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  1. I've been a member of this forum for a long, long time. I used to have member number 200 or so, after Jeff switched over from an older version of the forums, and I started the famous Nephilim vs. Slith topic (for those who remember; albeit under a different user name). I've never been much of active member, but I have dropped in from time to time through the last 15+ years. Any way, point is, I've seen this place be founded, grow and then, it seems, die a bit. My question to the members is—what happened here; why has the frequency of posts gone down so much? General used to be a hub of act
  2. I wonder how many years more Jeff wants to do this?
  3. This place has changed so much in the last century :) It's so inactive compared to the early days.
  4. Oh cool, U of A. :) Enjoy Alberta! I'm next door in BC.
  5. My issue with all the custom quests being made by people is that the game may suffer a bit. I mean unless he directs the backers well, I don't see these random quests as being a huge bonus to game play. Also, who has $1,000 to put into this?—wow! He may end up with a serious amount of cash. I guess with that comes more and more pressure to make a great game.
  6. Circular saw, Table saw, Chain saw
  7. I prefer to put the stress on the last vowel—AvernUm. His way of saying it sounds quite amusing. But anyway, I guess I've been saying it wrong too.
  8. I'm very curious to see how his Kickstarter campaign will work out—if it happens at all. I wonder what he is planning to do with an enlarged budget.
  9. Probably just buy an old computer))
  10. I am agreeable, friendly, outgoing and trusting, but apparently I score zero on the morality scale--interesting. But that sounds about right. I usually get what i want by using any means neccessary. It just so happens that what I want to is top make myself and others happy most of the time.
  11. Originally Posted By: ...on sale now! 50% off! As part of an argument with an acquaintance about climate change and Climategate I've been reading up on academic literature that I am not qualified to understand, government documents that aren't written for human consumption, and very angry blogs. It's been educational. —Alorael, who has mostly learned that one should never bring science to a political fight. You are qualified to understand it. However, scientists are not qualified to write in way that the majority of us will understand without effort. A good scientists is only good if the
  12. Philosophy is a useless endeavour when practiced with outdated scientific and economic knowledge, as it usually is. "What you can imagine depends on what you know. Philosophers who know only philosophy consign themselves to a janitorial role in the great enterprises of exploration that are illuminating the mysteries of our lives." Daniel C. Dennett (A philosopher that isn't working with medieval premises)
  13. Originally Posted By: Dantius Then again, serious history books and academic papers today do still get titled like "[statement that's not really witty]:[What the paper's actually about]", which is still stupid, so I guess we haven't improved much since the 1600's. But don't those papers stick in your mind better than the ones with a small paragraph in place of a title? I prefer "witty" over Zzzzzzzz.
  14. We mostly just read books and answered end of chapter questions rather than doing reports.
  15. @Niemand You know, I don't think I've ever written a book report, in school or otherwise. hmmm
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