Shields modified to make single-wielded swords a useful option - Battle disciplines improved; some are entirely new; fatigue times shortened - Quick Action now makes battle disciplines better - Many spells modified or changed to entirely new ones - Numerous balance changes (mostly improvements) to items; some are entirely new - Thrown weapons no longer have charges - A few overpowered abilities (Adrenaline Rush, AoE spells, AP bonus items) weakened or given drawbacks - Minor cosmetic fixes on special effects - A few changes to hint text and tooltips for better accuracy and, occasionally, amusement FULL DESCRIPTION OF CHANGES: BOWS Longbows are now much stronger. They have a 50% chance of doing 2.5x normal damage, reflecting the real world propensity of arrows to either be extremely deadly, or to strike glancing blows. THROWN WEAPONS You no longer need to refill your ammo supply when using thrown weapons; when you equip the weapon, it is assumed that you are taking care of that (just as you don't have to refill arrows for bows). Thrown weapons are also stronger. Javelins have a chance of doing some extra piercing damage, pinning an enemy down, or knocking it back. Razordisks, on the other hand, have a high chance of striking a second enemy. POLE WEAPONS Spears have a 50% chance of doing 2x normal damage, reflecting their ability to pierce armor on a good thrust. Halberds do slightly more damage in general, and have a much higher chance of cleaving into a second enemy for additional damage. SWORDS As the lighter melee weapons available in the game, swords are Avernum's "finesse" weapons. As such, they are slightly weaker than the other weapon types, but gain greater benefit from the use of battle disciplines. Sword-and-shield users will experience the greatest damage increase when they use a special technique, while dual-wielders will get an extra strike with their second weapon. In both cases the battle disciplines are invaluable. Sword users can expect to use a discipline every 2-4 turns in battle. SHIELDS Large shields of the style used in Avernum are bulky and clumsy, but provide good protection. Shields are now stronger and more restrictive. They provide a Parry bonus instead of an armor bonus, making them extremely effective for melee fighters who also invest in the Parry skill, but less valuable for spellcasters in the back row. This is a real incentive to play a one-sword fighter. Shields also require more strength to wield, and mages in particular will find their bulk interfering with the gestures they need to make when they cast spells. SKILLS Quick Action is now a valuable skill. In the same way that training in a spell expands the powers of that spell tremendously, so does improving Quick Action expand the powers of nine of the battle disciplines. Also, battle disciplines now have shorter fatigue times, but there is much less fatigue reduction equipment, making Quick Action invaluable for reducing fatigue. The two archery disciplines are greatly improved by Sniper, making Sniper a more useful skill. There is one very useful battle discipline that can only be unlocked, and improved, by training in Riposte. There are also more items that provide riposte ability, making it a more viable skill to focus on. Cave Lore is a better option as well: a few of the items buried in the higher Cave Lore patches (requiring 8 - 11 skill) have been replaced with artifacts that are very useful -- and also unique. BATTLE DISCIPLINES All the old battle disciplines have been improved. Most have shorter fatigue times. Focus Spirit, Bladeshield, and Battle Frenzy no longer end your turn when you use them. And there are four new disciplines with neat effects: Misdirection Attack, Fighter's Sweep, Rapid Fire, and Sword Dance. MAGE SPELLS Mages are specialists at focusing magical power into a small area. They can contain its energy to a one or two targets, or unleash it as a devastating cone of magical force. A few spells have had their powers reduced -- most notably, Haste no longer gives a chance of Battle Fury at level 3. Other old spells have been improved: summons, for example, now summon better creatures, and provide Battle Fury at level 3. Finally, several old spells have been eliminated and replaced with new ones: Cone of Cold, Heartshock, Blink Blast, and Arcane Binding. PRIEST SPELLS Priests are good at manipulating the battlefield to keep their party healthy. Although they still have area attacks, and they are somewhat more flexible in their targeting than mages, the power of their magical onslaughts has been reduced more. Instead, priests have more ability to inflict curses, to stymie and to knock back their enemies. Healing spells have also been rebalanced to make more of them useful. A few old spells have been replaced with better, modified versions: Holy Scourge, Splinter, and Divine Echo. EQUIPMENT Hundreds of changes have been made to the items you will encounter. The basic varieties of weapons and armor have not changed much, but the unique, magical ones have been modified extensively. You will now be less likely to pick up a new magical item and say, "Huh, that looks worse than what I already have." You will now be saying "Wow, that's pretty good but also completely different from what I have!" Many of these items have new names to reflect their new abilities. There are also a few balance changes, like making armor heavier to make tanking less widely available. COSMETIC CHANGES A few graphical alterations have been made to fix errors in the original. For example, the enemy cone of ice ability displayed a cone of fire, not ice. Tooltips have been updated not just to incorporate these changes, but also to fix inaccurate tooltips in the original. For example, Lethal Blow has always improved at a rate of 5%, not 3%. Finally, a few changes have been made in tooltips, help text, and item names as tributes to other games and stories, especially some of the Spiderweb characters I have loved the most. I hope you enjoy this thorough remix of a superb game!
