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  1. Odile von Rothborne

    Hall of the Lamp

    How can I enter as a Celt? I've done the arbor path thingie but the hunter has got me stumped.
  2. Odile von Rothborne

    Letter as Romans

    When playing the Romans, I've snuck into Vibius' office and read a letter saying that if needed to they could kill my party if we're not basically up to scratch. Then i get a pop up saying it would be best if I didn't mention this to anyone. Can you actually do anything with this letter? It might be nice to blackmail some higher ranking officer!
  3. Odile von Rothborne

    Avernum V

    I'd like to see a return to the vahnatai lands, especially where you first visited in A2. Might be a bit tricky with the current situation with Rentar Ihrno but I think it could be done.
  4. Odile von Rothborne

    Pink Ribbon?

    Yeah, but like typical men they get somebody else to do it!
  5. Odile von Rothborne

    Pink Ribbon?

    Just north of Silvar there is a grove where you'll find some Gremlins. Talk to them first and you'll get a mission that involves the Giants fortress.
  6. Odile von Rothborne

    A2 - Silly question about Coffin Caves

    Ah, yes. I was having a blonde moment!
  7. After beating A4 I've decided to go back to game 2 as it's my favourite one. I'm currently in the Coffin Caves and I've picked up two pieces of scrap paper with half a drawing on each. What do they actually show?
  8. Odile von Rothborne


    Thanks for the advice, it's really come in handy. I've just managed to defeat Rhenta (sp?) and am on the way back to the castle.
  9. Odile von Rothborne


    I'm trying to find my way into Rhento's keep (sorry about the spelling) and all I find are plyons upon pylons. Do they every stop? How the hell can I deal with them effectively? It's gotton so bad that I've had to keep a couple of times and I don't really want to do that throughout the game. Any suggesstions?
  10. Playing through the games once more after sitting on the desktop all alone, I have noticed something that is a little strange to me. It seems that I can kill them easily with a fireblast spell rather than ice lances. Sliths are supposed to respond more to heat than the coldness, so why is it that my firespells are so much more efficent than the icy ones? Has anyone else noticed this?
  11. Odile von Rothborne

    Earasing charcters.

    Don't worry about it now. If I get stuck on it again I'll shout. Thanks anyway.
  12. Odile von Rothborne

    Earasing charcters.

    I tried that. It wouldn't do anything. I have now decided to redo it all again...
  13. Odile von Rothborne

    Earasing charcters.

    Yes I was, Daravon. And by the way, he is actually a she!
  14. Odile von Rothborne

    Earasing charcters.

    I'm creating a small scenario but rang into a little proble, for me anyhow. I need to know how I can delete a charcter I have placed within a town. I've tried erasing them but it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone tell me what I need to do? Thanks.
  15. Odile von Rothborne

    Blades of Avernum Editor

    Don't worry I've got the damn thing up and running now even if it is without the Warriors grove file. Thans, Kelandon, for helping me, I do appreciate it.