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  1. I really want to enjoy this game but for some reason it's just not grabbing me. I felt the same with Avadon. The writing is very good but everything else, from graphics, to combat, to overall story, to character progression, all feel like a downgrade compared to Avernum/Geneforge. Also the UI is rather clunky and it's making it hard to do simple things like put things in my inventory, I miss the fluidness of avernum's UI (the first series).

    I'm going to stick with QW out of hope it gets better, but am honestly a little disappointed. Expected much better from Spiderweb, especially given the kickstarter funding!

  2. I agree these games are great probably the best written indie games ever, I only wish the graphics were on par with the writing. they remind me of baldur's gate and the original fallout, and those are like 20 years old now.

  3. 'Esoteric' is probably my favourite word I first learned through a SW game.


    I only know the meaning of the word "portcullis" because of the exile series.


    I also learned about Burma Shave from Exile III.


    I learned panacea from it too. And mitigate.

  4. Exile actually wasn't that bad a game. It's fairly primitive in terms of UI, but still, I remember enjoying it when I tried it.


    Agreed. As an added bonus it also expanded my vocabulary, lol. Jeff used a lot of words I was unfamiliar with as a child.

  5. You know If you don't want to wait you could always try original A2 and A3 , while the engine is pretty old and you will probably not like it, you just might. The demos are in any case free and they are huge demos too, you could also get 50% off on them in the month of November.


    You know what, I'll probably do that. $15 for the entire trilogy is a bargain. It's a shame some of the older games (like nethergate, exile, etc.) aren't compatible with windows 7 64bit, or i'd buy them too. And I played the demos back in the day, had a ton of fun.I imagine the dated engine won't stop me from enjoying them now.

  6. I am not sure, it's either an error where they have put on today's date instead of the release or maybe they mean 2002, I am pretty sure the game is not coming out today :) .


    Didn't think so, although it would make an awesome early xmas present ;) Guess I just have to be patient

  7. The A2 remake will be coming after Avadon 2 so it's about a year away, avernum 3 will probably come after Avadon's third part so it will probably come in anywhere from 2.5-3 years.

    Thanks for that, still a long way to go I see :( I was hoping they'd be released before the end of this year, so I could get them during the xmas steam sale. By the way, why is metacritic writing that the year of release for a2 is nov 3rd, 2012 ? http://www.metacritic.com/company/spiderweb-software

  8. This.


    On topic, I have almost 250 games on Steam. I bought many of theses during one sale or another or as part of one of the Humble Indie Bundles. I have never played quite a few of them.


    steam got me too! 150 games, played about 20. And during xmas I plan to get more.

  9. Hitting 10,000 posts without a custom title was the reason, yes. And instead Drakey kept adding more levels of post title. But then he moved the goalposts on me so I could never get to Postaroni, Pizzabella!


    —Alorael, who has decided that today is the day for a custom title. He's given himself a few daily ones, which may or may not have been noticed, but he's feeling a permanent change coming on. Maybe it'll last out the week!


    you still do this!! (the signature thing) Sorry if that's random, but I just returned to this forum after a long absence. One of the things that reminds me of this place is you, with your clever signature quotes. I was excited to see you still do them, haha.

  10. Are the Shapers wrong to demand complete servitude of their creations? Imagine if you will if this group of all powerful individuals existed, and, just like in the game, you were given the choice of siding with them or against them. What would you do?


    Me, in the game I was a loyal Shaper through and through. I liked the power and respect that route gave me. In real life, I really doubt I could be so ruthless. Obviously genetic engineering isn't quite at the stage of making complete organisms yet (to say the least), but if it were, and if their creation and destruction were so simple, it probably would cheapen the value we currently give to life. From that perspective, maybe, just maybe, I could see myself having a couple of serviles to do my cooking and cleaning tongue A few battle betas to act like guard dogs. It would be fun, and I think I'd see the merit in the Shaper philosophy that my creations owe me their lives.

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