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  1. Plus, I wonder if you are infringing Jeff's copyright.
  2. SPOILER SPACE: scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down scroll down The barzite doors cannot be opened except by being a barzite. The clawbug canyon door is a part of the Taker final quests, containing an important component of the Geneforge. It cannot be opened otherwise.
  3. I've vaguely planned out a scenario as follows: An introduction during the Avernum-Empire wars, where the party are Imperial irregular troops, helping an attack on an Avernite outpost. Kill lots of avernite soldiers with help from a squad of troops, rescue tortured prisoners, etc. After all avernites are dead, Vahnatai will arrive in an endless stream, forcing the player to retreat. Fast forward 10 years. Party tours Praglad, visiting a peaceful town in a peaceful vale. Town is nice and decadent, and disdainful of the party. Perhaps racist. News of Avernites causing plagues in Valorium. Then an Avernite envoy arrives. Now, divide into two paths. Player can switch paths up to a point, by persuing certain actions. Path A: Player kills the envoy, protecting the town. Player is arrested by Mayor for disorder, but contacted and secretly released. Player sneaks into Imperial fort, and talks to an old comrade. Is told that Prazac had been scared by Avernites into submission, and that he is part of a secret force to restore the integrity of the Empire. Player ordered to attack Avernites taken on escorted tour around vale. Player ordered to kill Imperial scouts assigned to lead group, and locate rogue Imperial army people. Player ordered to attack main Avernite camp. Player ordered to 'cleanse' town of Avernite influence. Path B: Player talks to envoy, learning of Avernum-Empire treaty. Player leads delegation of Avernites, surviving 'bandit' ambushes. Player survives assassination attempt. Player accumulates evidence pointing to real source of attacks. Player attacks base, killing big bad boss. Currently 2% complete.
  4. I always thought it was kinda cool that Geneforge 2 included a secret full version of Exile 4. Kinda beats the usual, kinda pointless, Easter Eggs. Has anyone beaten the Prazac-Doomguard Hybrid yet?
  5. What's so funny? Can YOU beat my prices? I think not...
  6. All the ones he was going to do anyway are in. All the others are out.
  7. All the ones he was going to do anyway are in. All the others are out.
  8. Oh, and you are now signed up to Russian porn. Have fun.
  9. You all missed a point. The Fyora's name has to be a special password. Several people will give it to you. Jeff is one. But the cheapest way is to send me $25.99, along with and I'll email you the password. I accept cheques, and credit card transactions. But cash is the best.
  10. FZ


    An anagram of 'Orb of Thralni' is: Oh, a born flirt!
  11. But really, GF2 is pretty easy to complete. You should just go with the faction you agree with.
  12. I remember having great success using Protective Sphere (sp? Priest spell, which creates concentric fields) and Web. IIRC, the Doomguards would slip onto the fields, or the webs. I killed Erika this way. Don't dual-wield, or spell-attack in this battle. Just keep up the major blessings, and whack with your greatswords/halberds. I remember using man's best friend (aka captured Ur-Basilisks) as well.
  13. Reopen the file in paint, and have another look. When you save, the colours may have been changed. Paint works badly with palette changes. Also check that your colours are to the correct format - remember, BoA takes 256 colour 8 bit bitmaps. Finally, lighting and shadows may alter your colours. Or perhaps its psychological?
  14. You can copy and paste in some graphics, if you want, to replace the normal PC graphics. You might also be able to hex edit in race characteristics. But you would make Jeff mad, or sad, which is bad, you naughty lad.
  15. Is the deadline still... erm... today? Since I've only noticed this thread just now, and it is kinda unrealistic for me to write an entry in minus 18 hours...
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