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  1. Good lord... Poor independent developers. Well, I haven't played Morrowind in a while, and Cyberpunk is coming soon. So, I should have plenty of time. I just started A2:CS about 15 minutes ago so I'll be back in a few days with more b****in and moanin.
  2. I read some more about it, and am only wary of the leveling system atm. I'll probably hop-on-over to the Avadon trilogy after Avernum, then perhaps the Geneforge remaster will be out, then do Queen's Wish. I ordered the entire Geneforge series, but just saw the remaster on kickstarter a few days ago. Such is life.
  3. Hm. Nothing like that occurred. I murdered the King, and left and nothing happened. I remembered being able to finish the quests for Kyass afterwards and everything. Also, yes, I do hate the empire. Yeah, I knew it was being punished, but I remember it saying I should come back after I killed G-H. I'll have to go back and see if it's in G-H's old stomping grounds now or something. I remember there being some Imp somewhere during that quest... I don't know. I've been hesitant to get that one because it appeared to universally be, of all the Spiderweb games, the lea
  4. Okay. Appreciate it. I don't believe it will, but this post could get lengthy; not certain. I'm sure I won't recall everything I'd like to address, and I don't have access to Avernum from this computer so I can't refer to my journal. Also, some of these questions may be frustrating to answer because they might be something I could simply look up online. I tried that once, and I was confronted with a pretty solid spoiler for A2: CS. So, until I complete A3: RW, I won't be looking too many things up online. Anyways, spoilers for A: EFTP follow - 1.) Somewhere NW of the Tower of Magi
  5. Well, I finished all 3. Went with Hawthorne, then Grah-Hoth, then surface. There are things I wish to scream about, and I have many questions, but I think I have to play the other 2 games before I ask to much here, so I will return. Thanks again for the warnings;
  6. @TriRodent: Thanks for the heads up. That is greatly appreciated, and thanks for the warm, if ambiguous, welcome :). I'm pretty exciting about coming across these gems. @Triumph: I knew I should not have clicked that hidden message, yet I could not help myself. Such is life, and that was the path I was heading down anyways, so thanks :).
  7. Minor Spoilers Follow. I have been unable to find answers to these online. All of these questions apply to Avernum: Escape From the Pit. 1.) POINT OF NO RETURN: I just started playing the trilogy a week ago, and was wondering if there is a point of no return that I need to be concerned about. I've been doing quests and tasks around Micah's Castle, but have been hesitant about entering yet because I'm concerned that will send me down a path I don't want. I seek revenge against the Empire, and everyone seems to think that getting in touch with Ericka or Kyass are my best options. I h
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