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  1. Hey guys, I'm playing Geneforge (the first one) and am stuck at the shaper crypt. There's a door and on either side of it a socket for a crescent shaped rock I believe. How do I get these rocks to open the door? Thanks for any help.
  2. every time I go closer to the center with galdring I get swamped with enemies. astoria is in one corner but she won't move to help - neither will the shapers at the entrance. I can't take on that many enemies alone and frankly, it's annoying to even try. can anyone help?
  3. oh cool thanks shaper spddin i'll try it edit: sweet it worked thanks again my friend
  4. hey i'm stuck in this section, there's a room with about 5 golems in it that traps me and fills with fire whenever i enter it, but it seems to be the only way through. help? it's for the quest by the drakon in guak suss or whatever the name is.
  5. is there any way to get geneforge 4 to run on windows 98? thanks for any help
  6. Avernum 3 because the storyline was simply more interesting
  7. wow, I haven't been here in a while and didn't even know A4 was coming out, let alone soon! so this is pretty cool
  8. maybe your poison resistance is too high?
  9. I agreed with the awakened most, since their opinions seemed the most reasonable. But all of them were right in their own sort of way.
  10. runner

    sound error

    I downloaded directx and now it works fine Thankyou!
  11. runner

    sound error

    I just downloaded avernum 3 (windows version) and I get an error popup straight away. It says "DirectSound error: Failed to create sound buffer". HELP! Every time I close the dialog box, it pops up again!
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