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  1. bahss-relief

    What Exile/Avernum you begin with ?

    That was my experience too, originally. Not a hard experience to have I think (especially if you were only playing Exile because it was included, unadvertised, in the Realmz download). I did come around by E2 and bought both games at that point.
  2. bahss-relief

    Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    "I just built a time machine. Let's go assassinate Hitler!" "Great, after we do that, uhhhh, I have a list of fancruft errands that would make me really tickled with myself... we'll have to infiltrate Usenet though, are you cool with that?"
  3. bahss-relief

    Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    They did, in fact, exist in the original Exile: EFTP, way back in 1994! Just goes to show that coincidences can and do happen.
  4. bahss-relief

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    This is honestly pretty tame compared to a typical TM surprise-it's-a-rakshasa RP.
  5. bahss-relief

    Every Spiderweb Character Ranked: Top 20 Worst Characters

    Okay, I have to give you credit for that last link. Still, in before somebody invokes RiB.
  6. bahss-relief

    Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    Ooooh, nice catch!
  7. "People who don't like hobgoblins shouldn't compile atlases."
  8. bahss-relief

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    Hmm, it's still not working for me. Also, you yourself said that your "they made the statue look younger" idea was "a stretch" when you introduced it. Let's split the difference and say she's really just a rakshasa.
  9. bahss-relief

    Every Spiderweb Character Ranked: Top 20 Worst Characters

    I mean, sometimes the cheap shots are the accurate ones. What can I say?
  10. bahss-relief

    Every Spiderweb Character Ranked: Top 20 Worst Characters

    urgh, yes.
  11. bahss-relief

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    Pyrog's cruelty isn't lore, it's just one aspect (that many people consider the most obvious one) of a character with very little description. I mean the games actually do explicitly call him "cruel" on two occasions in two different games, which is a lot for a one-shot character. (What might qualify as lore, if it were actually commonly repeated, was my idea that he had enslaved the giants. "Cruel" is in the games.) On Prazac, according to you, the only description of her age in any of the First Trilogy games in the statue in Fort Dranlon described as "a young, smiling woman, looking almost touchingly innocent". I'm not convinced that's it (and if Aran's site ever comes back up I'll look), but even if it is, de-age her by six years (plus however many years the Empire's sculptors added to avoid making it look like they are ruled by a child) and that's her age when she ascended the throne.
  12. bahss-relief

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Crap. You have no idea how many browser windows I have sitting open of stuff I meant to do weeks ago. So many.
  13. bahss-relief

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    Which is fine, but again, I said "without portals or other preparation." It's a conjunction, "portals" and "other preparation" are both objects of the same preposition, so you can't split it apart and take just "without portals" All your examples involved other preparation of some sort and you didn't say anything about that, so it seemed necessary to bring up. I am almost sure that Prazac was described as a "child" or at least "very young" at some point in X2. I don't think this is some idea the community came up with and that just became conventional wisdom. In A3:RW she won't come without the amulet, and I believe in regular A3 the same thing is true. I'm not sure about E3, but I have found enough references to it happening -- and no references to it not happening that predate the existence of A3 -- that it seems likely. Not totally sure.
  14. bahss-relief

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    Also, heh, this is totally true. Framing Linda would have been a great idea -- she couldn't be the mastermind, of course, but the conduit through which Grah-Hoth reaches out to claim the surface? Disturbingly plausible.
  15. bahss-relief

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    Actually, in the original version, Erika teleports in even you don't have her amulet! I had forgotten this, but it's true. The amulet is still useful, because she teleports in much sooner if you have it, saving you from having deal many annoying waves of Rentar's minions.