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  1. There have been some reports of long pauses during combat when offscreen characters are having their turns. I never got reports of this during testing, and it kind of caught me by surprise. If I had a saved game where it was happening, I could fix it for v103 (and Queen's Wish 2-3). If someone has a fight where it's reproduceable, I'd love to look at it. Save the game to the upper left corner save slot. Send the saved game folder Save0 to support@spiderwebsoftware.com.
  2. I'll fix that Ghorsh typo. That singleton win is very interesting!
  3. I'll be reworking this a lot in Queen's Wish 2. There are the banners, but yeah, it's not ideal as it is.
  4. An awesome tester helped reproduce that Borgen's Crossing bug, and it will be fixed in v102. It happens when you enter the zone using the space just to the right of the haystack (which 99% of people don't do, but it happens).
  5. This is very interesting. Having lots of disagreement about what is good is the sign of a healthy game system. Some notes about future versions ... 1. Silence is currently somewhat broken and doesn't affect as many enemy abilities as it should. It will have longer durationa nd work correctly in v102. 2. Teleport now costs 6 AP. It is situational but can be hugely powerful.
  6. This is indeed bugged. You can't turn the scroll in until you do the dragon quest (when you shouldn't have to do the dragon at all). This will be fixed in v102. Thanks!
  7. I'm sorry you don't like the game. I can't convince you to like a game you don't like. I can say why I did what I did. "The "you have to complete a dungeon on one run" change is obnoxious. I always found the "jump down a hole and you're trapped and can't get out the way you came" dungeons to be the most stressful, and now every dungeon is like that." I want the game to stress you out. Queen's Wish operates on a Darkest DUngeon/Into the Breach principle where the enemy dungeon is a puzzle you need to solve. You're supposed to always feel anxious and like you need to be careful and pay attention and be a little lucky, but still almost always win. It is VERY carefully balanced. However, the difficulty level you choose matters a lot more than in the other games. Veteran is really quite difficult for most people. (Though I have gotten complaints it's too easy.) "It seems like the plot kind of sucks. " I love it. I love this world and these characters. They are a blast to write. I love the sort of quandaries the game gives you. Queens Wish 2 and 3 will be a lot more of the same. "When I saw what happens when creatures die, I rolled my eyes." This was one of the very first ideas I got when designing the game. It was meant to be reminiscent of a tabletop RPG. I love this effect and every time I see it I smile. Hope you like Geneforge more.
  8. There is a problem with this and it will be fixed in v102. Thanks!
  9. The location of the saved games is on the Support page ... http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/queenswish/support.html Mac and Windows saved games are compatible with each other.
  10. One of the difficult things about the job is the way it exposes your shattering ignorance to the world. SOmetimes multiple times a day. Anyhoo, you're right, of course. That SDL_Delay command dramatically reduces CPU load without impacting performance as much as I can see. I'll put it in the Mac Windows and iOS versions and see how it goes. It'll probably be a week or two until v102 comes out, so I'll have to ask for your patience until then. I thought to fix the problem I'd have to make and maintain my own SDL2 fork FOREVER, and I really didn't want to do that. Thank you for your extreme patience helping me with this.
  11. I've had no more reports of it, and I've definitely been watching. It's rare, but gremlins do happen.
  12. This makes sense. I'll tweak the text so it's less obnoxious. I also tweaked the error message ot help prevent confusion.
  13. Ah, I see the problems. I'll look into tweaking the documentation some time, though it's a low priority. I tweaked the Haven's Might tooltip to make it clear it's a much beefier effect.
  14. You aren't allowed to change armor when a foe is nearby, and I changed it so it will display the correct error message. There was also a bug that kept you from switching armor in combat when not near foes, and this will be fixed in v102..
  15. I want to be clear that my games having flaws that someone good at programming could fix easily is very upsetting to me. You have convinced me that if I deep dive into the source for SDL2 I could rewrite it to optimize it. As for whether I will do that, for Queen's Wish or for the Geneforge remaster, is still up in the air. It will take time for me to learn how MacOS event-handing works now, make the desired changes, and then more time to test it, and we're really scrambling with everything else for a game release and for all our Kickstarter obligations. It is on our to-do list, and we've bookmarked this thread so we know what to look at. If not for this game, the next one (when we can make sure the engine changes get a full test pass). Sorry I can't give a better answer. In the end, I'm just one guy with one brain, and serious techie stuff is outside my capabilities. If this is a big issue, instead of yelling at me, just write us at support@spiderwebsoftware.com and you can get your refunds no questions asked.
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