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  1. What have you been reading recently?

    I think somewhere around 5M words of my reading this year has been pony stories. It's not for everyone, but the Austraeoh series is quite enjoyable (though quirky and often deliberately purple-prosed, and it's an ASoIaF-sized beast). Still on my list right now is the recently published Beren and Luthien book, as well as Neal Stephenson's The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. On the latter, I'm experimenting with listening to the audiobook while reading - with Stephenson's narrative style, I tend to lose the thread, and maybe this helps. (I mentioned some time in mid-2015 I was reading Yudkowsky's rationality thing, which is coming along really slowly: I'm somewhere around 60% in now. It's not easy to follow and EY does like to go on and on about some stuff, but there are some pretty interesting concepts in there.)
  2. I just realized I passed my 10 year mark here

    Imban! Wow, it's been a long time, even though everyone here has technically been you.
  3. Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 3

    Maybe the survey could have used a Romans vs Celts question, as well.
  4. Five Factor Personality Model

    Just a few minutes ago I was looking at my old results and thinking that it might be nearly time for a new one. So I pop over here and it's literally at the top of the forum. My results are here, and graphed above. Full diff against last year's results are here. The tl;dr seems to be that I've gotten more active and less depressed, but also less nice. (I will try to take the other one soon, but 420 questions in total is too much for one day. )
  5. Five-Dimensional Political Compass

    You are a: Socialist Pro-Government World-Federalist Bleeding-Heart Progressive Collectivism score: 67%Authoritarianism score: 33%Internationalism score: 83%Tribalism score: -83%Liberalism score: 67%
  6. What have you been reading recently?

    Well, in the last six weeks I've been amusing myself by rereading Eddings' Sparhawk series. Currently up to the end of The Shining Ones (5/6). I don't think I've read these books since high school, some fifteen years ago or so. They're... not as good as I remember, sadly. I can't remember if the Belgariad/Malloreon was better, but I'll probably leave that for now. On a nicer note, though, I just bought the first three Culture books. Banks is a complete gap in my education so far, and from everything I've been told I've really missed out.
  7. What area do you live in? (POLL)

    Hm. The street numbers I've lived in, in order, are 500, 10, 88, 6, 121, 32, 55, 23, 10, 40, 2 and 15. Edit - Sequence continued.
  8. What area do you live in? (POLL)

    If nothing else, I find it odd that the categories are non-overlapping. With several "Other" responses from people inside the US who feel their area isn't covered, I'd have added at the very least an "Other - North America" option, with the instruction to pick the most specific one applicable. Right now, for example, that would absorb 3/4 of the Other votes. (I'm also not sure why Chicago and Wisconsin each get separate categories. They haven't been picked yet, and Wisconsin isn't particularly populous - #20 according to Wikipedia.)
  9. Updated Real Life Meetup Chart

    First we got a chart to show the meetings between members; now we're planning meetings between members that would yield an aesthetically pleasing chart.
  10. Updated Real Life Meetup Chart

    Oh right, as well as my connection to Tyran (Europe) and Diki (California).
  11. Five Factor Personality Model

    Okay then. New report is at https://ermarian.net/resources/ipip-neo/arancaytar-2016,'>https://ermarian.net/resources/ipip-neo/arancaytar-2016, and since this is my third one I took the time to make a dynamic history plot: https://ermarian.net/resources/ipip-neo/
  12. Updated Real Life Meetup Chart

