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  1. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Trajkov Dead and I haven't even played halfway

    This really is the way things are done here -- Triumph wasn't being "passive aggressive," he was letting you know for the future. I'm not sure there is a more direct way to do that than just to say it... Your post is definitely relevant to the thread, in terms of subject matter! The problems with posting in threads that are this old are more about context: outside topics relevant to the original conversation (such as the features of current Spiderweb games, plans for remakes, the game industry in general, etc.) have often changed dramatically; because most threads don't cover a span of so many years, once the thread has been resurrected, most readers are unlikely to realize so many years have gone past, and confusion and misunderstandings ensue. This really does happen. In fairness, most topic necros are FAR LESS relevant, and have far less substance, than yours. Maybe if they were all like yours, we wouldn't discourage topic necros so much. But most of them are awful... and so we do. Bottom line though, there's not really any down-side to simply making a new topic and linking to the old one. It's clearer for many readers, and it doesn't cost the person making the post more than maybe 10 seconds. I hope that explanation makes sense. Also, just a reminder for everyone, let's give each other the benefit of the doubt. It's hard to read emotions in forum posts. And on that note, yup, definitely time for this thread to end.
  2. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Kickstarter For Our New Game/Series - Queen's Wish: The Conqueror

    Those graphics...
  3. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Geneforge 4 Need a new play-style!

  4. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    The point of Haste?

    Um, it wasn't. The Mac version came first. The iOS version came much, much later. iPads literally did not exist until a few years after A4 was released. (And it sure has never been designed for a tiny, original iPhone screen.) I'm sympathetic to your interface woes, but it sounds like what you really want is a game that doesn't require using either a mouse/trackpad or a touchscreen. Lots of those exist, but it's a very, very different design choice from how Spiderweb operates. You're not asking for a small tweak, you're asking for a redesign that affects basically everything. AEFTP: Your complaint about Haste seems to boil down to: "Why isn't this spell stronger and better suited to my needs?" Haste isn't good enough for your party, and you don't have enough haste potions for the stronger Battle Fury effect. The reality is that even level 1 Haste is already a pretty strong effect. It's haphazard, sure -- but that doesn't make it weak. Battle Fury, OTOH, is frequently described as being "brokenly overpowered" by a lot of folks on this board. "Hard" difficulty can actually be somewhat hard if you don't take advantage of the game's mechanics. If Haste doesn't feel good enough, and you find yourself getting stuck later, consider turning the difficulty down at that point. No point in making the game harder if you won't have fun that way!
  5. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Geneforge - Diablo 3 Makeover

    Literally, if a spawner is involved.
  6. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Geneforge - Diablo 3 Makeover

  7. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Curious if anyone would like me to post my G5 editor again

    Download links to your own stuff are certainly allowed. (I can imagine specific download links that might not be allowed, but that would be because of the content, not because of the fact that they are links to a file.)
  8. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Geneforge - Diablo 3 Makeover

  9. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Geneforge - Diablo 3 Makeover

    RPG != RTS at all
  10. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Geneforge - Diablo 3 Makeover

    Geneforge != Diablo 3 at all
  11. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    I thought about SMT, but ultimately I feel like this has to be a question of mechanics as much as theme -- just as style and form are also relevant parts of an aesthetic movement. And the virtue mechanics fit Romanticism a lot better IMO than either the traditional or unique components of SMT mechanics. This is also why I thought a roguelike was a good fit for modernism, a game with shifting mechanics for postmodernism, etc.
  12. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    Whether the right phrasing is "attempts to" or "does," I think it's a closer fit than most RPGs, at the least. Is there an RPG would you want to put there instead?
  13. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    Maybe. My thinking there was that it emphasizes the intuitive, subjective, emotional side of things (the virtues, sure, but also the fortune-teller sequence, the codex sequence, etc.) over objective mechanics (in which it's on the lighter side). The mathematical layout of the virtues is so Schiller, and it does have the pastoral idealization of forests and tiny villages -- and even shepherds! If you compare it to other games of the time, it's hard to find another with more shades of gray; I think Blake would have approved, in context. And like Romanticism it was a deliberate revolt against, well, playing by the rolls. And actually, now that I think about it, the choices of the virtues fit the movement pretty well, too. You have Spirituality, but it's grounded in wilderness (the rangers) and represented by ankhs, rather than churches, which do not seem to be formally present (despite the previous games having clerics and churches playing a rather significant role in later games of the series). Valor, not a classical virtue, but strong here (see Byron); Humility, whose lack was a recurring theme (see Shelley); and the principle of Truth (see Keats). All of that said: pretty much none of these are perfect fits, and this list is a ridiculous enterprise to begin with, so shrug
  14. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    Well, I mean, modernism and postmodernism are ambiguous enough terms to begin with. But I think there are some games that can squarely fit into one of those boxes. Games that visibly deconstruct what it means to be a game, that's as postmodern as it gets: Fluxx goes in this category, and while it's a card game, there is a computer version -- implemented by Andrew Plotkin (!). (See, this all comes full circle.) A lot of briefly viral "clever" games go here: Braid, Pony Island, that sort of thing. One common thread that, for me, links together a lot of modernist art is an emphasis on being evocative. New forms in modernism are typically used in at least partial service of this goal. The forms are unusual, atonal, misshapen, abstract, so there's necessarily a lot of implication involved. Video games in general moved away from this the better the 3D, hi-res graphics got, though there are exceptions. Just for giggles, let's throw together a haphazard (and maybe inaccurate in a few places) correspondence of some broad aesthetic movements and RPGs, because this is what we do at Spiderweb, ain't it? Postmodernist: Evoland Modernist: Angband Expressionist: Planescape: Torment Impressionist: Quest for Glory Realist: Skyrim Victorian: Avadon Romantic: Ultima IV Neoclassical: Dragon Quest Baroque: Final Fantasy
  15. All Tomorrow's Slarties

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    What Ess-Eschas said about the ending, 100%. You don't fail -- that's the whole point! You succeed in your quest to find the map, literally by definition, because the curse breaking depends on that definition being fulfilled. I will just add that given how much the game allows distant times and places to flow into each other (thanks, essentially, also to the curse that transcends time and place) there is no reasonable way you can conclude that a map found outside the attic is not the map from the attic. Those Tarot cards are all pretty clearly from the same deck, and they are found across every boundary the game has; that goes for all the rods, too. The game is essentially the modernist moment of IF, as fits its literary ties; puzzle boxes are a postmodern thing, and can we talk about an artistic era that was once vigorous and fascinating and has now lived too long, become a grotesque imitation of itself, and needs to die, yes, please. (And IIRC, it's more like PUT STAFF IN BOX. CLOSE IT. OPEN IT. TAKE STAFF Typing that 9 times or whatever is really not much text when you think about everything you have to type when playing any IF game. There are some annoyances (like figuring out the right command to give directions to the mouse; oy) and not as many efficiencies as later games, obv, but this is such a small thing.) Also, it's definitely not the no-saves thing and I'm also pretty sure there is no way to get the last point.