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  1. Humans are, unfortunately, still miles ahead of nephils and sliths in this game.
  2. @Spidweb Any chance you can tell us exactly how physical attack resistance changed? You've specified in the past that it was 5%/level, is it down to e.g. 3%/level (like magic/fire/ice resistance)?
  3. Avernum 5 - Anatomy skill

    6 Intelligence (cost is 8) + 8 Melee/Pole (cost is 8)
  4. The above is true for melee weapons. For ranged weapons, Dexterity is used in place of Strength. For spells, Intelligence is used instead. Specific weapon skills (i.e., Pole Weapons) add dice in the same way.
  5. I haven't been able to find any anywhere, and the more relevant changes seem to be in the hardcode.
  6. Actually, you only need to complete one plague quest.
  7. Finished Spiderweb games - recommendations for similar RPGs?

    As opposed to discussing it in this thread? I suppose the idea is that if someone sends you a message, none of the people with different opinions will be able to chime in and say otherwise...
  8. How do people feel about Jeff using Icons in his RPGs?

    Whoa. Top-down. This is awesome.
  9. This looks script-based. It looks like it may only happen with summon abilities that are used by PCs as well as monsters (i.e., the mage and priest spells).
  10. Colchis is destroyed before the game begins. You're not being ridiculously slow, either.
  11. Is it just a "lizard" or is a Corrupted Lizard? If the latter, they are immune to charm (and next time please give clear information so we can help you).
  12. Keep in mind that "a single group of people" also manage to defeat the Empire's forces in two games, and an army of demons in two games as well. This is a series about heroics, not the precise measurement of military and magical might. It is quite strongly suggested that the full magical power of the Vahnatai would, if not held back, be more than sufficient to defeat human forces. I note that in X2, there's one character who describes Rentar-Ihrno as only the most powerful of the ihrnos "currently awake." And while it's true that Rentar-Ihrno was effectively defeated in battle by Erika, it was a long battle -- not at all a shutout -- and Erika is the most powerful human mage depicted in the series (with the possible exception of Garzahd; though a lot of his power seems to take the form of enchantments laid upon him rather than raw magical capability). In E1-2 it was pretty clear that different mages had different specialties. Solberg was a master minddueler, Garzahd pre-eminent in wards, Aimee and Aydin experts on far sight, Pyrn and Vidrain on teleportation, and so on. Less time was spent on this in the remakes. I bring this up mainly to note that Erika and Rentar-Ihrno are the only two mages we see (at least in the First Trilogy) who (a) seem pre-eminently talented across many different areas; (b) utilize magic that transforms living things -- Rentar making the plagues and Erika modifying the glowing fungus, cavewood trees, mushrooms, etc. I would look at both of them as exceptional; but Rentar's power was clearly less unusual for her race than Erika's was for hers.
  13. Great -- thanks! (If anyone else knows about the Lorelei or Sharamik locations, that info would be welcome too.)
  14. You can buy stuff from the merchant upstairs in the main temple, enter the treasury, etc?
  15. Can anyone clarify what the difference is? Specifically, what Anama-related bonuses are not available to you with fake rings?