    Edit: Does the edge color represent location? Because in that case, I met Diki in California and Tyran in France, so those edges should be red and purple, not purple and green. Tyranicus is now the uncontested center, as near as I can tell. I think this code reflects the new chart. Checked most of the degree counts. graph SWIRL { "Actaeon" -- "Arancaytar"; "Actaeon" -- "Iffy"; "Actaeon" -- "Lauren"; "Actaeon" -- "Nalyd"; "Actaeon" -- "Neb"; "Actaeon" -- "Rose"; "Actaeon" -- "Sylae"; "Actaeon" -- "Thralni"; "Actaeon" -- "Tyranicus"; "Alec" -- "Djur"; "Alec" -- "Lilith"; "Alorael" -- "Dragyn Bob"; "Alorael" -- "Slarty"; "Alorael" -- "SMoE"; "Andraste" -- "Dikiyoba"; "Andraste" -- "Sporefrog"; "Andraste" -- "Zeviz"; "Arancaytar" -- "Dikiyoba"; "Arancaytar" -- "Iffy"; "Arancaytar" -- "Neb"; "Arancaytar" -- "Nicothodes"; "Arancaytar" -- "Procrastinator"; "Arancaytar" -- "Rose"; "Arancaytar" -- "Sylae"; "Arancaytar" -- "Tyranicus"; "Archmagus Micael" -- "Nicothodes"; "Ash Lael" -- "Creator"; "Ash Lael" -- "Lilith"; "Ash Lael" -- "Marlenny"; "Ash Lael" -- "Sarachim"; "Creator" -- "Lilith"; "Creator" -- "Marlenny"; "Dareva" -- "Kelandon"; "Dikiyoba" -- "Ephesos"; "Dikiyoba" -- "Lord Grimm"; "Dikiyoba" -- "Nicothodes"; "Dikiyoba" -- "Niemand"; "Dikiyoba" -- "Nikki"; "Dikiyoba" -- "Procrastinator"; "Dikiyoba" -- "Sporefrog"; "Dikiyoba" -- "Tyranicus"; "Dikiyoba" -- "Zeviz"; "Djur" -- "Lilith"; "Djur" -- "Sarachim"; "Dragyn Bob" -- "Drakefyre"; "Drakefyre" -- "Wz. As"; "Drew" -- "Kelandon"; "Ephesos" -- "Jemand"; "Ephesos" -- "Niemand"; "Feo Takahari" -- "Kelandon"; "Goldengirl" -- "Lauren"; "Goldengirl" -- "Nalyd"; "Iffy" -- "Lauren"; "Iffy" -- "Nalyd"; "Iffy" -- "Neb"; "Iffy" -- "Rose"; "Iffy" -- "Sylae"; "Iffy" -- "Vergil"; "Iffy" -- "Tyranicus"; "Jemand" -- "Niemand"; "JLS Galadriel" -- "Slarty"; "Kelandon" -- "Slarty"; "Kelandon" -- "Wiz"; "Khoth" -- "Lady J"; "Lady J" -- "Zeviz"; "Lauren" -- "Neb"; "Lauren" -- "Nalyd"; "Lauren" -- "Sylae"; "Lauren" -- "Tyranicus"; "Lilith" -- "Marlenny"; "Lilith" -- "Nicothodes"; "Lilith" -- "Sarachim"; "Lilith" -- "Whyte"; "Lord Grimm" -- "Nicothodes"; "Lord Grimm" -- "Nikki"; "Lord Grimm" -- "Silent Assassin"; "Lord Grimm" -- "Tyranicus"; "Marlenny" -- "Nicothodes"; "Marlenny" -- "Sarachim"; "Marlenny"-- "Tyranicus"; "Nalyd" -- "Neb"; "Nalyd" -- "Rose"; "Nalyd" -- "Slarty"; "Nalyd" -- "Sylae"; "Nalyd" -- "Tyranicus"; "Nalyd" -- "Vergil"; "Neb" -- "Rose"; "Neb" -- "Sylae"; "Neb" -- "Vergil"; "Nicothodes" -- "Nikki"; "Nicothodes" -- "Sarachim"; "Nicothodes" -- "Sherbiebaby"; "Nicothodes" -- "Thralni"; "Nicothodes" -- "Tyranicus"; "Nikki" -- "Tyranicus"; "Rose" -- "Sylae"; "Rowen" -- "Sylae"; "Sarachim" -- "Tyranicus"; "Sarachim" -- "Wz. As"; "Sir David" -- "Tyranicus"; "Slarty" -- "Tyranicus"; "Sporefrog" -- "Zeviz"; "Sylae" -- "Tyranicus"; "Thralni" -- "Tyranicus"; }
  13. Photo Thread Reborn

    They're really coasting on that 35-year-old victory, too, based on that trash bag.
  14. What have you been reading recently?

    I read Stephenson's Seveneves earlier this year, and Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality a little bit after that. That last one kind of pulled me into the whole Rationalism/LessWrong space, so via Slate Star Codex I've also been introduced to Unsong, which has a wonderfully bizarre setting. Between the linguistics, the puns and the Kabbalah references, I think Alorael might like it.