  13. Leveling Intelligence

    Nope, there's no override for this. Older Spiderweb games let you do this. My guess is that the option, while neat, may not (on the developer's end) be worth the potential it creates for broken events and quests.
  14. Can't add anything to script z0avadondlg.txt

    Yep, that's definitely a syntax error in your script. I think a simpler solution would be for you to paste whatever you added to your broken version here. Then we can go through it and find the error. If you added things in multiple places, just find the section near line 13521. (Sometimes the game doesn't count lines exactly the same way a text editor does, but it should be close enough to distinguish middle vs end of the file.)
  15. Blades of Exile for Linux :D

    Cromagnon, you may be thinking of the Linux version of Exile III, which seems to have been a one-off.
  16. Can't add anything to script z0avadondlg.txt

    What message appears in the console? That sounds like you have a syntax error in your script -- could be something as small as a missing semicolon or random extra character. It might even be a stray keystroke that ended up in a completely different part of the script.
  17. Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    Name Cameos in Jeff's Games and other sources of names 1. talk.bizarre personalities talk.bizarre was a newsgroup frequented by Jeff in the years leading up to the first Spiderweb games, and was the single largest source of names in Exile I. It was also used quite a bit in Exile II. At least a few of these folks served as beta testers as well. Exile I: Andrew Solberg Ron Echeverri Mr. X of X Industries (a.k.a. Xian) Tom Boutell Blair P. Houghton Elspeth Ty Nance Starcap'n Ra Crisper Than Thou Sunshine on Leith Yong-Mi Kim Markian Gooley C.J. Silverio Zed Kevin "Chevyn" McAuley Gypsy Miles O'Neal Diane Wilson Caitlin Burke Josh "Doc" Hayes Billbill (Bill and Bill) Zvi Gilbert J. Eric Townsend Ken Johnson (Captian Johnson?) Exile II: Tom Limoncelli Julian Waldby Johnathan Vail Paul Egli Jenine Abarbanel Nathan Torkington Genevieve Williams Kevin Schnitzius Avernum: M. Legare Avernum 4: Soren Ragsdale (Sorengard) 2. Rutgers math colleagues A number of characters, mostly in Exile I, were named after grad school colleagues. Jeff quit his program after Exile I turned out to be a commercial success. Exile I: Tor Gunston '98 Carol Hamer '98 Rita Cskany '98 Aimee J.R. Tom Bohman '96 Marco Lenci '99 Exile II: Marie-Cecile Vidican (Rutgers-related connection) 3. Society for Creative Anachronism friends Source for several noteworthy names in Exile I. Patrick Padraig Hathwisa Bevan Anastasia 4. Television and film Beginning in Exile II, Jeff has taken sets of NPC names from TV shows and occasionally movies. Comedy Central receives thanks in many readme's and shows up all over this list, especially early on. Exile II: Absolutely Fabulous Eddy Monsoon, Patsy Stone, Saffron Monsoon, Justin, Oliver (Blosk) Saturday Night Live Gilda Radner, Dan Ackroyd, Lorraine Newman, Jane Curtin (The Castle) 3rd Rock from the Sun Kristen (Kirsten) Johnson, John Lithgow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jane Curtin (The Castle) Felix the Cat Felix (Patrick's Tower) Exile III: Kids in the Hall Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinley, Kevin McDonald, Scott Thompson (New Formello) Babylon 5 Ivanova, Londo, G'Kar, Delenn (Golddale) Laverne & Shirley Laverne, Shirley, Carmine, Lennus (Lenny), Squiggus (Squiggy) Trainspotting Spud, Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy (Shayder) Blades of Exile: The Daily Show Craig Kilborn, Lizz Winstead, A. Whitney Brown, Beth Littleford, Felix Unger (Blinlock) South Park Eric Cartman (Zaskiva); Kenny (added in BoA) Titanic James Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet