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  1. And my heart too.

    Torment Singleton Ideas

    I disagree about Spellcraft vs Parry. Spellcraft only increases damage by "+2%" -- which I place in quotes because it's not a flat x1.02 multiplier, rather all magic damage increases are added together, so the more you get, the more it drops; with Cloak of the Arcane active and the obvious spell damage traits, Spellcraft points will typically be increasing damage output between 1% and 1.4% each. However, Randomizer makes a good point about Resistance, which is definitely more useful than Spellcraft.
  2. And my heart too.

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    Oh... wow. MagmaDragoon? Seriously? It's been... um, what, 12 years? Hope you're doing well! -- Slarty On topic: There were parts of the Avadon 2 romance option that were done well, and certainly other parts that weren't. I don't personally think that first-person pick-your-line-of-dialogue systems are ideally suited to romance. Love is too dynamic, too interactive, too all-encompassing to reach with choose-your-own-adventure dialogue. No! in the fairy-tale when she has breathed ‘I love,’ the prince, all pale, feels his own ugliness pour up in flame— but I, beloved, you see am still the same -- Cyrano de Bergerac, perhaps while playing Avadon 2
  3. And my heart too.

    Testing a Discord server for SW peeps

    That one was definitely posted about the board a few times. It isn't super active but as it does already have a lot of members, it might make sense to just build on that.
  4. And my heart too.

    Testing a Discord server for SW peeps

    Isn't there already an SW discord? Edit: Yeah, this one: https://discord.gg/r3V98S
  5. And my heart too.

    Geneforge complete missile build?

    You could always mod anything. That's not generally relevant when someone asks a game mechanics question. That said, I am pretty much always in favor of unlimited-ammo mods for SW games, where ammo is just busywork.
  6. And my heart too.

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    G4 is probably the hardest -- its semi-linear progression through areas means that you can't always "just wait till you're stronger", and it doesn't have any of the things that made particular classes "easy mode" in the previous 3 games, nor does it have the nutso bonus resistances of G5. G5 is probably harder than the first three as well -- not as much as G4, but it at least does balance out some of the creations that were a little too good in G4 (*cough cough* wingbolts) Alternate answer: G1 and G2 are the hardest because you have to use that @#$ inventory interface
  7. And my heart too.

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    None of the Geneforge games are very hard with any class, if you are good with tactics and pay attention to what works and doesn't in the engine. Yes, that is even true for most parts of the game on Torment if you really know what you're doing. That doesn't mean the classes are all equally strong. And, indeed, they aren't, not even close.
  8. And my heart too.

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    What no one has mentioned, for some reason, is that the relative strength of Guardians is very different in different Geneforge games. G1 - Definitely an effective class, though not "easy mode" like shapers are G2 - Arguably the best class, certainly a strong and straightforward option G3 - Seriously nerfed; weakest option by far G4 - Warriors instead of Guardians; still very weak G5 - Still very weak, although the unintentional inherent resistances of the 3 older classes at least offer some reason to use a Guardian
  9. Yeah, it's not especially hard even without speed boosters, but if someone is having trouble, those are the obvious suggestions to make. Note that they won't do anything at all if you're not in combat mode already, so I think people just assume you use combat mode for it.
  10. I'm pretty sure you can register with it being "Exile" -- just not "Exiles" plural. "Avernum" should work the same way, FWIW. Plenty of Exile fanciers among the mods here! I don't remember if conflict is specified, but the Vahnatai do indicate in X2 that they were familiar with the Slithzerikai from before the Resting.
  11. And my heart too.

    What Exile/Avernum you begin with ?

    That was my experience too, originally. Not a hard experience to have I think (especially if you were only playing Exile because it was included, unadvertised, in the Realmz download). I did come around by E2 and bought both games at that point.
  12. And my heart too.

    Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    "I just built a time machine. Let's go assassinate Hitler!" "Great, after we do that, uhhhh, I have a list of fancruft errands that would make me really tickled with myself... we'll have to infiltrate Usenet though, are you cool with that?"
  13. And my heart too.

    Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    They did, in fact, exist in the original Exile: EFTP, way back in 1994! Just goes to show that coincidences can and do happen.
  14. And my heart too.

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    This is honestly pretty tame compared to a typical TM surprise-it's-a-rakshasa RP.
  15. And my heart too.

    Every Spiderweb Character Ranked: Top 20 Worst Characters

    Okay, I have to give you credit for that last link. Still, in before somebody invokes RiB.