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  1. jennierose

    A6 - hidden brigands quest

    OOPS! I was in wrong location....
  2. I've killed the brigands and the captain in Spire will not talk to me - what else do I need to do?
  3. I need to check in with Alice, but can't remember where Fissure Post is...
  4. jennierose

    A6 - Dancing bones help

    Duhhh! I hadn't gotten to that room - you'd think I'd know to look... thanks!
  5. jennierose

    A6 - Dancing bones help

    Any suggestions on how to actually kill one of the skeletons? No matter how much I bash them they keep coming back!!
  6. jennierose

    assassin clue in haria kel[G5]

    Thanks - I had talked to her about the quest but hadn't actually gotten it...
  7. walkthrough says to go to C in haria kel and look in jar by north wall - if this is inside room, the door will not open - there is no jar outside - how do I get in?
  8. I have headed north from the Barrens - and have reached the small maze of corridors with a raised area to the west and a lower area to the east. I think I need to open a secret door to proceed further, but have scoured the walls and have found nothing - help please!
  9. Has anyone out there found Shahpur in order to finish her quest? - I'm looking and looking - I originally found her in Angel's Rest, I think, but can't seem to find her anywhere in Karnold.
  10. I assume that the gryphon feather is somewhere here in the Aerie (I visited here before) but I can't find it - please help,