Geneforge: Sports Night Dan Rydell, Dayna (Dana) Whitaker, Isaac Jaffee (Jaffe), Natley (Natalie) Hurley, Jeremy Godwin (Goodwin), Pixley, Aaron Sorkin (Pentil) Geneforge 2: Black Books Manny, Bernard The Office (UK) Brent, Gareth, Dawn, Finchy (Gheth) The Wire Kima, Macnulty, Bunk (Loyalist Encampment) Blades of Avernum: The Daily Show (again) Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Steve Carrell, Samantha, Corddry, Helms, Walls (Seleucia) Geneforge 3: Arrested Development Michael Bluth, Gob Bluth, Tobias Funke, Maeby Funke (Dhonal's Keep East Docks) Avernum 4: Lonesome Dove Pea Eye Parker, Lorena Parker, Woodrow F. Call, Bolivar, Augustus McCrae (Silvar) Horror/suspense film characters Carrie Jason Vorhees Gunderson (innkeeper) Geneforge 4: Veronica Mars Veronica Mars, Duncan Kane Geneforge 5: Mythbusters Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman Avernum 6: Mad Men Joan Halloway (Holloway), Roger Stirling (Sterling), Freddy Rumson (Rumsen), Peggy Olssson (Olson) (Fort Draco raiders) 5. Girlfriends Some or all of the provinces (and possibly other locations) in Exile III were named after Jeff's girlfriends. This was apparently stated by Jeff someplace. To wit: Mariann Krizsan Monoroe (Shirley Monroe) Sharimik (Shari Moskow?) Karnold (K. Arnold?) Bigail (Abigail?) Shayder (Shaynee Snider?) Footracer (Tracey?) 6. Authors and editors It's unclear if these were intended as a deliberate tribute, or whether books and other written works were simply a convenient source of names that had just the right ring to them. Exile I: General authors Christopher Marlowe, Samuel Johnson (Bargha) Arthur Leo Zagat (Spire), Roberta Rogow, Cynthia Felice (Bargha; all three are SF authors) Bill Maher, John Cleese (Bargha; comics but also authors of books in 1993-1994) John Calder, publisher of some Nathaniel Hawthorne works (Bargha; see fictional characters below) Exile II: General authors Thomas Gibbon, Tom Stoppard, Orson Welles, John Locke Blades of Exile: Kurt Vonnegut DC Comics Bigwigs, Editors, Artists, and Writers Paul Levitz, Richard Bruning, Lillian Laserson, Dave McKean, Dorothy Crouch, Bruce Bristow, Axel Alonso (VoDT); Robbin Brosterman, Lillian Laserson, Joan Hilty, Stephano Gaudiano, Chuck Kim, Ray Houlihan, Michael Zulli (ASR); Jenette Kahn (both); Abe Ocampo, Sheldon Mayer, Kimzahn (Timothy Zahn) (ZKR) Geneforge 3: SF authors Michael Swanwick, Mike Resnick, Connie Willis Avernum 4: New York Times writers Paul Krugman, Joe Conason Geneforge 4: New York Times writers Jay Mouawad, Louis Uchitelle, Kate Zernike, Martin Fackler, Michael Barbaro, Kirk Johnson, Rachel Swarns, Ian Urbina, George Vecsey, Lynn Zinser, Sabrina Tavernise, Randal Archibald, Manohla Dargis Geneforge 5: The Onion A.V. Club writers Tasha Robinson, Genevieve Koski, Josh Modell The Seattle Stranger contributors A. Birch Steen, Megan Seling, Brendan Kiley, David Schmader, Charles Mudede, Dan Savage 7. Literary characters Books became a consistent source for characters, alongside TV and film. Exile I: Nathaniel Hawthorne's works Hester Prynne (Bargha), Eustace Bright (Spire) Samuel Johnson (Bargha; an author as well as a character in a Hawthorne book) Exile III: Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace The "Unspecified Services" organization name Blades of Exile: DC Comics, mostly involved in Crisis on Infinite Slarties Earths Maria [several possible], Penelope Black, Bradley Covington (VoDT); Stone [family], Smith [several possible], Maya, Caroline Dean, Eric O'Grady, Helena [several possible], Luna Nurblin (ASR); Vale [several possible], Edward [several possible] (ZKR) Note: the Crisis event involved a massive number of characters, so name overlaps would be expected; I consider these likely only because they are in the