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  1. Kingy

    Upcoming Titles

    Yea that's kind of what I figured, hes not a spring chicken any more. I do pop in every 6 months or so to check and see if there's any new information or games, but was just wondering if there was another location I had missed that had better details. Thats no worries though, appreciate the responses and I'll just keep up my periodic visits until I get suckered into the next title that gets released
  2. Kingy

    Upcoming Titles

    Also what time zone is this forum on because Im in NZ and thats still 6 hours ahead of me haha
  3. Kingy

    Upcoming Titles

    Just curious if there's any available list of any upcoming titles available anywhere other than the vague "What Are We Working On Now? We are working on a fancy remaster of our all-time most popular game. It’ll be a while before we have hard information. But it’s happening." that appears on the front page. I realise with Jeffs work load there's likely only ever one title in the works until it's pumped out then on to another, but just wondering if there is a rough release schedule or a list where potential upcoming titles etc may appear Any replies are much appreciated, Kingy
  4. Kingy

    Old Game - Homeland

    Man...Times have changed since I was last around here. I remember everyone wishing that this game would vanish and people would forget it existed. And now that it isn't sitting around on the main site for easy access people actually want to play it? I honestly didn't even know that the game had any fans.
  5. Yea that was retardedly funny. How can anyone enjoy the sound of them?
  6. These are pretty damn cool, seeing a bit of fan artwork of this style is always awesome
  7. Kingy

    World map?

    At the end of the day Id say Jeff is well beyond deciding this so we'll get what we're given. But it is hard to shake the love for the scaling of the first Avernum games
  8. Originally Posted By: Gu554k Th0r D3lum make living beings (and undead also), glow in someway, you know, something visual that calls attention to them. May be, increase the contrast and saturation and decrease back, in a pulsing way. Anything that makes those entities feel more visually attractive . This trick could be used also with items/chests that have usability/sellability. I was going to say with your top post you cant really criticise someone for their work in situations like this (its more along the lines of every extra touch Jeff puts in after the game is essentially completed is pretty much losing him money), but that last idea isnt actually too bad and could be achieved reasonably easily. Just an option in the menu for higher contrast models or something on the living beings. Or even as an ability.
  9. Originally Posted By: waterplant btw it could be worse: I just got the title of 'shock trooper' after 200 posts. That kind of puts me in the Rush Limbaugh/John Laws category. 'Sorceress' would be more accurate despite the fruitiness. I dunno, I'd rather have the mildly badass sounding "Shock Trooper". I also kind of wish I'd checked out this forum in another 6 months so I could have just discovered the games existance and started playing.
  10. Ah well, fruity as it may be I suppose I can live with it for how often I post here. Apart from this game release have I missed much in the world of Spiderweb Software?
  11. Originally Posted By: The Mystic *takes a moment to remember how I used to download the games in class Yea I first discovered these games in primary school while actively trying to avoid doing school work. Playing avernum 2 on the 233mhz computer used to blow my mind, and when I finally managed to download Avernum 1 & 2 at home (took freaking hours) I did little else for a while. It's pretty awesome a small company like this has held our attention for so long.
  12. It's always good to be randomly browsing and find that theres a new game out. I'm sure it'll be worth playing no matter what happens. My flatmates however tend to look at me weirdly when they walk past and see me running these mean, older styled games on a quad core. Edit: Dammit, since when have I been a "Sorceress". Is there some male/female option these days?
  13. Once I'd beaten the game I instantly caved to using the game editor (or whatever it's called) for this sorta thing so I guess you're doing better than me. I just felt since I'd beaten the game I may as well get it.
  14. I actually like this kinda stuff. I mean, most other games take themselves too sereously when explaining things.
  15. I haven't been here for months and the other day Tyran told me that Nethergate 2.0 actually had some information out. I'm really impressed that Jeff used a similar engine for it. I didn't enjoy the Geneforge engine in the Avernum world but Im looking forward to Nethergate Resurrection and will most likely purchase it when it's released.
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