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  1. We've started a Kickstarter for our next all-new series/game, Queen's Wish: The Conqueror. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/619141553/queens-wish-the-conqueror I plan to write a lot more about it for our fans, but it's late and I'm very tired. On Thursday we will put up a blog post with a lot of detailed info, and I will be answering questions on our Kickstarter page.
  2. We have updated Avernum 3: Ruined World to v1.0.3! This update fixes a handful of pesky bugs: A problem that could cause people to be trapped in the Guarded Tunnel has been fixed. The Castle Troglo pedestal puzzle is a little easier. A new mirror has been added to the Concealed Tunnel to make it slightly faster to solve. A number of doors were locked that weren’t meant to be locked. This is better. Typos and other minor fixes. To update your copy, go to where you purchased the game and download the new version. Steam should already have upgraded your copy automatically. These changes largely don't affect the demo, so that will stay at v1.0.2. Enjoy!
  3. OpenGL can interact strangely with the many monitor settings that were introduced since it was created (like 4K and monitor scaling). That's why I provide so many options for monitor/window/game area sizes. The game won't ever be able to anticipate every possible monitor setup, so it provides choices to help you find a setting that suits you. Sorry for the confusion!
  4. Spidweb

    Have I broken Avadon 3?

    This sounds like a definite problem, and nobody ever emailed me about those Hands ability to kill Redbeard before. I would go back to a saved game from before that fight starts and try again. Lure then back to the camp but fight with Redbeard to kill them. ALso, make sure you have upgraded to the newest version. I recall making that fight easier in patches.
  5. After years of being told that the Discipline Blade was a senseless junk item, I feel vindicated.
  6. We released Avernum 3 v1.0.2 for Mac and Windows. You can download the update from wherever you purchased the original game. Changes: Meeting Anaximander for the first time gives some experience. This will help you get to level 2 sooner. Added actual helpful signage to the Golem Spire to keep people from getting lost in there forever. Some mid-game quests were giving far too little experience. The quest The Bunker? will always clear when you talk to Ostoth. The achievement for getting 5 level 3 priest spells works correctly now. Enemy summons will no longer jump to your location. You can no longer get trapped in the Vahnatai Crypt. Some peculiarities about using the Orb of Thralni a lot have been fixed. The version number now displays correctly on small windows. It is no longer possible to be trapped inside the Vahnatai Crypt or Upper Golem Factory. The barrier to the item augmentor in Sharimik will stay up until you pay. There was a problem with the Shahpur quest. You can now do this quest again if you did it before this version. Creatures that can’t talk to you give a more appropriate response. You no longer need Tool Use to reach Bojar. Aranea fangs can now be sold. The Catch the Unicorns quest will now work correctly. The herb patch near Tevrono will no longer be so generous. Many minor tweaks and typo fixes. As always, if you find more bugs, the best way to get them addressed quickly is to send them to support@spiderwebsoftware.com.
  7. I made the unicorns that way in 1997 because I thought it would be funny. My opinion on that matter has not changed in the intervening 20 years.
  8. This is indeed a bug. We were checking FIrst Aid, not Nature Lore. fixed in v102. Thanks!
  9. In v102 I am adding some more helpful signage to the golem spire. It doesn't make entirely good sense to have readable signage there (though the control panel already has it), but this dungeon is having people walk in circles in it forever.
  10. Spidweb

    Minor bugs/issues

    The infinite shop thing will be fixed in v102. So will the Remote Cavern stairway graphics thing.
  11. I made sure that there is a place where every bounty hunter creature respawns. Might be another fun thing to make a list of. :-) Oriathon getting killed was reported during beta but I left it alone because I thought it was funny. #professionalgamedesigner
  12. Physical resistance should now increase by 3% a level. Try it out and let me know if you don't feel a difference. You should.
  13. I didn't notice that I hadn't give waveblades the proper stat increase when I did rebalancing. They will be much better in v102. "Welcome to the inconsistent equipment bonus levels of modern Spiderweb games." It can be fixed, but I don't read these forums much. I am very happy to make changes, but drop me a note at support@spiderwebsoftware.com. I've been fixing things pointed out in emails all day.
  14. Spidweb

    Troglo/Giant Quests

    You can skip the troglos entirely, but you do need something from Grindstone to find the Concealed Tunnel and complete the quest.
  15. The lava-fired spear helping mages was a mistake. Much better for warriors in v102.