same context as the clearly evidenced list of DC editors in the above category. Geneforge: Chekhov's plays Maria "Masha" Kulygina, Vassily Solyony, Nikolaj Tuzenbach, Aleksandr Vershinin, Ferapont (The Three Sisters) Konstantin Treplev (Treplyov) (The Seagull) Mikhail Astrov, Aleksandr Serabryakov, Sofya Serabryakov, Ilya Telegin (Uncle Vanya) Anya, Varya, Leonid Gayev (The Cherry Orchard) Nikolai Ivanov, Michael Borkin, Avdotya, Gavrila (Ivanov) Geneforge 3: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke Jonathan Strange, Arabella Strange, Gilbert Norrell, Susanna Clarke Avernum 4: Wicked Elphaba Emperor of Ocean Park Kimmer Madison, Talcott "Misha" Garland, Mariah Garland, Oliver Garland Geneforge 4: Watchmen Dave Gibbons, Adrian Veidt, Fred Motz Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle Jack Shaftoe, Eliza of Qwghlm, Moseh de la Cruz Avernum 5: The Skin of Our Teeth, by Thornton Wilder George Antrobus, Lilly Sabina, Maggie Antrobus Kurt Vonnegut's novels Kilgore Trout, George Pefko, Norman Fuller Geneforge 5: Bleak House, by Charles Dickens Harold Skimpole, John Jarndyce, William Guppy, Richard Carstone Hyperion, by Dan Simmons Lenar Hoyt, Brawne Lamia, Martin Silenus Anathem, by Neal Stephenson Erasmus (Erasmas), Orolo, Sammann Avernum 6: Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett Vladimir, Estragon King Lear, by Shakespeare Regan, Edgar, Edmund (Almaria) possibly also Noam and Tardiff, critics who wrote about Lear The Stand, by Stephen King Nick Andros, William Hapscomb, Stuart Redman, Frannie Goldsmith (Fort Duvno) Avadon: Les Miserables Cosette, Eponine, Varoche (Gavroche) 8. Musicians An occasional but clear presence. Jeff frequently gives shout-outs to the bands he listens to while programming in his readme's, so it seems possible there are more references we haven't caught. Exile II: Tori Amos Melissa Ethridge (Etheridge) Avernum 4: Sleater-Kinney Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss, Sleater-Kinney Avernum 6: Neko, Case (Webbed Woods) Avernum EFTP: The New Pornographers Carl Newman, Neko Case, Kurt Dahle, Dan Bejar, Kathryn Calder 9. Comedians The Exile I entries are questionable, since Jeff did not use very many produced-content sources for names in that game, but they are comedians who seem to fit perfectly with Jeff's sense of humor (as well as the Scorched Earth Party). Exile I: Bill Maher John Cleese Avernum 4: Dave Chapelle Redd Fox David Cross Patton Oswalt Sarah Silverman Terry Gilliam 10. EverQuest (and the Chaos Justice guild) A major name source around the Avernum 4 era. Jeff gave us a lead on this one. There are a surprising number of trails for this on the web, despite the timeframe being a decade ago. Most of these names came from other characters in his guild, or who raided with his guild, though there are a few from raid targets as well. Geneforge 3: Meraia, Tuona, Muram Barxt (raid target) Avernum 4: Kabraxaz, Nociduas, Abisynthe, Trysbrina, Lyun, Uggluk, Imiriel, Sinedin, Tuona, Kasaz, Zarbonn, Kragg Keldovan, Hanvar (raid targets) 11. World of Warcraft Jeff has talked about WoW even more than EverQuest, and mentioned it in more readme's. Many names, especially in Avernum 4 and beyond, sound like they could easily have come from WoW characters. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find reliable googleable material the way I was for Chaos Justice, but it's a safe bet that this was a prodigious source for names for a number of games. 12. Nearby locations Mainly a source in Exile III, which of course required naming more small friendly towns than any other SW game. Exile III: Golddale (Silverdale), a town Jeff was once associated with Port Townsend Bremerton Poulsbo Colfax Gorst Geneforge 5: Zoka, a Seattle donut shop (also has a readme callout) 13. Spiderweb affiliates Hat tips to people who've been there for Spiderweb. Exile III: Jordan Bojar of Foglio studios Nethergate: Phil Foglio Geneforge: Brent Heustess, beta tester Geneforge 4: Reiner, tileset creator Paul Ellsworth, beta tester 14. Family The first was stated by Jeff; his immediate family receives frequent use, but he has said sometimes that he just likes the names. Exile I: Elmer, Jeff's grandfather Various: Mariann Krizsan, Jeff's radiant wife Cordelia, Jeff's daughter, but also a favourite name of his Miranda, Jeff's daughter, but also a favourite name of his 15. Other friends Some of these are simple Facebook speculation, but the source of one rather important name, Erika Redmark, was supplied by Jeff. Exile I: Erika, a high school friend Jennifer Rippel (?) Shaynee Snider (?) Exile II: Prazac, a high school friend Tina Mancuso (?) Avernum 4: Lark Griffin (?) Geneforge 4: Sharon Crowley (?) 16. Miscellaneous Name sources that don't fit into the above categories, but seem likely due to unusual similarities (Zanthia) or Jeff's background (Sylow, Moon). Exile I: Sylow, a Norwegian mathematician Zanthia, the alchemist protagonist of The Legend of Kyrandia 2 Exile, name of a one-way transport mechanism in Julian May's Saga of Pliocene Exile (cited by Jeff as inspiration; related inspiration from Robert Silverberg's short story "Hawksbill Station") Exile III: Moon, a town in Ultima 3 Malloc and Calloc (towns), C functions Blades of Exile: Newsworthy figures of the time Steve Forbes, Chelsea Clinton, Michele Aboro, Welde, Madeleine Albright (ASR Willow) Geneforge 3: Galileo Galilei's family Maria Celeste, Vincenzio Galilei, Sestilia Bocchineri Alcholic beverages Sauza tequila, Macallan single malt whiskey, Maker's Mark bourbon, Bailey's Irish cream, Captain Morgan rum, the Aunt Agatha mixed drink Avernum 6: Djokov and Baghdatis, pro tennis players Avernum 2 CS: Morrigan, Celtic warrior goddess Venus Castinan, aspect of goddess related to non-male-performing men 17. Names from the news In the Geneforge and Second Trilogy years, googling a set of names from the same town often turns up a newspaper or magazine of the appropriate era, and it's sometimes one local to Seattle. It's unlikely that this is always a coincidence, but in many cases the names are so common that it's not really possible to establish a definitive tie, either. 18. Name generators You may have noticed that the most recent SW release, the Avadon and Avernum Remake series, do not show up on this list very much, even though the Avadon games involve a real slew of new names. Googling those names doesn't turn up much. However, googling those names often turns up name generator name lists. I'd wager Spiderweb is using a relatively nice name generator, and probably one that generates names of particular linguistic backgrounds, as we've seen a few clusters of names that closely resemble common Slavic names, to take one example. This document is not complete -- it is a work in progress, and we'd love your help in continuing to expand it! If you have any ideas or see names that look familiar, please feel free to post in this thread. Some other names we are currently suspicious of, but don't feel confident enough about to include in the main list, are below. OTHER CHARACTERS WE EYE SUSPICIOUSLY Linda (Linda Strout? no -- most likely predates her) Strout (G1 Servile, A4 Fort Monastery resident -- Linda Strout? -- unclear) Micah Bernie ("the Chart") Mairwen Karzoth Skunky Joe Etunimdiam (G4 gazer) -- sounds like "et unum diem", Latin for "and a day" -- has an xbox live account listed under Seattle, WA Skarp (A5 Exodus) -- Seattle WA band. Elinor, Klivans, Haedrich (ASR Selathni) -- cookbook authors; Vonnegut in same town Commander Wallace and Craftmaster Pynchon in Zhethron's Keep (Av3) -- see thread Potential Slithzerikai inspiration in the Sleeth of Gamma World (tabletop RPG) SIMS (F. Paul Wilson novel) as potential inspiration for Serviles
  18. Come one, come all, to THE GRAND SPIDERWEB POLL, 2017 EDITION! It's been five years since the previous grand poll -- it's time to make your vote count! Choose your favourite game, rate the rest of them, and tell us a bit about yourself! This poll is a combination of a favourite game poll and a demographics poll. It is not a forum software poll, which will allow us to more easily see patterns and connections in the data. Are Nethergate fans older, on average? Do Alwan's fans support more conservative governments in real life? It should take 5-10 minutes to take the survey, and you can do so here: TAKE THE GRAND SPIDERWEB POLL! (And remember to hit "submit" on the last page, so your answers are recorded.) More Info: * Here are some of the interesting results we got last time around: 1 2 3 4 * Data will be analyzed in aggregate; no survey taker's combination of answers will ever be published, to respect your privacy. * The gender questions have been improved and all answers will be listed out this time (exact quantities will still not be given for answers that just a few respondents chose, again for privacy). * Some questions are the same as last time (to allow comparisons of change over these 5 years). * Some questions are new and, quite frankly, awesome. I'm very excited about this one!
  19. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    I'm not going to argue this endlessly. Respectfully, I think this is an unfortunate direction for the OBoE project to be going in. Thankfully, it will probably never happen anyway.
  20. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    Ah, so you're trying to make BoE into something that it never was. The interface might be what people see and comment on immediately but it's not the only way in which BoE is an old-school product. Yes, in theory somebody could make all of the above changes and a lot more and end up with something that is more mainstream for today's gamers. But that's a truly huge effort. They'd be better off making a new game. Also -- it would no longer be Blades of Exile.
  21. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    While those are definitely nicer looking, they are also a much more material change to the interface and the general feel of the game.
  22. Hear hear on both counts.
  23. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    The A:EFTP interface also does not have 17 buttons with completely unrelated functions crammed into a little rectangle.
  24. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    Custom interface might be neat. The 6 large icons version is definitely not as bad as the 3 large icons version, but it still results in fewer items being displayed at one time. 8 was already just 1/3 of your inventory; now it's down to 1/4. That's still a real downgrade. I can imagine something that might justify it, but "bigger icons of items" is not one of them. These are not exactly interesting icons, and you're probably going to be staring at the same ones for most of your playtime. Basically, in some ways this interface redesign is "a solution in search of a problem." However, I can imagine really liking ADoS's last design if it simply used the old, smaller icons, with perhaps slightly bigger text and 12 items displayable at once.
  25. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    Yeah, I strongly dislike this change. This makes inventory management even more cumbersome than it was in the Nethergate/Avernum engine games. I'm afraid it's a step backwards. I also agree that the giant "Charges" text is a waste of space -- what was wrong with the "Wand of Fire (8)" notation?